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Any Besra griefer-griefers in here?


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Yes, griefing the griefers.


I still swear that the Besra is the most elusive jet in the game.  I don't know if it's the fastest jet in the game but it sure is the most nimble and responsive.  Curious if anyone else sees a lobby of Hydra & Laser griefers and grabs their Besra for some cat & mouse fun.  It's awesome to see a Hydra spamming rockets at you and eventually giving up.  When they give up that's when I hit them with the text "I don't even have guns on my jet and you still can't kill me".



Here you can see my baby, styled after the Blue Angels



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Definitely, you can stay out of range.  It's harder if they're skilled but I'm tellin you, a Besra can turn on a dime and get LOW to the ground.

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Can't say I grief the griefers but since the Besra has the same icon as Lazers and Hydras I sometimes do a little light griefing of people's missions by flying around them and making mock attack runs just to see how they react...

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Meh, I grief the griefers by repeatedly killing them. Like your idea though.

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I do strafing runs in Besra, while typing BRRRT in the chat. People get scared and sometimes they shoot homing missiles at me. Sometimes they even apologise.

Apart from belly kills, Besra is fun for pranks.

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