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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Series Discussion

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement for you. Red Dead Network is now officially recognised!  

Part One:  

RIP Greenrock. 

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This kinda feels like the GTA V gameplay trailer hype. That was a fun time.


Can't wait :r*:

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13 minutes ago, mrpotsworth said:

I'm only buying RDR2 to take a look at the graphics and to jump on the hype train... I don't western films so why would I like this game?


I'd say in a year this game will die off like Pokemon Go hopefully i'm right using my Rockstar math we have around 4 years till GTA "next" 2 years of DLC for this and 2 years of hype for GTA "Next" unless Bully is next or something else I really hope not...


Game shop near me as already told me I can have the game 1 day before for £10 extra so i'm not a hater i've already paid him for it btw


Lol I hope R* waits a long ass time with GTAVI. I wouldn’t mind getting an Agent and/or Bully 2 before GTAVI, honestly.


And another note; when RDR released I was like 2-3 months late to the party. I didn’t expect I’d enjoy it as much as GTA because of the western theme, but boi was I surprised.


However, I hope all the GTA tryhards stay away from RDO, so the ”We want GTAVI!”-squeakers should probably just stick to waiting on more flying cars in the future. Let the big boys handle the west :D

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30 minutes, I can't believe this. I still think I must be dreaming. We're finally gonna see a HUD on this thing?!

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To quote a certain admin...


 "it's been 84 years..."

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If you have notifications turned on for Rockstar on YouTube then you may be able to watch the trailer like two mins early.

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