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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Series Discussion


Recommended Posts

15 minutes ago, Spider-Vice said:

It's almost unbelievable we're seeing gameplay after so much silence and only previews and promotional pictures. Is this the real life? *cries of joy*

It's the most Rockstar way to announce a gameplay trailer you could imagine. They really just do sorta pick a date and go "that'll do, dog, that'll do".


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I voted longer than 5 mins.  I'm probably wrong, but I think there's a lot to pack into this trailer.

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6 minutes ago, IceColdBaby said:



This video is so emotional.


Btw I think the Gameplay will be 30 seconds long showing Arthur drinking coffee and enjoying the panorama of the prairie.

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f*ck yehahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahajahhahahahjahajahahhahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahajahahahhajahjajahajajajjahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

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HYPE TRAIN Conductor PapaFuerte here:





Uh, PapaFuerte,.. you threw him out the window remember..?








Uh, PapaFuerte, ... it’s on your head..


*throw attendant out the window*


Thank you for choosing HYPE TRAIN PapaFuerte Operations. 





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I share with you my fellow outlaws this countdown alongside with a beautiful playlist to make your wait more pleasant. Bon courage!

Countdown: https://countingdownto.com/?c=2235637


Playlist on Deezer:




Playlist on Spotify: 



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SHEEEESHHH what a way to wake up!!! I literally had one eye closed and was all exhausted.  Then when I came onto the forum I saw spider made this thread and I lost my sh*t!!!! We made it boys and girls! Thanks @Spider-Vice for giving me a heart attack before I even was able to see the posts in our general thread 😭😍

Edited by damienrayemusic
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This had to happen, I'm more surprised it took this long than that IT'S HAPPENING OMG!!!!!!!1!!1There won't be any info droughts anymore guys, this is over

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My prediction is a three minute trailer with narration.

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Guyssssss f*cking hell I can't believe this!!!!!!!! I'm gonna watch it from my cellphone at work but it's something!!! Then gonna come back home and watch properly on the big screen!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RDR2 Online day one: all players riding their horses doing fun jobs to make some money.

RDR2 Online, 4 years later: all players killing each other with their Chrome Flying Horses MK2 while resupplying so they make enough money to buy that Super Duper Jetpack Horse that fires explosive horse crap and can be only customized inside a Horse Operation Center (HOC) that can fire explosive rocks and can come in multiple colors.


Can't wait.

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I voted Longer than any of the above ... I dunno, usually I'd go with 3-5 minutes but I reckon there's just so much to cover that even if they do a 6 minute video we'll just see a tiny bit of some stuff in the game. It's gonna be glorious!

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not sure I wanna see it, but I guess I HAVE TO...

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Guest Guest176525326

Gameplay - this is what it is all about. Bring it on. I have a good feeling... 4PM tomorrow for us in the UK

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That means Friday we can expect 100 pages of "omg when is the next trailer, R* isn't marketing this at all"

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