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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Series Discussion

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement for you. Red Dead Network is now officially recognised!  

Part One:  

RIP Greenrock. 

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On 9/25/2018 at 2:59 PM, joshua969 said:

Any new info that we haven't come across yet ?

The only thing I could see that was new was confirmation that if you misplace your horse it reappears at a stable. 

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As I’m currently replaying and killing time with RDR, I’m taking note and recognizing everything that needs major work or improvement, in my opinion. 


The bounty hunting ting missions are really lack luster, and are basically repetitive fetch quests to the same handful of places. I’ve had 4 bounties in a row at Nekoti Rock and other locations. It really is one of the only end game things to for money other than hunting. Unless you wanna gamble and have the computer steal your money from you. Plus, you just grab the poster and it marks the exact target location for you, you aren’t really “hunting” anything. Hopefully the new bounty hunting system is more like “Herbert Moon left St Denise heading north through Squirrel Nuts Canyon, known to hideout in forests and by river banks.” So then you have to do some actual hunting and stalking, possibly even lasso a gang member affiliate and get more info from them, but that’s all optional. And the missions should be able to be put on the back burner if you want, and resume looking for them whenever in case you decide to go hunting or something along the way or get sidetracked with other missions. 


And one of the rarer random events where you stumble upon a prisoner transport wagon with the criminals fleeing is cool, but you never see those wagons on the road otherwise. It would be interesting to see criminals being transported by wagon, and without any dialogue or subtitles telling you to, you could free those prisoners for an immediate cash reward, info on a stash, or even better standing with that gang. 


As for hunting and trading goes, hopefully we can buy various carts and wagons that require 1-6 horses to pull. A single horse won’t be able to carry more than a buck and some skins and small game including Arthur, but it could tow more behind. And being able to increase the amount of skins and carcasses you can grab in a single hunting trip will make it seem like less of a chore. And if you’re hunting bison, there will probably be dozens of them together, maybe more, and it won’t make sense to just leave with a couple skins and maybe a shoulder mount back to town to trade. Carts and carriages should be expensive if you buy them, but available at any livery you’ve discovered and rented a space at. 


Another thing that I’ve seen in various western movies and shows is the good guy usually makes a remark about burying the dead. Having a shovel for treasure hunting and grave digging could be cool and it would be a way to increase your honor ranking. 


Its been confirmed that you can sell horses, and being able to go out and lassoing/taming multiple horses in one trip and stringing them together with rope would make it easier and less of a headache than doing it one by one. But the balance could be that the more horses you have in a string, the slower you can ride back to town. So with 4 or 5 horses, you can only walk or trot, but with 1-2 you can gallop, and maybe even be able to put skins and carcasses on horses In the string to increase the value of what you’re bringing back to town. I have a feeling that prices of items to buy and sell will be much lower than RDR1, and getting say $100 for a bunch of skins and a wild horse will be a lot of money for one trip. 


Another major feature that needs improving is lassoing and dragging while on a horse. You shouldn’t have to hold any button once something is lassoed, you should be able to let go of whatever button and continue to ride at a full gallop if you’re dragging someone, and get slowed down incrementally for bigger things like animals who don’t want to be dragged. You should also be able to lasso almost every animal that isn’t a fish or bird or rodent. Historically, the way people would hunt bears is to have a few people lasso it at the same time and then shoot it, but don’t know how that would work solo. Since it is also reported that you can inspect and interact with almost every object, why not be able to focus on a tree and tie your rope between two of them over a road to create a trip wire for incoming horses. Or be able to scale down some cliffs or rocks using the rope since exploration will be a big part. 


Hopefully land navigation and hiking and terrain formation is more pedestrian friendly and it’ll be easier to gauge what you can and cannot climb or walk on. Both RDR and GTA5 have terrible terrain design that severely limit how you explore. In RDR there are small slopes, rocks and ledges that you think Marston should be able to navigate on foot either by climbing or jumping, but instead you slide backwards and ragdoll down over and over again. In GTA5 you’re basically stuck to staying on trails otherwise you won’t be able to get to the tops of any hills. There’s even a couple really bad pieces of terrain by Rathskeller Fork and Nakoti Rock where galloping on a horse is near impossible and running gets you stuck for some reason, even though gangs hide there and they can navigate it fine. 



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So i know they have mentioned dynamic weather. As one who lives in the mountains , one thing i thought of about this . I have to wonder will there be "seasons" like spring , summer, fall , winter. So like for example :


1- Would it rain more in the spring, see plants growing up. 

2- Would the summers be dry heat and hard on characters

3-Would the leaves on the trees change in the fall and the mountain sides be filled with colors, would leaves also die and fall off.As well make for trying to be stealthy in the wooded areas harder during this time as the leaves are dry and crunchy?



As well , i have to wonder what the storms will be like in the game. Floods? Massive strong thunderstorms? Big snow storms in the high mountains?  So many questions ..... one month to find out ....

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27 minutes ago, Method said:



There she is.


Wtf, never seen them tweet on a Sunday afternoon. Nice find 👍


So it’ll concentrate on gangs, missions, robberies, activities, shooting, and more. 

Edited by weapnsdealer
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On 8/18/2018 at 2:01 PM, Cutter De Blanc said:

God, I hope the gang doesn't just bitch at each other constantly like Michael and Trevor do

Lol probably some will kill each other (hopefully not a potential spoiler)

On 8/17/2018 at 6:55 AM, Hurrikane said:

I Get games a week early all the time... Damien being the messenger on what he was told, simply not a big deal, but great job getting the info out there. If manager is being untruthful, oh well. Dam simply relaying it. Even said its on the receipt? 


The manager could also been told by someone else that the store is getting the game two weeks before release and it'll sit in the back until release day. Of course the game is gold with two different delays. R* left themselves plenty of time to polish and get the game gold. 


Game was delayed a whole year so R* knows what time they needed to go gold. Game is done and gold...

They could announce soon that the game is gold like they did in the previous game

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2 hours.

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