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Best Missions In GTA 3

Best mission In GTA 3  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Among The Following is The Best Mission in GTA 3

    • The Exchange
    • Grand Theft Aero
    • S.A.M.
    • Bomb The Base Act II
    • A Drop in The Ocean
    • Waka Gashira wipeout
    • Kanbu Bust Out
    • Payday For Ray
    • Espresso 2 Go
    • Blow Fish

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This Is My Ranking

1)      The Exchange

2)      Grand Theft Aero

3)      S.A.M

4)      Bomb the Base Act – II

5)      Bait

6)      Payday for Ray

7)      Waka Gashira Wipeout

😎      Kanbu Bust Out

9)      Espresso 2 Go

10)  Blow Fish

Edited by GTAKid667

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Hard to say for me. Every mission is unique and has something cool and unusual - even if it is based on driving from A to B. Difficult to decide.

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Jack Lupino

SAM obviously, claude felt like a badass killing the columbians at airport,destroying a plane full of cocaine and then escaping 5 stars police chase.


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Evil empire

The exchange

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Honestly, the best missions for me were the first few you did for the Mafia. Dead Skunk In The Trunk was particularly enjoyable, and had that classic New York Mafia feel, getting rid of a dead body in a car at a classic 1950's diner. And the Luigi missions, battering pimps with baseball bats, and supplying prostitutes to the local cops, were awesome too. One of the biggest regrets I had at the end of the game was that our ties to the Mafia were completely severed, because that part of the game was the most enjoyable for me.

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espresso-2-go because of how well balanced and definitely how fun it is!

payday for ray is definitely a close second.

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Grand Theft Aero has been my favorite mission ever since I was a kid.


In my recent playthrough however I really enjoyed the mission where Salvatore sends you to pick up a car only to have you whacked. I think it was called "Last Request"


Really fun mission is also the one where you have to fight off spanked up suicide bombers (the last of King Cpurtney's) "Special delivery muahahahahahh!" Catalina's message at the end is priceless.

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