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UG-MP & Official website to do list


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To do list for UG-MP

  • Stability issues caused by pickups (crashes, etc) - Partially fixed (dkluin)
  • Syncing additional tuning parts for additional lowriders and street racers - Not started (dkluin)
  • Proper weapon syncing - Partially done, I need to modify the code which sends the RPCs and properly patch SA-MP to support weapon IDs past 64 (dkluin)
  • Support for vehicle colours past 256 - this is something FLA itself does not fully support yet due to some internal structures still using 8 bits to store vehicle colour IDs so it is on hold (fastman92 (this fix will be included in FLA), dkluin)
  • The server-side archive feature which will make server developers able to future-proof model ID checks (as the vehicle id ranges change with every release) - WIP (dkluin, The_Hero (did the original code in his timecyc_24h project but doesn't work on this feature))
  • Custom HUD natives as seen in SAMP+ - Not started (dkluin)
  • Look into Discord Rich Presence natives for server developers - NOT STARTED (dkluin)
  • Server-side weather feature - Done, but not fully functional in the current development build (dkluin), included
  • Prepare extra content for server developers to use
    • III multiplayer maps - WIP, not everything is done nor are there includes to actually enable them (dkluin)
    • Additional fire department vehicles for LC, VC, and SA - DONE (Hellen), LC/VC ones are included but SA ones are not
    • Random objects such as purses, bags, etc to be used for roleplaying - DONE (LennyH/Tony), not yet included
    • Themed peds for server developers to use - DONE (Yhdf), not yet included
  • Client-side UGA archive feature which replaces SA-MP's SA Archive system - DONE (dkluin)
  • Syncing additional peds/skins - DONE (dkluin)
  • Syncing additional vehicles - DONE, however trains don't work too well and there might be some missing hydra patches (dkluin)
  • Official roleplaying server - WIP (LennyH/Tony)
  • Custom animations for server developers to use and for UG-RP - DONE (LennyH), not yet included
  • Official freeroam server - WIP, not much recent progress for it though (GraberA)
  • Testing server used to record videos on (dkluin, Redreaper666, LosTigeros, TwisT3R)
    • Integration with official website (LosTigeros, Parik)


To do list for official website

  • Bug tracker - WIP (Parik (original), LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Registering/Logging in - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Team & Credits page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Goals page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • About page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • In-game map page - WIP (LosTigeros)
  • News page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Screenshots page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Videos page - WIP (LosTigeros)
  • Downloads page - WIP (LosTigeros, dkluin)
  • Content page - WIP (LosTigeros)
  • Edit my account page - WIP (dkluin)
  • UG-MP pages
    • Apply for server ownership page - WIP (dkluin)
    • Server overview page - WIP (dkluin)
    • Documentation page - WIP (dkluin)
  • Progress update page - NOT STARTED (dkluin)
  • Discord notification messages in the official Discord chat - NOT STARTED (dkluin)
  • Management pages - WIP (dkluin, LosTigeros)
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