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SA GXT Editor is a virus?

Pranjit Das

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Pranjit Das



Guys, I'm again in Virus issues! A few months ago, I was downloaded GTA SA GXT Editor tool from the link below:




It works perfectly fine, no bugs no errors 100% working! Recently I scanned the downloaded zip archive in VirusTotal.com, and it classified the .exe file of the tool as virus!


When I click on Analysis option in VirusTotal, it shows no virus name but the virus is shown as "Unsafe" in red fonts, possibly malicious!


When I scanned the same tool in my own PC and some of friend's PC, no threat was found, but VirusTotal detected the exe as virus every time I scan the tool there!


So here's my question, is the tool really malicious or it was a  false positive massage? Look I scanned the tool countless times in my own PC and my friend's PC, but no threat was found by any of them!


Only VirusTotal.com say its malicious, and the detection was 1/61, every time I scan the tool it comes with results like 1/61 etc !!


So lastly, is my PC really in a problem or its safe? Look I have no problem with the tool at all, my own PC's antivirus say its fine, not only that, my friend's PC antivirus also classified the tool as safe!


Just VirusTotal say its malicious! So the detection is really true or false positive massage? I have no idea at all!


Please help me... I don't want to infect my PC with virus!!!


Please reply as quick as possible, thanks in advance!!!

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do not make me laugh
install a real antivirus program
I not test this anti-virus
but after the name
you can recognize that this is a total virus
that is fake av


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Pranjit Das
2 hours ago, Sanmodder said:

do not make me laugh
install a real antivirus program
I not test this anti-virus
but after the name
you can recognize that this is a total virus
that is fake av


Hey bro, VirusTotal.com isn't a Antivirus, its a online virus scanner (a type of website),


that scan the uploaded file with multiple antivirus softwares like Avast, Avira, Malwarebytes and Symantec.


And one of those antivirus detected SA GXT Editor as virus, I forget its name but I will check the name and post it here soon.


And I'm using Windows Defender in my own PC, and I forget my friend's PC Antivirus software!


I will try to get all the information and post them here soon, maybe tomorrow!

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Pranjit Das
17 hours ago, Junior_Djjr said:

Anyway, use X GXT Editor, much better.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to ask that is my PC in any trouble? My current GXT Editor works fine, but because its detected as virus so I already decided to remove it from my PC forever.


Never copy it again, but I'm still worry, because I think that doing this cause more issues in future?


It would be better if someone explain, please help...

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If you're anxious about it having done anything malicious (which I doubt, some things are tagged as potentially malicious without ever really being malicious by themselves) download and install malwarebytes and do a full system scan. After that do a full system scan with your antivirus and you should be fine (since I doubt such old program can carry over anything that would be a zero day virus in 2018 so any antivirus should be able to detect such threat easily, granted of course that it's updated to somewhat of a recent version).

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