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SAPS Rp Recruiting Now!!!!!!

ToXic Monkeyyy

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ToXic Monkeyyy
Have you ever tried to join an RP group but can't find one active enough for you? If that answer is yes than i have the perfect server for you 
SAPS (San Andreas Public Safety RP) on Xbox one

We have a economy
A realistic store/shop
Realistic banking system
And much much more!

The departments you can join are such as:

Law Enforcement




Our server is based on the California

We have realistic and fun roleplays every day!

To apply in our roleplay server you have to join our recruitment server on discord, from there you can apply for any 4 of the departments ive typed above after you send a application a staff member will review it and accept or deny you, if you get accepted,schedule a time with staff members when you can do and complete your interview, However if you do not get accpeted you have a maximum amount of 3 application entrys and after you get denied 3 times you need to wait till you can reapply.
Joining the server and getting accepted and interviewed shouldn't take more than 3 days if staff is available. You'll be role-playing here in no time!Thank you and have a great day or night!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/9DsM2F5
6 Online7 Members
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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Uncle Sikee Atric

Without a SC link, you cannot advertise on these forums....  Every other Crew meets this criteria so there are no exceptions.


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Uncle Sikee Atric

That's a personal member link, not a created Crew.


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  • 1 month later...
Uncle Sikee Atric

You've had plenty of chance to add the missing SC link.  If you PM me the correct links I will reopen this thread.


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