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Cuban Delivery Problem.


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After grinding away for a few hours I decided to get rid of 16 crates.


I'm instructed to go to LSIA and get in a Cuban.  No problem .. I've done a ton of Cuban missions with no problems.  They're easy.


When I get in the plane I'm instructed to take the cargo to a waypoint and land.  That's different.  Normally your given 5 waypoints to drop cargo.


So I fly to the waypoint.  It is located in the water beside the Fort Zacando.  Literally .. in the water.  I'm thinking .. I don't think I can land there.  So I pass over to see if I can drop them.  No luck.  And to make matters worse there are a number of AI that spawned in the waypoint shooting at me.  I decide on another pass again nothing.  No further instructions.  No other waypoints.  Nothing.  I eventually had to give up.  


I notice some people indicating a long-standing bug.  Is that just what happened?  That's pretty annoying stuff.  I sent a support request in .. I'm not holding my breath.


What I'm I supposed to do when this happens in this delivery mission? 







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It is a known but, only thing you can do is quit the game,  and restart the game


You will lose about 2 to 3 crates in doing this, but, it is still better than losing the whole lot

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Where about exactly on the map are we talking? I've done that sale, landing at Lago Zancudo a number of times without an issue and I normally have to land somewhere in this area: 



By the way, how can enemies shoot you if they're truly in water, seeing as the weapon mechanics are disabled in place of the swimming mechanics? 

I did a google search for "crate cuban 800 zancudo" and there was nothing there to suggest this bug was common. 

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It's not in the water, it's on the grass alongside. It's piss easy to land on the dirt road next to the delivery site. Then you have to shoot a few enemies. This type of delivery mission has been in the game since crates launched. It told you to land, so why didn't you? Not a bug.

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