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GTA V: Mission Guide

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Hello. Today I will be teaching you the most efficient way to complete each mission and the best order to do them in. Some missions, there are no better ways to get done. Also keep in mind; my PC is currently broken, so I play on PS3 (meaning I get all the DLC cars and guns for free from the start.) And I'm typing this on a mobile device, so please forgive any mistakes. 


This mission should be completed as normal untill the final stage. Once you get to the part where Trevor has to fight off the NYPD after Michael's shot and Brad's killed, run away. This skips the fight, and makes mission completion quicker. 

Franklin & Lamar 

Complete aa normal untill the player gets a wanted level. Once wanted, use the jewel heist escape tunnel to hide. Then proceed to the dealership. 


If on old gen, bring a T20 to use for the mission. If on next gen, the Adder spawns near the jewel store. Once in the gun fight, pick up the dead Vago's shotguns. This will save you money later. Then, try to shoot the bike driver, if unable to, chase him in the T20/Adder. 

Pulling Favors 

This is the only Strangers & Freaks I suggest doing before completing the main story. Just complete as normal, and store the tow truck in Denies's garage. 


Let's get this mission done now. Complete as normal untill the final stage. Let D out at the recreation center where you drop Lamar off at to save time. 


You know the drill, I hope you saved that Adder if you're on next gen. Use the T20/Adder to get to Michael's. Then complete as normal. 

Shooting Range: Franklin 

Ok, this minigame will be hardest with Franklin due to his special ability being driving related. But, try to go for all gold on the challenges, because you'll get a gun discount, and Franklin will be a better shooter and will be able to hold more ammo. 

I'll post Father/Son - The Jewel Store Job tommorow.

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Ok, I reccomend having a lot of money for Franklin (If planning on modding Amanda's Sentenial.) And a Micro SMG for Michael (If you're good at drive-by shootings, then a Pistol will do fine.) So, complete as normal and use the Micro SMG if needed. Once Mike, Frank, and Jim are in the Sentenial, turn around instantly, this will not fail the mission and it will also save time. Also, try to get off the bridge and onto the grass as soon as possible, for saving time. Mod Amanda's Sentenial if desired with what few mods you have this early. Then complete the last segment as normal. 

Marrige Counseling 

I suggest having a Micro SMG for Franklin. Complete as normal untill the shootout. Use Frank with his Micro SMG for convenience. 

Friend Request 

Have a T20/Adder ready. Use that to complete the mission, and leave the office the way you came in for time saving. 

Daddy's Little Girl 

If you didn't have a Micro SMG for Father/Son... You need one now. For the Seashark chase, instead of fleeing, use the Micro SMG to kill the porno pervs. 

Casing The Jewel Store 

Go to a parachute spawn point and get it. Complete as normal untill the roof section. Once on the highest point of the roof after snapping a pic of the vents, parachute off the roof. Pick the Loud option, as it's quicker. Use Gus Mota as the gunner, because it's cheaper to pay Gus than to pay for Norm's services, even if Norm's bag is recovered. Use Karim Denz as the driver, because he's cheaper and the Bati's are better than the Sanchez. Pick Rickie Lukenz at the hacker, cause he is cheap and gives you exactly enough time to empty every case. 

Carbine Rifles 

Ok, Michael should have that Micro SMG i told you to pick up. Once the truck is recovered, hide in the Jewel heist escapr tunnel, then proceed to Lester's factory. 

The Jewel Store Job 

I suggest having a Micro SMG and Grenades for both characters. Once in the store, empty the center cabinets first as they have the most expensive merch in them. Once on the bike, use that Micro SMG and Grenades to get rid of some cops. Mike should do the same in the truck. 

Mr. Philips-Friends Reunited tommorow.


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