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Emblem and Picture Requests

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I really need 1 emblem and 3 pictures, for my social club..



For the emblem:

Background: Los Santos Skyline, please remove the 'LOS SANTOS' text and make the buildings all black to make it simple

Foreground/Centerpiece: Skull, please remove the measurements, this would be in the center

                                         AK-47, please put these at the left of the Skull

                                         Candle, please remove the candle holder, and the watermark, if you can

Texts: please put a dark red, 'SOUTH LOS' at the top with a pricedown font, if you want, you can change the font but be sure it's awesome as deadly

          and please put a dark red, 'GANG' at the bottom with a pricedown font, if you want, you can change the font but be sure it's awesome as deadly



For the picture:

make a picture with:

-location: bank

-gangsta: Hispanic white with dark red balaclava and black jacket

-gangsta must be stealing money in a safe



For the picture:

make a picture with:

car: alpha

background: police cars chasing the car

location: Las Venturas Strip

it's ok when the driver is not visible in the picture! 



For the picture:

make a picture with:

-location and south los gangstas: Grove Street or Glen Park-South LOS gangstas: make at least 7 of them in the picture, but be sure they're wearing dark red bandanas or black bandanas or with sunglasses

-ballas: make at least 6 or 5 of them in the picture, be sure that they're black Americans and wearing violet clothes, the ballas examples: Ballas (except the man with orange-black clothing)

their having a gang war, so please make the gangstas equip weapons like tec-9 and etc.


I'll make credits of the people who will make my requests

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