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Images are smaller


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So I have been posting some full hd screens in vehicles topics, I'd link the specific post link but I don't know if that was gotten rid of so here's an example:


My images are 1920x1080 and so are Willy A. Jeep's but mine are being made smaller while Willy's seem to preserve their size. Whats up with that?

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Willy A. Jeep

I can actually answer this myself! I've still been using the image BBCode used for embedding before the forums were updated, and that retains the image(s) size up to however big it'll scale to fit. So, if I put my image link between the [ img ][ /img ] tags (with no spaces, of course), it'll ignore the automatic, smaller embedding and still display the image upon posting. I'll compare them in the spoiler below.



Automatic embedding:



Embedding with the old-fashioned BBCode using bracketed tags



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Ah I see, I was under the impression the old style didn't work since I was used to just typing [ img= link ] Thanks Willy.


also just found out that I can just post the link then hit the "remove format" button next to text color.









Edited by CrysisAverted
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IPS 4 has an option to set the resolution of the image in the post when you double click it. It's  possible that it's setting some default value other than "fit to page". The issue is fixed when you "remove formatting" because those flags are deleted from the image, thus it'll fit to the page again. Might be worth investigating but I've  never seen it happen to me, interestingly.


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