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Looking for three people to do heists with (PS4)


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Looking for three people to do heists with regularly. I’m rank 26, Tri-athlete, military trained, fragile, loud, pro racer, and rc pilot. My PSN is Dlurwick04. Message me if interested.

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Hi there, i dont normally do heists with low rank players because they always seem to back out or not take it seriously wich is very annoying. But if ur seriouse about doing heists then im always up for one, am willing to help with grinding and missions too. Psn is phew8 if ur interested.

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I'm down to be player 3...!! Lvl 125 or something but I've only done 2 of the heists, need to get the others done. Sick of wasting hours on randoms.

PSN da_mc_killa      I'll send you guys some invites if I don't receive any. I'll be on tomorrow early morning. Peace.

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da_mc_killa always up for doin sum heists !! Plenty of time for seriouse players that actually wanna do some heists and make sum $$ PSN is  phew8 

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I have a mic. If you play on hard with saved heavy combat gear, add me with the subject "Heist": ALLWORLD19

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Hey, if you’re serious about getting this GTA V money add me I’m lvl 82 right now and I’m always down for some Heists, missions, or selling products I’m newly back into the game so all mature people are welcomed to add me PSN - Bigbadwolf618 

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