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Ideas for a new Rockstar game


Recommended Posts


Kane & Lynch 3! With R*'s talents and resources they could make the ultimate Kane & Lynch game. Finally getting the praise and respect that the series deserves. I'm sure Square Enix would gladly sell the rights to R*. For those unfamiliar with the series, Kane & Lynch follows the violent and chaotic journey of two men - a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath. Kane is the more calmer of the duo. He's merciless and no-nonsense. He's estranged from his family, mostly because he's responsible for the death of his son. Lynch is unstable and when he doesn't have his meds, he'll hallucinate, and go on murderous rampages. Also he may or may not have killed his wife. 




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Max Payne 4 the writer being Sam Lake. Graphic novels are back and most of them are optional like in the first game. Game takes place in New Jersey. No option to take cover.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Supernatural: A game inspired from the tv series Supernatural. It starts telling their story or ect. and you play as the two brothers each mission a different one depending on the plot and you fight off vampires werewolves ghost demons and more! the combat kind of like the combat in the batman arkham series or developers choice.As you cruise around country being the iconic duo the Winchesters and the impala and the angel castiel. if you like my idea email me at [email protected]

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Dear Rockstar Games.

I've played more than a few of your titles even the one based off the 70s movie the warriors. Which to this day is still my top 3 fighting games. I've played all the Grand theft Autos', Max Payne, Red Dead Revolver to Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2. Red dead is one of my favorite titles of Rockstar. I recently started playing redemption 2 and I absolutely love it. Though their are some bugs you guys should definitely take care of, the scenery, the characters, the survival, whole entire game play lead me to think of this break through in your upcoming new open world games. Hear this Natural disasters.... again natural disasters. I was playing with my friends on red dead redemption 2 and we were just joshing around shooting and fighting each other when all of a sudden a thunder storm breaks out. We continue fighting and I notice something, even though we were in the thick of the storm no one got struck. So I thought you know what would crank up the edge of red dead. Natural disasters. Imagine meeting the a duche bag that desides to shoot you for no reason and you retaliate and its seems like a never ending pissing contest seeing who will parley first. Imagine in the middle of your gun fight a tornado brews and sweeps that duche bag off his/her feet and ends him/her. Or hurricane winds that blow your enemies away. Youd have to run from the storm or seek shelter strong enough to withstand the storm....


Natural Disasters is idea 1

Idea 2 is a new platform of game....

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Dear Rockstar Games

You've made break through countless of times with your franchises. So it's time to add another on your plaques. I've seen just about every type of open world game from Rockstar. All but a midevil. Judging by the fighting platform you have on Red Dead Redemption 2 I know you can full this off. Instead of blocking fist and smacking guns out the hands of your enemies, picture epic sword fights daggers plunged into one another bows and cross bows being used to hunt your food or kill your targets.

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Really want a Midnight Club: Tokyo, please 😭😭😭

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Really want to see R* try a pirate themed game. After the success of the Red Dead series I've really wanted to see R* cover the pirate era, not enough games focus on them I think

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  • 1 month later...

L.A. Noire 2

Basically L.A. Noire, but in the Miami Vice setting. Make it happen, thank you

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I'd love to see they do something similar like GTA but in a sort of different universe or play style like they did with Bully. Imagine some sort of Medieval game made by Rockstar or GTA like game set in post apocalyptic  universe where everything is f*cked up similarly like Fallout games.


I'd just would love to see what some sort of '' Fantasy '' world with monsters and awful things could R* give us.




Just imagine world from the games like ''Skyrim'' or ''Witcher'' but that is played like a GTA game where you're some sort of baddie selling magical contraband or something.

Edited by Pingley
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  • 2 weeks later...

A Medieval game as their new IP sounds very welcoming. I love the RDR2 melee and bow combat, in a medieval fashion it would be brutally beautiful.

Edited by GrungeNinja
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Naughtius Maximus

I'd like to see Rockstar turning their own twists in a neo-noir drama oriented open-world game, something reminiscent of Sin City or Nightcrawler with The Little Prince touch. The protagonist could be a young runaway who is fascinated with the "Carpe Diem" lifestyle and wants to learn more about the streets. The main objective of the story would be roaming around the city to meet eccentric people who have interesting stories to tell. After you meet those people, you would be granted with some story arcs that plays separately. For example: The protagonist meets with a heroin-addicted hooker in a run-down bar. Then, you're presented with playing her story via. her perspective. After you complete her story arc, an extra mission kicks in. Let's say - her pimp is looking for her all over the town because she has been stealing from him. Then, as the young runaway, you would be offered with a series of choices that eventually decide the hooker's fate. 


Honestly, I can see something like this come to life in Rockstar's hands, given that they've done their homework with dark, gloomy atmosphere (e.g GTA III, GTA IV, Max Payne 1 and 2, L.A. Noire). And they have a generally good rep at writing serious stories.

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Big Molio

I would love for them to take the GTA / RDR model and aesthetic, and transpose it into an open world sci-fi adventure. The Oppressor 2 physics would lend themselves to a speeder bike vehicle for example. It's not too far from this anyway.




I could envisage them being able to craft a great cyberpunk city, and vast open vistas with smaller settlements. You could still be a low level criminal, but just with a sci-fi twist.

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I've said it before in other threads, and I'll say it again here: I'd love to see Rockstar take another shot at the Body Harvest. Classic Rockstar game from before they were even Rockstar.


Sure, the gameplay of the original has not aged well at all, but underneath is a game with all the right magical elements at play. You can definitely see how this game helped DMA/R* North shape what would be GTA III.


Realistically though, it'll never happen. If Rockstar want to produce this sort of content they can just bundle it half-assed in Online DLC. It's a shame that Rockstar abandoned the Alien Invasion DLC for GTA V. If we ever got close to a re-imagining of Body Harvest, this was our shot... And it never happened.

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  • 1 month later...
joshua yeadon

hiya my name is Joshua yeadon and I was thinking similar to gta online and red dead redemption you can have a peaky blinders game with the story of the peaky blinders for story mode and a open map kind of thing similar to gta 5 but in the peaky blinders scenes and era your sincerely     

J N yeadon

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  • 4 weeks later...



Sinopsis Film Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio Mencuri Rahasia dari Dunia  Mimpi, Saksikan Malam Ini - TribunStyle.com


In 2010, the director Christopher Nolan actually thinking about a video game based on this movie (article: https://collider.com/christopher-nolan-inception-video-game/). Unfortunately, the project is nowhere to be heard again. I think the project is abandoned because of hardware and technology limitation at that time.


If Rockstar ever want to make a sci-fi action game, this film fits the theme that Rockstar usually do. It doesn't need to be the prequel/sequel, Rockstar should make their own original story based on the movie concept. The main character can be a conman who hired by an organization that infiltrate people's dream to steal their memory/insert a new ideas. We learn more about the character from projections of his/her past when exploring the dream (like how Mal constantly appears in Cobb's dream). As the movie's narrative features many character at once, each for different level of dream, a multiple protagonist system or co-op multiplayer will also work well.


Inside dreams, everything is possible. Having unlimited weapons and ammunition like in GTA V finally make some sense here. You can disguise as someone else. You can build a new structure to traverse the world. The game will be a mix of platform and open-world. The story outside dreams will be limited, while inside dreams, you'll have a freedom to explore every dream levels to complete your mission.

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I would Love a Medieval Fantasy Open World RPG. Pretty much a new dictator has been working on a new virus that turns humans into evil mythical creatures and they break lose and they start to kill people. you pretty much have to recruit people, Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, horses and trolls to go and assassinate the dictator. You will be using crossbows swords, spears, daggers, poisons and catapults you can order your team to slay the creatures and there will be boss fights where you will have to decapitate their heads. and since it will be an rpg if you kill, rob and threaten defenceless civilians the guards will arrest or kill you depending on the crime and it will heavily affect the story plus there will be a honor system like rdr1 and 2 but unlike those games it will works like this. Lets say a npc comes and begs you to find something and if you lie to them by laughing or smirking at them your honor will go down. aside from the honor system. missions and npcs will also play a very big role in the story so lets say you kill an npc (e.g. the shopkeeper) the game will give you 3 warnings if you kill an npc after the 3 warning the npc will never respawn and for missions if you don't do them you pretty much are screwed cause their will be tailing missions as well so if you want to know where the target is your gonna have to do the missions.

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I'd like to see them do a science fiction open world crime game,basically like a futuristic GTA (I would prefer if it would be a separate franchise and not a part of GTA series).

They could have humans living alongside aliens and robots decades into the future.Terminator-like robots could be the equivalent of a SWAT team,gangs of space pirates (similar to the Ravagers from Guardians Of The Galaxy) would fight for control of the criminal underworld,and the protagonist could be some kind of a mercenary similar to Boba Fett from Star Wars.

The locations could be based on stuff like Tatooine and Coruscant from Star Wars and Knowhere from GOTG:






Vehicles could be based on some concept cars and bikes,as well as some futuristic looking real vehicles:














































Same with guns,they could be based on some futuristic looking guns that really exist,only instead of normal bullets they could shoot laser beams or balls of plasma or whatever (plus,they could return Up N Atomizer, Rail Gun, Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker from GTA 5):

































Edited by GTA-Biker
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Unrealistically, a sports sim title with a bit of cheek would be quite fun, especially if it’s a less-common sport for video gaming. Imagine if they just went all-out on a cricket, AFL, volleyball, rugby, dodgeball, handball, or lacrosse.

Or maybe they could completely annihilate EA’s stranglehold on the mainstream sports titles. Imagine the sheer hilarity if R* made the best amerirugby video game of all time, but the license is for Canadian football instead of NFL. Or the best footy-ball game, but the license is for CONIFA instead of FIFA.

Edited by éX-Driver
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  • 5 weeks later...
Orthur The Boah

Give me a pirate game. Robberies, gold, sword fights and all that sh*t. Think Pirates of the Caribbean, but with Rockstar's touch, in an open world. 


They can go all out with fantasies and such but I don't really care. 

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15 hours ago, Orthur The Boah said:

Give me a pirate game. Robberies, gold, sword fights and all that sh*t. Think Pirates of the Caribbean, but with Rockstar's touch, in an open world. 


They can go all out with fantasies and such but I don't really care. 

So Black Flag but instead of Ubisoft it's Rockstar.

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Orthur The Boah
6 minutes ago, Zello said:

So Black Flag but instead of Ubisoft it's Rockstar.

Well, kinda. Don't you wanna see Rockstar's take on a pirate game?, Sounds interesting.

Edited by Orthur The Boah
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2 minutes ago, Orthur The Boah said:

Well, kinda. Don't you wanna see Rockstar's take on a pirate game?, Sounds interesting.

Of course.

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On 11/26/2020 at 6:07 PM, Orthur The Boah said:

Give me a pirate game. Robberies, gold, sword fights and all that sh*t. Think Pirates of the Caribbean, but with Rockstar's touch, in an open world. 


They can go all out with fantasies and such but I don't really care. 

RDR2 camp system with the ship crew

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Orthur The Boah
2 hours ago, GRANDHEIST said:

RDR2 camp system with the ship crew

That'd be really amazing! And they can improve it a lot too. Sadly this is probably just us dreaming. 


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To reiterate on my last post, a spiritual continuation of R* Presents Table Tennis, where they make an entire sub-brand for sports games under the ‘Rockstar Presents’ banner. Specifically picking up the licenses for leagues not popular or represented well in video gaming. Absolutely aimed at the jugulars of EA and 2K.


Rockstar Presents NPB [Japanese baseball]
Rockstar Presents CFL [Canadian football]

Rockstar Presents AFL [Australian football]

Rockstar Presents KHL [Russian/eastern european Hockey]

Rockstar Presents IPL [Indian twenty20]


...and so on. It’d be a good set of side games to have to fill the coffers and keep investors and gamers interested in what they’re doing as the main studios are working on their AAA stuff. Take a bit of the reliance on the success of DLC off their shoulders.

Edited by éX-Driver
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Open World War Game  


never really been done properly before (that I remember)


Traversing the world would be ever dangerous


+ mission-based gameplay would fit



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Cow simulator. Baically, there's only one button that is utilized and that is the x button, for milking the damn cow. 

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