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Ideas for a new Rockstar game

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Rockstar has a few games in their back catalogue I’d like to see revisited. Midnight Club, Manhunt, maybe Bully. Then there’s some more obscure games like Oni, Lemmings, the Warriors, Brothers in Arms, Global Operations, and Body Harvest.


from a personal standpoint I’d love to see a Midnight Club based in Japan as an homage to the origin of the name. Along with a new Oni game, and some sort of siritual successor to the Warriors. 

Oni was basically a video game version of Ghost in the Shell, an obscure shooter/beat-em-up. A hidden gem. A remake with modern R*’s money would be amazing. An anime-inspired cyberpunk shooting/fighting game. 

The Warriors was a fighting game based on a 70s gang fighting movie. I think if they made a new martial arts game based on 70s kung fu movies would be a nice successor to The Warriors’ idea. 

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A open world crime game set in Boston in the 1800s

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I'd definitely go for Midnight Club. II was my first game on PC, and I really liked 3 DUB Edition on PS2 and L.A in PS3, still thinking about getting a ps3 again for it. It was way better than any other game in it's genre, best soundtrack, best environment, best car choice, R* as always. :)

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They should make a game like Red Dead Redemption, but in a modern setting with automobiles 

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After watching Impotent Rage again, it would be cool to see them do a super hero game. It could be open world like infamous second son and have a variety of powers. If they go with a more grounded approach it could be like Kick-Ass or Unbreakable. Still think a pirate game would be pretty cool! Rags to riches type of story, where you become a pirate king. The factions in the game are the Navy and other pirates. Since guns are primitive at this time, they would need to upgrade melee. I want intense sword fights like in Assassin's Creed games and Uncharted 4. If they do Bully 2, it would be cool if it was set in summer camp rather than a school. The type of camp you would see in those 80's horror flicks. Where its mostly run by irresponsible adults. The MC is dropped off a camp and has to be there for the entire summer. The antagonist is a sadistic camp counselor. 

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