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Random Sport opinions & confessions

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The topic to state your random sports opinions.¬†ūüŹą¬†‚öĹ


The Patriot dynasty is the most impressive in the history of American sports when you consider how consistent they have been for two decades & the strict salary cap that the NFL has.in place.


Rugby Union is my favourite sport.


John Elway is overrated.


Baseball is the most boring team sport


Soccer is the most underhand sport in the world. 


Lomachenko is the worlds best p4p boxer today.


I love American football but have zero interest in the other three major North American sports. 


Tom Brady is the biggest reason for the Patriots dynasty, not Bill Belichick. (how many Superbowls did Bill have before Brady & would Bledsoe have won those Superbowls?) Belichick is definitely a major factor, but when I read Brady only wins because of Belichick, I literally cringe. 


I don't understand Aussie rules, but I find it entertaining.


The All Blacks are the greatest international sports team when you factor in both consistency & competition.   (I can't take international basketball or the USA team seriously when they are beating Serbia in world cup & Olympic finals)  :lol:












Edited by Sinner!

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I hate soccer


I should watch Hockey but I don't since it runs right next to the NBA season.

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Football (soccer) is boring.


I am not follower of any team, I prefer play any sport (except soccer) instead.

Edited by MyNameHere

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American Football is one of the most boring sports I've watched.


I've never watched a hockey game in my life, but would definitely like to if I had the time.


NBA is the only American sport I watch regularly.

Edited by Laker23

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