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GTA SA game crashes after saving at Verdant Meadows [v1]


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I didn't see anyone with this problem. Basically I bought Verdant Meadows and saved my game there right after that. Then I got out of the little house and went to start the flying missions and the game crashed and I had to start all over again. Regardless where I go after leaving the little house, the game crashes like 5-10 sec after moving in any direction. Is it because I saved after buying the air strip ? Should I have done the flying missions before saving the game ? Hopefully there is a solution to this and someone knows why it crashes.

Here is the save file: https://gtasnp.com/XdTwIG

Thanks in advance!

Edited by lil weasel
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Is your DVD unmarked? (no scratches, cracks, or scuffs)

Which Operating System are you using?

Have any modifications been made to the Game?

Have you cheated (Riot) at any time?



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Thanks for the replies and the links! Unfortunately, I keep having crashes of the game. However, I figured out how not to get them. If I load my save straight, I get a crash after 10 sec or so of playing time. But if I load another save first, and then load the actual save, I have no problems. I don't know why, unfortunately. If anyone knows/thinks what this might be, i'd love to know. The game was running fine up to that point, though.


My DVD is fine, and I play the game on a Win 7 computer. And also I have never cheated.

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