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How much money have you made off the Nightclubs?


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I'm currently sitting at 6.2 Million and those $10,000 for full popularity start to help out a lot. Made about $1,000,000 from popularity and about $5,200,000 from warehouse sales.

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About $800k between the warehouse and club proper. Mostly just been doing little sales to get a feel for the different sale mission scenarios, experiment with special orders, unlock trade prices etc.

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682K in the first week if I recall right just in safe not counting my warehouse sales.


Edited by wesleysnipez
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Should be a little over 1.9. Also, OP are you at over 5 million on sales?

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5 hours ago, Nick1020 said:

Should be a little over 1.9. Also, OP are you at over 5 million on sales?

Yeah 5.5 Million Sales alone and 1.2 From Nightclub Earnings atm.

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White Shark

Think I'm currently at roughly 2.2 million which is the fastest money making method I've experienced to date. I combine it with a single bar of bunker sales every 2-3 hours. 


It's great!

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Guest Member2756931

I've broken even at least, had done a few days ago.


Didn't make much from it for the last couple of days as I wanted a full stock of products just to say I've had it full, so lost out on a few hundred grand there.


As a guess I'd say I'm a couple of million up, not including bunker and mc sales made, vip work done etc.


It's not as fast as Import Export was at getting me money but I've put in a lot less effort.

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i'm up on 2 mil since yesterday, and 1 mil from popularity, love the club, the micro management, the business battles damn these are fun, already have my gold trophy.

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Only today sold first special sale and got 200+k. But next time I will fill full warehouse and sell it

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