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How to make money the fastest?


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18 minutes ago, Smokewood said:

Get off the forums and play.


How bout not be a dick

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Not with this update. Quickest way is sourcing crates through a warehouse or high end vehicles. 


If you’re a low level player, with low funds, I’d suggest investing in a shark card to up your business contracts and acquire some much needed duplicated vehicles while you can. 

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33 minutes ago, Smokewood said:

How rude.....

It's the youngs today. They have, like, no respect.

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44 minutes ago, K-Rocker said:

It's the youngs today. They have, like, no respect.

Nor do they have a sense of humor....


I will admit that I do have a pet peeve. People who refuse to even try to figure things out on their own and instead ask questions that have been asked and answered a 1,000 times over.


Either log in and figure it out, or start reading from page 1.

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In an attempt to be helpful:


If you have some trusted friends to work with, it will be very hard to beat the original heists or the doomsday heists. Get good at these and you can rinse it.


I/E is probably the best low risk strategy in free mode for making regular money.


Special Cargo can beat the I/E rate of return but you need to shift full large warehouses which carries a lot of risk


Biker businesses are frustrating because you are likely to get lumbered with dreadful delivery vehicles. Coke might be profitable but the others are probably only really worth getting to increase your nightclub production.


whatever you do, plug cool downs with headhunter and sightseer.


Since your bunker and nightclub business are most passive income you should run them I the background with whatever else you do. Particularly the nightclub, it just produces in the background if you have technicians and your other businesses are shut down. So there is no fast way to make money in this update, it just adds more income on top of whatever else you are doing. You can however go afk in a contact mission, watch tv in an apartment to avoid the idle kick and let these businesses free up. Then profit from a big fat 5-10min delivery mission when you get back several hours later.



Edited by Jimbatron
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My go for the hard grind is
1st - Import/Export - Headhunt - Import/Export - Sightseer - Imp... You got it. Just don't forget to sell your nightclub stuff and buy supplies for the bunker. That's how i got the first good number on my account
2nd - Wait for 2x stuff. That's how i've earned my first 9 figures on account.

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2 hours ago, Mischief32 said:

Whats the fastest way to make money in the new update???

Just in the new update? Buy a nightclub. But some businesses. Get others to manage your business. Keep your nightclub popular my promoting it lots. Stay online lots so your businesses produce product. If you're restricting yourself to just the new update then there's not much you can do apart from what you're supposed to do. There's no magic formula.

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The new update is semi-passive and is almost worthless by itself. It's basically just a small bonus on top of your other businesses.

You do a popularity mission to keep the passive club money trickling in, and you sell the stuff the technicians make in the basement.

These are quick and easy minor missions you only need to do now-and-then. In the mean time you can be doing other, more lucrative things, such as Import/Export, Bunker, biker businesses, heists, etc.

Heck, just doing random contact jobs would probably earn you better money, faster, than the nightclubs will.

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