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Allegheny County Roleplay (ACRP)

Director Savage

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Director Savage

Allegheny County Roleplay (ACRP)


ACRP is a brand new GTA5 PS4 Roleplay Server. We are looking for member to get our community up and running. This community is going to retry to be DOJ for pc. We communicate through discord only! We use free-aim and a private session.


Application Link: 






 Fail RP is when you do something you wouldn’t do in real life, like driving a sedan up a mountain, getting shot in the leg a couple of times but your still running, crashing your car going 50+ then continue going etc.


2. Meta Gaming

 Meta gaming is when you use your map to find civilians, cops. You should have your radar off and name overhead display off.


3. Constant Priorities

The cops love priorities but if you keep them down we want this to be realistic as possible.


4. Backstage Recruiting

Please do not join our server just to recruit for your server that unacceptable and you will be banned instantly.


5. Raging

 This is roleplay so when you get arrested don’t start getting mad and start screaming in your mic. This is all for fun. If you have a problem with someone contact the Owner or staff and they will handle it.


6. Being In Multiple RP Communities

We get it you wanna roleplay as much as you can and sometimes we will not have a RP. So you are allowed to be in 1 other roleplay community.


7. Spamming

Spamming is when you repeatedly send a emoji or text and you clog up a channel. This is not allowed and you will be muted for a certain amount of days.


Available Jobs:

                      Law Enforcement 

While in law enforcement you need to lean all most of the 10-Codes. You will need training for a PIT, Vehicle Pursuit, and code 5 stop. You are to dress the closest you can to a cop. There will be outfits for that in the discord server if you get accepted. You start as a cadet and work your way up.


24/7 Employee:

Dress as closely as you can to a 24/7 employee. They don’t wear a vest and a bulletproof helmet.


Ace Liquor Employee:

Dress normal for this job. Once again no vests, bulletproof helmet, night vision goggle.



You will need a stanier painted yellow for taxi.

Uber you can anything except sports cars, military vehicles, helicopters,planes.


If you would like to start a business you can and it will be added to the server!!



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