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My Mission By Mission Analysis of GTA Vice City

Ballas King

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Ballas King

GTA Vice City is my most favorite game ever. First played it in 2004, and this is the only GTA game I played it till 2016 for been 12 years and never wanna stop playing. i played other GTA games GTA: 3, San Andreas, 4 + EFLS expansions and Chinatown Wars (on phone). But never had a deep attachment to any as I do for Vice City. Now I am retired from playing games, too busy with work and family,but still have fond memories. Played original game + many mods, and for me GTA vice City will be irreplaceable.  Anyway this is my mission by mission analysis in the order I usually play based on a difficulty scale (E = Easy, M = Medium, H = hard and X =Extreme), and ratings  on a scale of 10. Will also give small comments, but this is not in anyway a walk through/guide. In my later years all missions were a peace of cake, i finished 100 % without cheat, now all of them are Easy to me, but I am speaking based on my early experience, the first time I played it, how I found it as I went through. Also this is entirely based on my experience and opinion, am sure other people feel differently and its fine. Anyway on with my analysis:


1. The Party (Lawyer): Difficulty: E, Ratings: 8, Nice intro mission, the cut scene on the boat and the great characters is y far the best cut scene on the game imo, nice bike ride to Mercedes.


2. Back Alley Brawl (Lawyer): Difficulty: E, Ratings 8.5, cool fight with the chef, I could just hit him with a vehicle, but prefer the fight, also like to fight off the other three chefs.


3. Jury Fury (Lawyer): Difficulty: E, Ratings 7.5, nothing much, just destroy two cars to scare the two judges.


4. Riot (Lawyer): Difficulty: M, Ratings 9, Loved this mission, love fighting the workers and starting the brawl between them, taking down the DBP Security (first time I use a gun in any mission, usually the basic pistol).


5. Four Iron (Avery):  Difficulty: M, Ratings 8.5 to avoid losing your weapons at the check in on the golf course, I use the comet to jump over and then shoot out the target and his guards. Fun mission. (Post mission, love fighting the golf stick holding Golfer Gang, the first gang I ever faced and ever to be added to my least favorite gang stats, though later gangs replace them soon).


6. Demolition Man (Avery): Difficulty: H, Ratings 4.5, Hate it, just absolutely hate it, I usually first fly into the building with the RC Helicopter to kill the workers and the DBP Security, then drop the bombs, but if chosen to drop the bomb while simultaneously taking down the guards, its crazy hard. You don't have to do this to continue the main story, but do have to to finish 100% and unlock some cool missions later.


7. Treacherous Swine (Cortez): Difficulty: M, Ratings 7: The part of killing fat Gonzalez and his guards with the Chainsaw is fun, but the police chase later is not, i hate the cops, imo worst feature of the game, love fighting gangs and all, but not the cops and getting Busted just sucks, but playing fair and square they never "leave me alone".


8. Mall Shootout (Cortez): Difficulty: M, Ratings 6: Chasing the target on the bike, shooting him, then escape the cops. Not much task, but for some reason never liked it.


9. Guardian Angel (Cortez): Difficulty: H, Ratings 10: Imo the single most important mission in the game, unlocks Star Fish Island, Diaz's mission and a pivotal point for the main story line. Its always fun to have Lance by my side, and then fighting the army Haitians to protect Diaz, a much more entertaining bike chase than the previous. This mission imo is the heart of the game, a single mission which describes what Vice City is all about.


10. Road Kill (Phone): Difficulty: M, Ratings 7: Taking a break from the main story, chasing the fast pizza boy is kinda tricky but I just squash him with a big car after hitting him down.


11. Waste The Wife (Phone): Difficulty: E, Ratings 7.5: Fun mission, the wife isnt much of a driver, I keep ramming her car with a fast but healthier car (usually Banshee) and shes all in flame and explodes.


12. The Chase (Diaz): Difficulty: M, Ratings 7.5: Back to main story, chasing the high tech BF Injection with the only close vehicle nearby, a Faggio is tough, especially if a bullet hits the wheels. But nothing impossible.


13. Phnom Penh '86 (Diaz): Difficulty: M, Ratings 10, Grat mission, love shooting the street gang from the Helicopter with my most favorite weapon in the game, the M60, and then later gun fight against the gang members after being dropped off, picked up by Lance on the Heli after collecting the brief case, a perfect mission and opens the main land of the city.


14. The Fastest Boat (Diaz): Difficulty: H, Ratings 8.5, the Kruger wielding gang is tough, you would be dead in no time if you arent careful and use a hide and strike tactic, then there is the police chase after the mission. a challenging mission, i like challenges, so I like the mission.


15. Supply and Demand (Diaz): Difficulty: H, Ratings 8, a tricky boat race in the game and win the race easy, its fun fight with the Cubans on boats, decks and even a chopper after that.

16. Autocide (Phone): Difficulty: H, Ratings 6, targets are easy and fun, but the stupid time, I hate time limit missions, easy in my later years but in my early years made me mad.


17. Two Bit Hit (Avery): Difficulty: H, Ratings 10, I hated Avery for his awful second mission, but this amazing mission brings back my respect for him. Just love the tough challenging battle with the Haitian army in the funeral, am very fond of the black voodoo, and save it at the garage  of a safe house, no time limit, the main target never escapes, I can chase him and drive by him to death while in his vehicle anytime with my Uzi.


18. Sir Yes Sir! (Cortez): Difficulty: H, Ratings 9, Good to see Cortez again, (before doing this mission I always fill my stock of weapons with huge ammos, I repeatedly collect the M60), I take a cheetah and ram the soldiers on the left of the tank, then take them and their other vehicles down with the M60, steal the tank and take it to the garage before self destruction, any cop vehicles colliding explodes, great mission.


19. Death Row (Kent Paul): Difficulty: X, Ratings 7.5: Once gain as time passed by it became easy, but in the early days it was ultra tough to find a fast vehicle to rescue Lance before his health runs out, then having to fight Diaz's gang with high tech weapons to get to him, then having to be careful carrying a half dead Lance to safety to the Hospital while Diaz's men with comet cars repeatedly rams the vehicle, which might explode anytime, no time to shoot them down, getting out for a moment, Lance gets killed. Though i learned some tricks in later years, in my early days kept me stuck for ages.


20: Rub Out (Diaz): Difficulty: M, Ratings 9, I liked Diaz as a boss but to get his mansion, assets, and my own gang, i need to kill him and his men. Its cool mission, fighting through Diaz's gang along with Lance to get inside his mansion from the back. I prefer using the flame thrower to kill Diaz, fun to see him run while on fire and die of it and his properties are all mine!

21: Shakedown (Tommy): Difficulty: M, Ratings 7, while getting to the mall on time is tricky, not that tough as it looks, also out of the cops, no matter what star wanted level you are on, only ordinary pistol weilding cops can get in (no swats or FBIs), just run along and shoot down the shop's glasses with the Uzi.


22. All Hands On Deck (Cortez): Difficulty: H, Ratings 9, Good bye to my old boss here, one last task for him, protect him from the French. How it goes depends on the weapon you have, assuming you do not have high tech weapons like M60 and Minigun, and use Kruger or M4 which is what I did (I realized it was foolish to replace my M60 with the Flame Thrower, and now getting it again is tough, a sufficient level of ammo is tougher, for some reason i forgot its location, I didn't get it again until finishing Phill's missions), so it was tough taking down the French on the boats, the ones who somehow came on board on Coirtez's boat, again ones on helies and ones on the Hunter but nothing impossible, and say good bye to Cortez and ride away on his Speeder.


23. Bar Brawl (Tommy): Difficulty: M, Ratings 8.5: Its fun fight against the DBP security, there is a timer after killing the first two guards, but still didn't find it much of an obstacle, just go to the location, shooting the truck to make it explode to kill most of the remaining guards, then chase the final two guards who throws a bomb, chase them down.


24. Cop Land (Tommy): Difficulty: X, Ratings 9: Love the mission, luring two cops into a garage to kill them, wish they showed the killing in the cut scene, then go to the mall as cops, kill any cops you like without getting wanted due to the uniform before entering the mall, setting up the the bombs and then the final chase with the 5 star wanted level is super difficult, especially finding a good and durable escape vehicle and then the whole chase all the way back to the mansion, FBIs, Swats, Helicopter Cops all against you, also you have to keep lance safe. This is arguably the most difficult mission in the game but still one of the best one.


25: Stunt Boat Challenge (Cubans): Difficulty: M, Ratings 7.5: My first job for my favorite Cuban gang, it all depends on your boat riding skills.


26: Cannon Fodder (Cubans): Difficulty H, Ratings 8.5: Cool mission, the Cuban-Haitian gang war is just amazing both to watch and join in, love killing the Haitian sniper, then all the rest of the Haitians, stealing the Van with Rico, and driving to safety back to the cafe while avoiding being busted with a two star wanted level.


27: Naval engagement (Cubans): Difficulty H, Ratings 9: Cuban missions keep getting better, love the cool Cuban boat (though Rico drives it, i get it in my boatyard), then shooting the Haitian and Street Gangs from the boat , destroying their boats, then being dropped off and having a skillful fight against a battle stationed army of street gang, careful dodging, hide and hit tactics, then Haitians blow up Rico's boat after I recover the brief case, I kill them and run back to safety in the Cafe avoiding getting busted/killed with a 4 star wanted level.


28. Juju scramble (Haitians): Difficulty: M, Ratings 5.5: Lame mission, but no choice, to do the last Cuban mission I have to work for the damn Haitians, + Tommy is hypnotized, wont say any comment about their boss, which might sound offending in the over sensitive 2010s decade, collect three brief cases from three locations while avoiding/fighting cops.


29. Bombs Away!: Difficulty (Haitians): Difficulty M, Ratings: 5: It is worse than Demolition Man, the RC Helicopter was easier to control than the plane, but I found a glitch, if I keep repeatedly pressing while on cut scene am out of the To Fun Van, go there and kill the Cubans, destroy their boat. Still hate killing my favorite amigos.


30. Dirty Lickin's (Haitians): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 7.5,: Cowardly Haitian queen requires me to snipe down my Cuban amigos hidden in a roof while they brawl with the Haitians, while I find it ethically wrong, its fun watching the brawl and shooting from their, also shooting down  Cuban reinforcements too. After mission I get the worst phone call ever from the ungrateful Haitian queen, after  everything i did for them, she doesn't want me anywhere in little Haiti, as though she owns the whole place!


31: Trojan Voodoo (Cubans): Difficulty: H, Ratings 10 + :  My most favorite mission in the entire game. I say my final farewell to Cuban boss Umberto, and head with Pepe, find a voodoo. Pepe is an interesting company, like his comments (like in Little Haiti he says "this plays is a dump", near the pizza restaurant "they make nice pizzas here", am glad Rico is till arrive when we meet. We infiltrate the drug factory again this time in disguise under the Voodoos, the Cubans and Haitians have their usual gun fight,  I take my revenge on the Haitian in my most favorite shoot out in the entire game, plant the bombs in the factory, fight my way through killing any Haitians that get in my way all the way to a safe roof top and watch the factory explode, the stinky Haitians burning in flame, getting burred under falling derbies, a much deserving 10,000 $ wage, and a respectful phone from Umberto. This is my most favorite mission in the entire game. After the mission the Haitians have a hit on me and will always shoot at me, after I buy the Kaufman Cabs, love engaging in gang wars against with the Haitians along with my own Vercettie gang in Little Haiti. Trojan Voodoo is , was and always will be my most favorite mission from the entire GTA Vice City game. 😎!


32. Distribution (Ice Cream): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 4,  A pointless  mission after byuing the Ice Cream factory, but "still a mission", I distribute drugs a.k.a ice creams in vice city to pedestrians, for every 4 people I get a wanted level and need to go to pay and spray, I usually distribute 100, before getting out and completing the asset.


33. V.I.P (Taxi): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 9: Kaufman Cabs is the second asset I buy and by far my most favorite, interesting mission when I ram a rival Taxi to get the v.i.p passenger in my cab and take him to the air port while avoiding the angry rival taxi.


34. Friendly Rivalry (Taxi): Difficulty: E, Ratings: 9: Destroy three rival taxis, I found it very easy and very fun.


35. Cabmageddon (Taxi): Difficulty: H, Ratings: 10, Here is another absolute brilliant mission, rival taxis angry at my success lure me to the docks and have to stay alive inside my cab driving circles for a certain time avoiding collision, i then kill them all, destroy their taxis with my M4, then have an outstanding stand of against the Taxi Don/Boss of Vice City in the Zebra Cab, I destroy the Zebra Cab (it would be after wards available i  the Kaufman Cabs, so no worries) and then shoot him down as he charges at me with a Sword like a true warrior.


36. Love Juice (Love Fist): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 6.5, love their music, but the band is a bunch of creepy jerks, but I never the less work for them, have to chase a dealer to get drugs, then be a pimp and pick up Mercedes for them, best to go there with PCJ 600 the fastest bike kin the game due to the very short time.


37. Psycho Killer (Love Fist): Difficulty H, Ratings: 7.5, this mission is a mess, you drive a slow Love Fist car while the Psycho a fast one, and no indicator on the Psycho, who could easily escape, hate the mission, but gave it nice ratings due to finding The Psycho the most hilarious character in the game and only mission you see the guy.


38. Alloy Wheels of Steel (Bikers): Difficulty: E, Ratings : 8, Unlike the stupid band, I like working for the cool biker gang, Vietnam War vet turned leader of the gang is one of the toughest character in the game. The race is very easy, the biker's you go against are really bad and keeps crashing, i just knock one of them take his bike making it a 3 men's race instead of 4 and easily win.


39. Messing with the Man (Bikers): Difficulty M, Ratings: 8, go on rampage killing anyone and destroying any vehicles, gain police attention, once you reach 3-4 star wanted level, Swat Helicopter arrives, shooting it alone is enough to increase your meter, and blasting it does the job, the matter full, but you still have wanted level after mission passed (unlike any other mission), drive quick to a save point.


40. Hog Tied (Bikers): Difficulty H, Ratings: 9, Take the Angel bike near the bar, do the stunt jump from the stairway, infiltrate the place where the object bike is kept hostage, fight an army of infinite street gangs (they never end), snatch the bike, be careful about the tiers, jump over the small stair way, get off the bike to keep it safe going to a distant location, take out the reinforcements of the street gang in their vans (M4 works very good), drive the bike back to safety at the bar. i love this mission, challenging but real fun, one of the best fighting + driving mission.


41. Publicity Tour (Love Fist): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 7, Back to the freaky boring love fist band, the psycho is still alive but you don't see him, his voice is heard on the car saying a bomb is planted (wish he destroyed love fist before I even had to work with them) drive them fast like the 1994 Speed movie until the brain dead geeky band somehow does dispose the bomb, drive them back Downtown, watch the unnecessarily long cut scene, and you are free!


42. Spilling the Beans (Print Works): Difficulty: H, Ratings: 9, Infiltrate the ship at the dock and fight an army of guards to get the required information, fight your way back against the guards and get chased by the cops.


43. Hit The Courier ( Print Works): Difficulty: H, Ratings 8, Go to the dockyard and face the one and only all women's gang, the only female enemies in a mission in the game in the entire game, kinda cool, and they are very tough, equipped with with high tech weapons. Do not blow the helicopter carrying the courier or the mission fails as you cant retrieve the counterfeit plates. Chase her in a car, drive by to destroy her car and kill her, take the plates back to the Print Works, completing the asset.


44. No Escape ? (Malibu Club): Difficulty: H, Ratings 8, rescue Cam the hacker and bank vault cracker from the police station, fight your way back a 5 star anted level ensuring both your and Cam's safety.


45. The Shootist  (Malibu Club): Difficulty: E, Ratings: 8.5 Meet Phill expert shootist at the Downtown ammunition, prove how skillful you are at shooting targets. i find it easy, I just shoot the 3 points and 2 points targets on stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 i rarely miss a target, just too easy.


46. The Driver (Malibu Club): Difficulty: X, Ratings: 7.5, a pointless mission, you race against the best driver in the City, Hilary, in a fast Saber Turbo, while you get a junk of a slow car, and the police are at your tail blocking your every moves, no time to do anything to reduce wanted level as Hilary would easily wine, one mistake ruins the whole mission, get stuck just once, by the time you are back on track Hilary who never makes a mistake (unlike other racer opponents you faced in the game) wins. Incredibly tough and useless, Hilary hardly had any use i the upcoming mission. Very Difficult mission without cheats but after days of failing I finally did beat it and if you beat this, you can beat anything in the gamed and complete 100%. Even in my final years I found it very tough and tedious.


47. The Job (Malibu Club): Difficulty: H, Ratings 10, an amazing mission, just like the bank robbery movies. Once again Hilary is a pointless character as Tommy himself drive the taxi carrying his 3 comrades, change to bank robber cloths (mask and stuffs), enter the bank, while Phill holds the people hostage, take Cam to the vault shooting down the guards, find the Manager who helps bypass the time lock, return to Phill, an idiot hostage set the alarm, the Swat arrives, shoot them down, once cam arrives with the cash, the trio runs out of the bank. Hilary does the only useful thing he does in the game, brings back the Taxi (woulnt have been difficult to steal another vehicle), he dies attempting tho fight the Swats, kill the Swats with Cam and Phill (its no probs if Cam dies, but i like him so protect him), once the swats are dead and their vehicles get on the Taxi with the cops still on tail, get to safety in Cam's factory and celebrate with 50,000$ cash after the amazing mission ends.


48. Recruitment Drive (Film Studio): Difficulty: M, Ratings 8:, Get Candy to star in your film studio, kill her pimp and his men, also collect Mercedes, drive the ladies back to the studio.

49. Dildo Dodo (Film Studio): Difficulty: H, Ratings: 3, IMO the worst mission in the game. The sea plane is incredibly difficult to fly + targets are located in very far and distant places apart each other + limited fuel, if which runs out the plane explodes + one simple mistake e.g. collision with a building, the mission fails. After playing San Andreas and flying planes there in my later years i didnt find this mission so tough, but based on my early experience it was horrible and also a very boring and uninteresting mission.


50. Gun Runner (Phill): Difficulty: M, Ratings: 8.5, I pay a visit to my old friend Phill and help him collect some high tech weapons taking down Pedro Garcia and his men. Fun action mission, my favorite kind.


51. Boomshine Saigon (Phill): Difficulty M, Ratings 7.5, take Phill who just lost his arm to a hospital, which Phil rejects, then take Phil to his own doctor. Would be too easy had it not been for Tommy being apparently drunk and thus the streets kinda wobbly. Mission complete, you can now buy M 60, Mini Gun and Rocket launchers from Phill's place! The flame thrower is cheap and available in easy locations with sufficient ammo.


52. Check out at the Check In (Phone): Difficulty M, Ratings 8.5, I totally forgot the phone caller thinking I am Mr. Teal and so visit his pay phone in the air port after a long break, I maintain my distance and wait for the woman to leave to kill the big fish (the business man) and his body guards, I recollect my weapons held back at the check point and on my way to the ammunition downtown,  I easily shoot down the men chasing me with my recollected M 60 and reach my destination. 😝


53. Martha's Mug Shot  (Film Studio): Difficulty H, Ratings 9, Back to the film studio, I like this mission, chasing Candy to Alex Shrub's place, taking the photos and then having some cool action fights against the FBI fighting back all the way to the studio with a 5 star wanted level. No problem as long as the sparrow is parked undamaged. This was an amazing mission and Alex Shrub a.k.a Martha is the second most hilarious character in the game after The Psycho, love flying the Sparrow, my most fav air vehicle.


54. G-Spotlight (Film Studio): Difficulty M, Ratings 8, An ok mission with a limited but plenty of time, take the PCJ 600 to start the course, I only use it for the first few ones, then go back to the office where I started to get the sparrow in it (or take the police helicopter in the opposite building) and easily complete the check points and turn on the spot light to end the mission, finish the last asset.


55. Cap The Collectors (Print Works): Difficulty: E, Ratings 8.5, My ex boss Sonny Forelli sent his mafia gang to tax my assets. how dare him! His men are on bikes, surprisingly easy to chase down and kill, the calm before the storm.


56. Lose Ends (Phone): Difficulty: H, Ratings 9, I do my last and final job for my phone caller boss, a very cool mission, fight off the corrupt FBI men on the back side of the ice cream factory, best to use a long range sniping strategy, fight your way through, you reach the destination where they were dealing with the street gang, ambush the deal, kill the FBI men and the street gang men and take the merchandise flying on the Helicopter to the final destination bringing on the last non story line mission to an end.


57. Keep your Friends Close (Tommy)...... Difficulty: H, Ratings 10, The final mission. sonny arrives to take a cut from my new businesses, and Lance the douche betrays me, i wan't so fond of Ken Rosenberg, but am pleased with his loyalty, but unfortunately he can't handle a gun, so I let him go into hiding and am on my own defense. I fight Sonny's huge Mafia army, find Lance the backstabber, chase him to the roof top (I could easily kill him spot on, but prefer a long fight), I kill all his mafiosi bodyguards and its him with his Kruger against me in my M4 in a last stand, i triumph over him. I jump from the roof, see Mafia gang cars in my mansion, destroy them all, I like keeping a long fight, so I go through the back killing any Mafias I see and re enter the place where the Mafias are stealing from my safe, killing them, and then Sonny arrives with more Mafia men. My last stand now, i shoot down Sonny's  infinitely spawning Mafia men, and finally shoot down Sonny with my M4. Mission ends, Ken reappears, I Tommy Vercettie become the undisputed crime lord of vice City and Ken my loyalest partner. Credit plays, and after that receive 30,000 $ cash and free to miscellaneous tasks left (like collect hidden packages, etc) to complete the game gthe game 100%....



Thats all from my mission by mission analysis. Once again this is solely my opinion and experience from the best game I ever played, i.e. GTA Vice City for me:



- Easiest Mission: 1. The Party.


- Hardest Mission: 19, 24 and 46 are the three X Difficulty missions. 19 Death Row today is a piece of cake for me. So its a tie between 24. Cop Land and 46. The Driver.


- Worst mission: 49. Dildo Dodo.


- Best mission: 31. Trojan Voodoo .



The End....


Edited by wfank
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Ballas King

But changing my mind kida, i tink I would call 46. The Driver the toughest.

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Ballas King
44 minutes ago, RetroMystic said:


Thanks.. Well anyway it was nice sharing my experience, back to busy life, have a nice year all 😊 , bye....

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  • 4 weeks later...
Sentinel Driver

Fun fact: you can complete waste the wife by crashing into Mrs Dawson with a rhino

yeah it was a car accident alright

shooting her with the rhino cannon will fail the mission though

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  • 2 months later...
On 8/27/2018 at 12:09 AM, Sentinel Driver said:

Fun fact: you can complete waste the wife by crashing into Mrs Dawson with a rhino

yeah it was a car accident alright

shooting her with the rhino cannon will fail the mission though

I know, I completed the game 100% and played it first in 2004, its like the back of my head, but you have to do Sir Yes Sir! first and save a rhyno somewhere to do so without cheating and getting one from the military base, well good luck with those M4 wielding mercenaries, thank God they aint used in missions and the army of 6 star wanted level use lighter weapons (then again you can do it with getting the police dress after cop land, but why waste so long to finish such an easy mission as waste the wife?)....

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