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First Person Experience on RDR2 Discussion

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FPS on Red Dead Redemption 2 is assumed to be happening based on good details on the guns and other explanations. If true, what do you think would be improve?

GTA V's FPS was an interesting experience I would say but not the greatest when playing modes like team deathmatch or races. Not even taking cover is recommended when in first person because somehow your head seems to stick out in the open compared if you were in third person.  With that being said, do you think they've improved this feature? Or will they not include it at all?


Apologies if this topic was already discussed.

Edited by infectedG636
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they SHOULD HAVE improved it, but who knows, might aswell have left it out entirely.

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I hope the recoil paterns match the third person mode because in GTA V for some reason bullets go straightforward but in third person it has a spread patern. It's more noticeable on the combat mg. Also the way movement works should be balanced as sniper dancing is a big problem in PVP as accuracy is never degraded while strafing.

Edited by PvTails

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Legacy stick control scheme option or bust.

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I think the First person experience in GTA 5 was good, that may be because i have never played online.

The driving, running, flying helicopters, it was intense. lucky that i played it again in PS4 with first person,

But i do agree that while heavy shooting, i switched to third person, that way i was having a better view.

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Hopefully in the gameplay trailer we see first person confirmation a68d7a60a52f930b9faf6e4d247f425f.png

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Yes that’s what we need to watch 

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mister bellic

Hopefully they included it.

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