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Lost cars

Sea sia 67

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I need help if anyone knows how I can find my lost cars. Around 2 mil worth. I lost by buying a smaller apartment, thought you can own more then one. And went from a 6 to 2. And lost 4 cars. Then bought a 10 card garage and only have the two cars. But I have been in races and been able to use two of the 4 lost cars. So I dont think I completely lost them. Anyone know how I can find them?

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Try joining a Heist setup, Pick a "missing" car & try driving to your garage. If you can't enter the garage, complete the mission & the car will be waiting for you in freeroam, then take it to the garage.


Repeat the process until you recover all your missing cars.


Good luck...

Edited by IceDree
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Lance Mayhem

They're in storage. This happens when you buy a place with a smaller garage. It's a feature that's in there specifically so you don't lose cars. 


In freeroam, make sure you are far enough away from any of your cars for your mechanic to come, call him up, and under whichever property you got by trading in your smaller one will be a list of your 'missing' cars (with a note saying they're in Storage). 


Have him deliver one, and drive it into whichever garage of yours has an empty parking spot. 


If you don't take it to one with at least one empty spot, you will be asked which vehicle currently parked in that garage you want to replace. If you choose one, the vehicle you select to replace will be permanently lost to you (with no refund) and its parking spot will be taken by the one you're driving into that garage. 




Leave them in storage. You may not have access to them for races or heists, but they will not disappear. This way, you can own more cars than you have parking spots for. 


If you ever park a vehicle that had been in storage in one of your garages, the invisible storage spot for that vehicle (not the vehicle itself) will be gone.



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