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Could I run gta 5


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Would gta5 work with my pc 


Here is the spec 


Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.10Ghz

4Gb DDR3 Performance Ram with SATA HDD

2GB Nvidia Geforce GT 710


could i run gta 5 ? 

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I would say yes as I am using a very old, low end system to run it... It may not be with full settings etc., but I am running the Steam version which uses even more resources and this is with a bit less than what you have:

AMD 2.6GHz dual core

4GB DDR2 ram

1GB Nvidia 650GTX


Its not the optimal experience because all of the settings are off or on normal but the game is playable, missions are playable. It sort of looks like GTA IV just with the V world and vehicles etc.. Just a couple of snaps. You can see just how much Vram is used with all of these low settings though, the card is almost maxed out!




Using a trainer however with modding vehicles etc., you do begin to see some results of a system that can't quite keep up... I've modded the weight of a Bison and use it as a "battering ram" and "chase" vehicle when I want to spend a little time running from cops at 5 star wanted xD   It "weighs" about "2 million" pounds and gets up to over 300mph so the CPU/graphics are challenged when drawing the roads, mountains etc., when traveling at those speeds. I usually try to disable other things in the background before running the game to free up some resources, just sucks that Steam has like 8 instances of its own services running and about 6 or 7 "social club" services running, all using ram and most using CPU... But I can still play it so.

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