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Disappointing Customisations...


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Okay, so to start with, this thread will be about clothing, and the lack of additional styles, so if you're not bothered by this, just skip it; don't add your "GTA isn't a Barbie sim" comments because this issue clearly doesn't affect you.


Right, now that's out of the way. WTF Rockstar?!


When I heard about the release of a nightclub DLC, I thought Great! Finally we're going to be getting some decent customisations, like facepaints, new tattoos, a heap of new clothing options suited to the wide variety of clubbing styles, and greater variation for hairstyles.


Tuesday the 24th rolls around; I've got the day off work,so I fire up GTA around 10am and download the update. Boot up the game, load into a session and the first thing I check is the Interaction Menu. Ooooh! New actions! I think to myself! Rockstar haven't added any of those for a hell of a long time; this seems promising. Head to a hairdressers, and... Huh... Nothing new. Oh, well, let's look at masks. Ooookay... Nothing new there either. Oh well, the clothing store HAS to have something new. What do I find? About 10 new colours or patterned versions of clothing we already had that I don't use, or haven't seen any other player use effectively.


I'm pretty annoyed at this point; Rockstar put in the effort to roll out a huge update that consolidates the business types, and adds a plethora of new content, but basically adds nothing new with the clothing. And to add insult to injury, the NPCs seem to have been given a HUGE wardrobe expansion; vests, unfastened combat boots, multi-coloured knee boots with pants, latex/ wet-look leggings, cocktail dresses, neon shoes, etc.! 


Is it too much to ask, Rockstar, to have the same design and appreciation for customisation afforded to players too?

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Smooth Longsack

Disappointing speling.

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