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Hydra, Oppressor, or Vigilante?


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I have been grinding vehicle cargo with friend and have made nearly a million dollars in two days.  Originally, I was doing it to buy a hydra.  Now, I’m looking stuff up and everyone says the hydra is obsolete and the oppressor is better.  And then one of my friends has the vigilante, and I was wondering if that’s even worth it.  I know the oppressor is probably more fun and has super cool abilities, but I feel like everybody has it.  And everybody says it’s better, which actually makes me want to buy the hydra more.  It has VTOL capabilities, and everything the oppressor has (missiles, cannon, etc) and has a higher top speed.  I also realize it can be one shot by an expolosive heavy sniper.  I already have the MOC, Avenger, and Deluxo, and I am not buying a lazer because I can’t already steal one from Zancudo with only two stars since I have a hangar there.  And that brings me to my final point, my hangar is empty, and I feel like I should buy cool and useful stuff to fill my hangar with.  Thanks! Edit: The oppressor I have heard is pretty pointless without the missiles upgrade, which requires research, which I am not a fan of.

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What do you want it for? I would suggest a starling or pyro, Hydra these days catches a lot of explosive rounds and can't out dogfight many aircraft. I really like the oppressor too.

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