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GTA III 100% Challenge

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I am not aware of anyone else attempting to do this, but I am going to try to complete the entire game in one sitting today with no mission failures, no busts, deaths, etc and without saving until the end of the game. I invite anyone else to try and do this and perhaps record themselves doing it.


For this run I won't be using any cheats but I will be using some glitches and speedrunning strats but it will be a casual run overall. No cutscenes will be skipped (unless by accident). Anyway, you can watch the livestream here in a few minutes.


Updated stream:






Edited by Dealux

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Damn you gotta be soo good to do that. Hope you can achieve such a challenge. You will have to tell us how did you do it. 

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Evil empire

You're very ambitious.

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Well, I did it and a few of you joined to watch. Thanks for that. Here's the save: https://gtasnp.com/V6b735


The video archive hasn't fully processed yet but will be available in full form soon at this link:




There were a few f*ckups and I did complete Multistorey Mayhem twice by accident but I did not fail any missions, or get busted, or die. And I only saved at the end of the game as promised. Holy sh*t I have never played the game this way. I needed to use some speedrunning strats to make the game easier though but there was no skipping of missions, except for Firefighter I guess, which was completed using the replay glitch. Replay glitches helped a lot.



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I was thinking about doing such thing and recording it some time ago. The thing is that I don't usually have 3-4 hours of interrupted free time and the chances of getting nervous screwing up everything (because I'll be recording) are really high. So congratulations on completing such a challenge. Did you manage to obtain some special vehicles during that time?

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Not really. Just got the teal Kuruma, the Black Rumpo, and Ray's BP Patriot. I might get into special vehicle collecting in the future.



Going live again. Edit: Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky this time.

Edited by Dealux

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