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Vehicules from last dlc does not show on ifruit


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The last vehicules from the dlc does not show in ifruit

already tried download last update

i works fine with other cars

anybody else have this issue?

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Looks like the problem come from the vehicules boughts in the nightclub garage.

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I am having the same issue. It seems to be tied to any car bought after purchasing the nightclub garages. It doesn't seem to matter where the new car is delivered to, it just doesn't show up in iFruit. The last car purchased I can modify through the app is the Jester Classic, which I bought only hours before I started messing with the nightclub.

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So far I have not had any issues with that lately, but, have had issues in the past, it seems to be somewhat random. Also, I took my cars over to my ceo garage to mod them...


Make sure you have signed into your Rockstar Social Club account somewhat recently, make sure you have taken the cars outside of a ceo or regular garage (not the nightclub) and see if they register... iFruit is glitchy and so far I have only done the wheels on the Swinger...drove it from the night club to the ceo garage, modded everything, drove it outside for a test drive, then opened the iFruit app and placed the order back to stock wheels and it worked like a champ. 


 The Patriot limo has chrome and cannot be changed and same with the Jester Classic and the Stafford wheels are chrome too (ifruit won't work on them).



Edited by smartergaming
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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm having the same problem. I've tried everything - going from club garage to CEO garage, storing it in CEO garage, modifying a few options while in there, driving it out and still nothing. Trying to get my jester classic to show up. It does in fact have stock wheels you can change. Really frustrating - I try about 4 times a day.

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  • 5 weeks later...

I also have cars that iFruit is not detecting. For example, a Tezeract I bought after buying a nightclub. It was delivered to a basement garage, but since then I’ve stored it in a stand-alone garage as well as in an apartment garage. I’ve driven it, modded it at LSC, even blown it up and replaced it. I’ve been in missions with it, I’ve had it delivered by the mechanic, I even drove it all the way around the whole map. Other cars I’ve driven since then have shown up in iFruit almost as soon as I get in them. But not this one.

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  • 3 weeks later...

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