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Recommended Posts

I've been looking for a new hobby and I think taxidermy might just be the ticket.


Taxidermy is a general term describing the many methods of reproducing a life-like three-dimensional

representation of an animal for permanent display. In some cases, the actual skin (including the

fur, feathers or scales) of the specimen is preserved and mounted over an artificial armature.

In other cases, the specimen is reproduced completely with man-made materials.


user posted image


The word "taxidermy" is derived from two ancient Greek words; taxis, meaning movement;

and dermis, meaning skin. Therefore, loosely translated, taxidermy means the movement of skin.

This is a fairly appropriate definition as many taxidermy procedures involve removing the

natural skin from the specimen, replacing this skin over an artificial body, and adjusting the skin until it appears lifelike.


user posted image


The modern practice of taxidermy incorporates many crafts, such as carpentry, woodworking,

tanning, molding and casting; but it also requires artistic talent, including the art of sculpture,

painting and drawing. In a modern deer head mount, for example, the only natural parts of the

animal used are the antlers and the skin. All of the other organs and tissues are recreated

with man-made materials. The eyes are made from glass, the eyelids are sculpted from

clay, the soft tissues of the nose and mouth are sculpted from epoxy or wax, and the

mannequin or "form" (which incorporates the anatomy of each muscle and vein) is made

from polyurethane foam.


user posted image


Today, some taxidermy mounts (most notably saltwater fish) do not contain any parts of

the animal at all. They are completely re-created from man-made materials. This is ideal

for catch-and-release anglers, who can release their game fish unharmed, and can still

have a life-sized trophy produced from a good color photo and measurements.


user posted image


Works of taxidermy are displayed in museums, educational institutions, businesses, restaurants, and homes.

There are many different methods for producing mounts (or re-creations) of different species.


user posted image


Cyclop have 9 years




but old is not seened




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First, you beautiful f*cking whiskey bastard.

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Thank god I kinda knew from the beginning where you were going with this.




Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? Did you ever wonder...


...why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?
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I first became interested in taxidermy when I was a child, after seeing a photograph in an old Life magazine of the last passenger pigeon, Martha, who died in 1914. It was the first time I had encountered the idea of extinction so directly. I was terribly saddened by this discovery that an entire species could disappear. Martha was preserved and now resides at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This led me to see taxidermy as a way to encounter the past and see the beauty of what has been lost.


As I grew up, my passion for the natural world continued to grow. I love the beautiful dioramas created by Carl Akeley, the father of modern taxidermy, and his team at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. I even have my own cabinet of curiosities full of found antlers, skulls, and even one very small preserved bat.

Edited by Forty
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I nearly won a squirrel playing billiards on eBay but I forgot about it. Happy 19.

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Not sure what you're on about. Could it be old age dementia?


Thanks, eerbody.




Bonus pic.

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Well then


Did you know that taxidermy began in England in the 19th century?


 An increased demand for leather meant that tanning—turning an animal's skin into preserved leather—became commonplace, and this made preservation of species catalogued by naturalists possible. Victorians often anthropomorphized their taxidermy, dressing stuffed animals in clothes and working them into tableaus like the ones created by Walter Potter. They were also obsessed with animals that were deemed "curiosities": deformed creatures with extra heads or legs.




Massive Congrats Brother. 


Not often I come by but can’t be missing a shindig such as this but a19k topic from one of the greatest forum minds and also editor of my favourite youtube clip ever.









Messiah To The Animals


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Hey look it's @RedDagger sitting for his class photo


Image result for bad taxidermy

and a goofy yearbook photo


Image result for bad taxidermy

Edited by AiraCobra
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I'm only proud of whatever percentage of those posts are about or contain boobs.

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Did you know that early taxidermy mounts were stuffed with sawdust and rags without regard for actual anatomy, so the models were often disfigured. In fact, mounts from those days skewed how we imagined creatures like the long-extinct dodo for years.


Regardless of that, congrats on the 19K posts brother. Here's to the big 20K milestone. Pretty sure that you'll hit it soon enough.

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12 hours ago, AiraCobra said:

Hey look it's @RedDagger sitting for his class photo

Here's a better version of @RedDagger



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I did't need to sleep tonight anyway.

Congrats on the 19K new hobby!

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