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Converting cars from GTA VC to GTA III without using ZModeler - easy tutorial by Pranjit Das

Pranjit Das

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Pranjit Das

Hi guys,


This topic was also posted previously in GTAForums Guides & Strategies section by me, but later I realized that its a tutorial so the Tutorial section is more better for it.


This tutorial explain how to convert cars from GTA Vice City to GTA III, but without using ZModeler or any other 3D Editor! Yeah I know that some similar tutorials are posted previously, but they're all about 3D editing and modeling which not everyone can do. My tutorial is very simple and easy, you just need TXD Workshop to do it, no other tools needed!


All you have to do is, follow the steps below; Sorry for my bad English;


Tools required:

* TXD Workshop 4.0 (for import/export textures from txd file)


* IMG Tool 2.0 (for import/export dff and TXD files to IMG Archive)


* MSPaint (optional, if you want to edit the textures in your way)


* Step1:

First of all, choose your favorite car from GTA VC. In my case, I choosed the VC Sentinel which replace the Mafia Sentinel in GTA III.


* Step 2:

Open up your VC/Models/gta3.img using IMG Tool 2.0, and find the dff and TXD files of your vehicle. In my case, I need to find "sentinel.dff" and "sentinel.txd", export the files to a new location for later editing.


* Step 3:

Okay, so we're now ready for editing! Open up txd file (in my case its sentinel.txd) of your vehicle in TXD Workshop 4.0, and click on the small box in down right corner. You'll see that the box is set to "GTA VC", means the txd file is configured in VC format. Change it to GTA III format by clicking on the box, and choose "GTA3", this will change the format of the txd file from VC to III. Save and close txd file after editing.


* Step 4:

Okay, so our car is now ready! Using a Photo/Image editor like MSPaint, you can edit the textures of the car in your way. Textures like engine, underbody, lights, plate etc. But note this is optional, you can also skip this step if you don't edit any textures of the car. Just in case, you want to give similarity of standard GTA III cars to your car!


* Step 5:

Lastly, rename the corresponding dff and txd files to the name of the vehicle you're replaced. Here's an example:


sentinel.dff >> mafia.dff

sentinel.txd >> mafia.txd


Depend on the car you're replace. For example, if you replace the Kuruma, you need to rename the files to "kuruma.dff" and "kuruma.txd".


* Step 6:

Finally, open up your GTA III/Models/gta3.img using IMG Tool 2.0 and replace the old files with your edited one. Because GTA III use different archive txd.img for the txd files, so you need to replace the txd file there. Here's an example:


mafia.dff >> models/gta3.img

mafia.txd >> models/txd.img 


If replace doesn't works, and you get error massage like high file size etc. Then delete the old file, and add the new one to the archive, click on "Rebuild Archive" after added new files. But do this only, if you're not able to replace the files. If you're able to replace the old files, then replace them!


That's it! We're now ready for a ride in our new converted VC car! Enjoy yourself! 


ATTENTION !!! Backup old files first, before replacing them in archive! It is better to backup the whole game's directory so you're able to revert the game to its original setting, in case of any errors or the game not works properly!


Hope it helps! And wish you convert a lot of cars from VC to GTA III! 


You can also use Modloader instead of IMG Tool, just create a new folder with any name (such as "Mafia") in your GTA III/Modloader directory and place all the files there.


You can also use MagicTXD Instead of TXDWorkshop, or any other program which have the ability to open textures files (txd). 


Any problem? Bugs or error? Post it in Comments section and I'll definitely help you! Enjoy yourself!

Edited by Pranjit Das
Added info about Modloader and MagicTXD
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  • 1 month later...

It seems strange that the .dff files of VC are compatible with the III without doing anything, but if you've tried it...

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1 hour ago, Automan said:

It seems strange that the .dff files of VC are compatible with the III without doing anything, but if you've tried it...



Yeah that's right, but without changing the txd format from VC to GTA3, the game crash!


I tried it several times, and found that the game crash when the txd file is set to VC format.


And most people don't know how to fix that issue, so I made this tutorial to help them in converting cars!


You know, I don't have ZModeler or any other 3D Tool, so I can only do jobs like this.


BTW, thanks for commenting! 😊😊

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It is a pleasure! :)

On ZM2 the VC and III files are saved in different formats, I do not think many know that they are the same...

Maybe they are those of III that do not go for VC, and the III ignores the extra parts of the VC.

Although it should be the other way around, like the old Word files for the new version. We should try! XD



Edited by Automan
screen added
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>img tool

>txd workshop


No criticism but edit your post. No one needs IMG Tool anymore, ModLoader exsists. TXD Workshop? Neither, Magic.TXD exsists.

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1 hour ago, okofficer1111 said:

>img tool

>txd workshop


No criticism but edit your post. No one needs IMG Tool anymore, ModLoader exsists. TXD Workshop? Neither, Magic.TXD exsists.



I've added information about Modloader and MagicTXD in the topic. You can find all information at the end of the topic...thanks!

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13 hours ago, dramamia said:

What about converting GTA III cars to SA? I kind of just wanna replace a car with the Dodo and drive it around, lol



First of all, thanks for commenting my tutorial! Well it's a good idea to convert III cars to SA, but I don't have 3D Model tool to do this. 


BTW, there are many good quality III vehicles already converted to SA by some other modders, you can search in Google and you'll definitely find many!


And if you want a full replacement car pack then these links will really help you:


GTA III Cars Pack (Original)



GTA III Cars Pack (HD)



But I don't think you can replace any car with a plane, because of the game's setting and limit.


Planes and helicopters used fully different handling and vehicle ID lines, so if you replace a car, truck, bus or any other road vehicle with a plane then the game will no longer work properly,


even crash at startup or become in-runnable, opening game .exe only result in error massage like "gta_sa.exe has stopped working properly", a simple removing mod doesn't help at all!


You need to completely remove, and reinstall the game to fix this kinds of issues. So it is better to not try these types of silly ideas (like replacing cars with plane).


If you still want the GTA III Dodo for SA then search in Google, you'll probably find it there!


Otherwise, convert it via ZModeler or 3Ds Max by yourself (I don't have any of these tools to convert it for you)


Thanks for reading!

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