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Grotti supercar opinions


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Hey folks,


I've got a super/hypercar slot available and I'm looking to fill it with a Grotti, because I have just decided that my female-character collects Grottis.

I'm a little torn between the Turismo R and the Cheetah. The other Grotti supercars don't really look Ferrari enough to me (I know they do, but it's a personal hey-look-a-ferrari! kind of feeling I'm looking for). I'm just wonderiing how they are performance wise. I seem to recall the Cheetah sometimes having trouble getting it's nose stuck on pixels and I remember you defenitely didn't want one in the stuntraces we did before Stunt Races were a thing, but it goes like a cat on fire.

My concern with the Turismo R is that it's a hybrid, apparently, which in my experience usually equals lesser performance.


For comparison, I own an Entity XF and a Zentorno, both of which (especially the latter) I love the performance. So compared to those two, can the Cheetah or the Turismo R compete?

I have test driven both of them, but I just can't put my finger on why I'm not buying.

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The X80




it has a great top speed making it competitive in stunt races


I used to love the cheetah for racing because the thing gripped the road very well at the time compared to other cars and usually players trying to knock into me would be like hitting a solid wall and they would just spin out while I kept going unaffected. Between your choices I'll say the Turismo R, its got great handling and adequate speed. It was my go to for years after it came out.

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Between the Cheetah and the Turismo R, I'd go with the Turismo R. I love the Cheetah too, but the Turismo R performs slightly better, and it's a great representation of a Ferrari-type hybrid - overall, a very well-made vehicle.


I also like the Visione more so than the X80. Sure, the X80 has better performance, but it looks a bit too weird for my tastes and it almost performs "too good" so that it becomes rather boring to drive in my opinion.. However, if you like its looks and don't mind driving something that feels closer to a space ship than a car, go with the X80.

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I've been thinking about the X80, but I wanna go more Supercar than Hypercar, or in this particular case: low flying UFO.

I'm guessing it's gonna be the Turismo R. When it's on sale, probably.

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