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Buying Stories


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Welcome to this topic !


Have you or someone you know ever had any cool , strange , unusual or funny experience while buying games or merchandise ?


If the answer is yes then you should post them here !

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I will start :

about two months ago i decided to buy the GTA VC Soundtrack Box Set but i wasn't on a big budget so i was looking for a bargain . After two days i found a german guy who was selling the Box Set for ONLY 45 DOLLARS !

The only problem was that the seller only accepted paying in person , but after some struggles i convinced him to get paid with a credit card . At that point i almost immediately bought it and i was so happy to have found such a deal ... at least until when it arrived me .

When the package arrived me i instantly opened it and ... the Fever 105 Disc was missing . I checked again on the item's description and only then i noticed it said the Fever 105 case and booklet were there , but not the CD !

I panicked a little but luckily after a week i bought a single new Fever 105 CD from an italian seller on Discogs .

So , now , i have two Fever 105 Case : a full one that is in the Box Set and an empty one , laying around on my desk .

P.S. : at the end i noticed that paying for a non-complete Box Set and a single CD was still less expensive than paying once for the complete Box Set ; so i could say that in the end it really was a bargain ! ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I went to a used game shop at my local flea market and I saw a Vice City strategy guide for sale. It was a little worn but whatever, I wanted something to fill my shelf up. I brought it to the cashier and paid him and said "thanks" and went home with it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I recently acquired a copy of Slyder - Score, as heard on GTA 3 Rise FM. I had to contact a lot of people before I found one who was willing to sell me the record. They asked me how much I was willing to pay for it, and seemed overly eager to sell it to me, even after I offered them the least-insulting amount I could come up with, $50 (considering the latest (overinflated) market price on this record). They gladly accept my offer and ship it off to me. I receive it two weeks later in great condition... with a shiny yellow $2 sticker on the front. gg used record shop.

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For about a year or so, I've searched for the GTA SA CJ's Loyalty Casino Card without any luck. One day I've stumbled upon certain collecting site containing images of numerous Casino Cards. I said to myself, what the heck, I'll ask if they would sell me one, but without any response. Some more time passed and after that, finally, there was one for sale on eBay at last. I've checked seller's profile and saw he registered on my birthday. I went and contacted him and he told me he's the owner of the aforementioned site. I told him, that's destiny man, I'm gonna win that auction for sure. And I did. It's a small world.

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  • 4 months later...

Here's another little adventure I've had as of recently. I wanted that SA Blind Dragon Casino Chip so bad, but it's a rare thing to stumble upon. Then, all of a sudden there were two for sale from the same seller. Of course, shipping wasn't an option, since most sellers are sceptics when it comes to my destination, but I've managed somehow to persuade them to make shipping eligible, comforting the seller it's fine and that I had numerous items received up until then and none of them were ever lost. After paying hefty price for it, it was the first one out of dozens that got lost. What a timing.


Talking about my misfortune here on the forums one of our members took notice of that, but didn't say anything in particular until significant amount of time passed to inform me there's one for sale on the ebay for amazingly low price and not only that but it came with 4 additional regular casino chips!


He was nice to offer me his help in shipping it to me after he buys it first, 'cause luckily shipping was available for his destination! So in the end, I received not only the blind one, but 4 additional regular chips as well! And it was the black one, never have I seen that one before.


Cheers @Fireman !


Edited by ChengizVlad09
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