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First Impression about After Hours?


First Impression about After Hours?  

57 members have voted

  1. 1. Generally how do you like this DLC?

    • It's completely disappointing.
    • It's not good as I expected. But it's better than nothing.
    • It's same good (or same boring) as IE/GR/SM/DD DLCs.
    • It's more interesting than IE/GR/SM/DD DLCs.
    • It's just what I want. I love it.
  2. 2. Do you think properties and vehicles from this DLC are over expensive?

    • It's way too expensive.
    • It's acceptable. At least it's not more expensive than those from IE/GR/SM/DD DLCs.
    • It's good. Comparing with those from IE/GR/SM/DD DLCs, it's more reasonable.
  3. 3. Have you bought a nightclub?

    • No. I won't buy it unless there is a discount.
    • No. I'm not in a hurry. But I may buy it eventually.
    • No. I want it. And I don't have sufficient money yet.
    • Yes. I bought it after careful thinking.
    • Yes. I bought it immediately after the DLC came out.

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For me it's a pretty decent DLC. It's more interesting. And the price is more reasonable than other recent DLCs.



Edited by Misa.And.Her.Hubby
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The price is pretty good. £5M for (almost) the most expensive club and all the upgrades. The vehicles aren't very expensive either. I'm pretty sure I spent twice that amount on other DLCs before. It definitely looks the most interesting so far. A lot better than a dull biker club house or an underground facility/bunker. The clubs look really well designed and are really colourful. If I was going to be running any of the GTA businesses in real life it would definitely be the nightclub so it's more my thing than any of the others.

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Despite the known painful shortcomings (that in my current hopes I see being remedied in filler updates), I like the Nightclub DLC very much, from the Lone Wolf point of view.


The location itself is brilliantly built, and I really like the new concept of passive income and promotion missions, even if current missions are slow, boring, and low paying. It is however finally a nod to Story Mode's business concept, since they are solo-able and available in closed lobbies. I would very much like to see more, complex, dangerous (better paid, consequentially) missions on this slot, maybe leading to higher Club payout, too, and this is not impossible coming in due time, so a bit of hype remains, even if content dripfeed is a pain to beware. Could be an absolute winner for me, should R* further explore this way in online.


And I always wanted dancing, I got dancing. So, I'm quite fine with it, including that massively large room for improvement left open. Jury's still out.


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I've made most of my money solo bunker and I/E. I don't like waiting for others to help me make money so I very much prefer lone wolf style of playing. 


Given the amount of money making opportunities R* have thrown at us in last 2-3 months (x2 Gunrunning, CEO etc.) I thought it would be expensive af but very surprised to see nightclubs were very reasonably priced. I'm running bunker as normal and have coke and meth running in the background (no supplying or selling "manually" simply for nightclub stock. Together with CEO crates it will be a nice little background earner. Left my PS4 on overnight, no CEO fees and woke up to half a million in the club so far. So that, plus my standard Gunrunning and I/E, I expect to make my investment back in 3 or 4 days. 


As far as the drip feed goes. I'm not fussed. I don't have enough time to properly explore everything on day one (or week one) so it leaves money in the bank for next week. Its going to take time for people to number crunch the nightclubs to the same level of detail as the other businesses so I'd rather take my time enjoying what we have so far. The only thing I'm particularly excited about coming in the drip feed is the ability to manage other businesses (resupply and sell) from one location/app/vehicle. That will save a lot of time running between warehouses and lockups and may make starting my MC businesses again more appealing. So overall cautiously happy so far.


Btw, when afk at cameras and you come back to "You were kicked from the session by other players". Rot in hell you petty basta*ds. Lol

Edited by Ryan5252
Phone autocorrect
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Sentinel Driver

Like I've said before the update is a huge failure


it was falsely advertised, the nightclub isn't exactly consolidating all of our other businesses

the missions are mostly recycled delivery guy crap

it's supposed to be 2 updates rolled into one but it's lacking in content in every department, very little new clothing, only 12 new vehicles no weapons at all

the lack of content is made even worse by the horrible dripfeed, they're dripfeeding every part of this god damn dlc. the vehicles, the radio station, the djs

patch notes didn't address any big issues that players have been complaining about like passive mode abuse in weaponized vehicles and they managed to break akula's homing missiles

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That's probably the most disappointing DLC to me, and as much as I loathe Gunrunning and Doomsday Heist, as well as find Smuggler's Run a total waste of time, I didn't have any expectations for them, so the onl ything I was disappointed about them was the fact they're nothing I'd want. After Hours sounded great at first, and I was really excited for what it may bring - I wanted to own a nightclub and name it, I was optimistic about the entire business consolidation, I was hopeful we're going to get decent clothing and new hairstyles, as well as some actual content to play. I was wrong in every case. It's an utter disappointment, and I can't decide whether I hate the update, or hate to hate this update more. What a disaster.


Prices are acceptable for the most part - some items are overpriced, and certainly most of them should be priced lower for what they offer. I have no interest in this DLC's items, though - maybe aside from Jester Classic and Stafford, but I'll wait for some discounts on them.

Clubs are nicely priced, but on the other hand it's still a waste of money, since they don't offer you any real way to make money. I'd have to be crazy to waste my time to do their popularity missions, for 10k$ per day, and the business hub is underwhelming to say at least, even for a passive type of business.

Clothing has decent pricetags, but then again, it's nothing new, just uninspired retextures of things we've already got. R* didn't even bother with dresses from Valentine's Day Massacre.


I haven't bought a club - I have money, but I don't care about it anymore. It's worthless when it comes to making money, it has only 3 designs available and you can't even change their colors, and you can't change their names for something outside the unholy 9 that's available, and what you have to pay for!

I may buy a club once it's on a massive discount, but otherwise not a chance. This update reinforced my lack of hope for this game's future, and made me not want to play it at all. It's an insult to us. So yeah, not buying a club, I see no reason for it if you can't even name it.

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So many people annoyed about lack of new clothing and hairstyles because they generally don't like the existing in game businesses. Have you tried playing The Sims. It's GTA, it's not a doll house.

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Commander S

Hmm - can't really vote in the poll, since my options aren't covered:


1. The clubs aren't perfect, but they're also a lot better than my worst fears, so they're good overall - meanwhile, there's a bunch of neat features for old cars, one surprising standout (never thought I'd be this excited about a Bentley, FFS... :p), and ...the rest is either disappointing or baffling. And on top of that, there's a whole lot of stuff they could have done instead car/clothing-wise that would have made more sense for the theme, and made a lot of people very happy after years of asking for it.


Overall, the core is decent, but the larger update is lacking good stuff, and full of bad stuff. Hard to call that good/bad in total, because it's all over the place, quality-wise. :turn:


2. The stuff I'm interested in (clubs, Stafford, commercial vehicles) are mostly pretty reasonable - I'm glad the Pounder/Mule/Speedo are really cheap, if only for the base versions. Club customisation gets pricey, but not surprisingly so - meanwhile some of the stupidly-expensive stuff is just stupid in general, so R* is saving me money, there! ;)



3. Need to check Champlette2's videos when they go live, before I take the plunge - I've got the money, but I know there are certain things like the lighting rig which you can't get rid of if you accidentally select them (and I might not want one), so I'm going to do some research first.


Same for a bit of 'location scouting', too - need somewhere that looks good, in a decent area, that fits the vibe I want on the inside. That, and looks like it could realistically house the club inside/underneath... :pp


10 minutes ago, Ryan5252 said:

So many people annoyed about lack of new clothing and hairstyles because they generally don't like the existing in game businesses. Have you tried playing The Sims. It's GTA, it's not a doll house.


...this is a non-sequitur. :turn:


And people who moan about 'this isn't a dolls house' - lol, do you even videogames, brah? Like, Mafia II is even more dry, realistic, restrictive, etc. - makes your average GTA game look as wacky as Saints Row by comparison. And even that game made cosmetic stuff like fancy suits, a Marlon Brando cosplay outfit (!), etc. the main focus of DLC (and in a single-player game, where no-one else gives a sh**, because only the player gets to see it.


There's character customisation in this game. People like that aspect of the game. R* neglects it, those people are disappointed. It's like how the car enthusiasts are annoyed when R* neglects car variety/customisation, or skimps on quality - you going to tell them to play Forza instead or something? :rol:

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This update is everything I wanted from a nightclub themed DLC, and the level of detail inside the clubs is truly amazing, plus the short story that comes with owning one...I missed Gay Tony.


In terms of prices, the clubs are reasonably priced to be bought, but their upgrades are very expensive, I dumped about 9 million on mine and it's not the most expensive choices(but it does have all upgrades).


I bought a nightclub almost immediately once I saw that there was a nightclub right behind my stilt house on Vinewood hills, now I never have to set foot on my bunker again unless I truly want the money, and that will be only for 2x events, same with CEO crates(RIP Avenger exploit, gone but not forgotten), Air freight and I/E cars.

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I really like the update so far.

It's a relaxed, stylish and solo friendly add-on.


Somehow, the GTAO world feels more vivid to me now.

Maybe it's the NPCs in the club or the interaction with characters.


It feels so nostalgic doing work for the Club driving Tony's black Schafter.

The first setup mission is also a fine reminiscence to a mission in GTA: San Andreas, where you had to collect a few people to set up the garage business in San Fierro...

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23 hours ago, Ryan5252 said:

So many people annoyed about lack of new clothing and hairstyles because they generally don't like the existing in game businesses. Have you tried playing The Sims. It's GTA, it's not a doll house.

I used to play the Sims for a long time until I found the GTAO. Yes a doll house in a open world universe is exactly what I want. 😏




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1. Same as others

It's just another means of making money that has a steep cash sink at the start. I play the game with friends for fun, relying on passive income overall (wish I could sell my Vehicle Warehouse) while I help them do their grind, and it's led me to having the most in-game wealth of our crew. One more source of passive income is always a good thing for me, and at least the popularity missions are something new.


2. Acceptable 

The upgrades being more than the club itself is super annoying, but I figured I'd have to sink $5-6 million to get it all upfront and I did. There's no research and I don't need to complete 42 annoyingly difficult source missions to get a massive discount on the one vehicle I want, so it's just fine.


3. Careful thinking 

I always want the property that's just slightly out of the way, both for novelty's sake and practicality (less chances for griefers to strike), so Cypress Flats made the most sense for me. I was also away from the game until late Tuesday and had all day to read up, so I made my decision and stick with it.

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