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Murder And Theft : I

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I am pleased to announce the development of a new series, created from Dyom.

It's been a long time since I've been working on writing characters, their story, the game's storyline, and now the missions.

I'm a young developer (if you can say that like that) on Dyom, but I've been using Dyom for a long time without necessarily having to post storylines or whatever.

Murder And Theft: I, or Murder And Theft: 1, wrote as you wish, is a storyline that will launch a long series. I already did the Trailer, I did at least six missions, and I made four pages on the Dyom Wiki about this series.  (Beware that the characters on the characters contain spoil)


The page of my game on the Dyom Wiki: https://dyomworld.wikia.com/wiki/Murder_And_Theft_%3A_I

The one about the protagonist Alfred Kalls: https://dyomworld.wikia.com/wiki/Alfred_Kalls

The one about the antagonist Eric Kennedy : https://dyomworld.wikia.com/wiki/Eric_Kennedy

The one about Marc Touls https://dyomworld.wikia.com/wiki/Marc_Touls


For the moment, I work very hard to finish it as soon as possible, without making mistakes. I am alone on the project so if it takes a little time it is normal. I want to clarify that I will not post by chapter, I prefer to post all at once. You will also need the mod GTA SA LC beta 7, and you will also need a GTA 3 Img with the skins I made. Finally, you will probably need some weapon pack to get closer to the GTA III of the time.


In short, I will change the post when I have something to say or I will make a new one simply. I now show you the trailer I made alone.


The Artwork, screen and the manual will be available shortly before the release.


I will send you development news from time to time, I also encourage you to go on the wiki to watch the game info in the wiki.

See you !


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