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Nightclub Music For Everyone


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So I saw the big DLC update for GTA V and was extremely excited to see nightclubs are now a thing. Now, i see this as a great way to not only augment pre-existing game businesses but also to do player to player social events at these nightclubs. Inviting friends and strangers alike to your nightclub to hang out, talk and dance with some great music. 


I happen to play a few games where these style events take place and are really popular for people, in fact in a multitude of games I do this very exact concept using music and DJs. This led me to create my own entertainment company with actual radio stations and real life DJs who take requests, etc. This DLC got me very excited about trying it out here on GTA V online. That being said, I bought a nightclub, fully decked out on Del Perro beach. If you want to use our music for your own events you are more than welcome too. We have stations for Pop, Hip-Hop, Classic/Modern Rock and House/Trance and EDM.


On our website https://www.radio-euphoria.com. DJs are live every night and like I said they love playing requests. So while you are hanging out with friends and chilling in your very own nightclubs get a more authentic taste by utilizing the website above and drop in our discord here: https://discord.gg/YRVrScC and drop your requests in.


Feel free to add me on social club (overtCameron) and you can enjoy our personal nightclub. Happy partying!💃

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Or you could go online and just play the songs you wanna hear instead of going to a stream and requesting it


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11 minutes ago, Gregistopal said:

Or you could go online and just play the songs you wanna hear instead of going to a stream and requesting it


To each their own, just offering a way people can have a more authentic nightclub feel.

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Seems like a good way to add character to a nightclub. For those who care about RPing and truly want to use the club anyways. I mean why wouldn't you want a live DJ on a stream playing when you will have a DJ booth inside the club? Awesome idea Cameron! Good way to add to the community!

27 minutes ago, Gregistopal said:

Or you could go online and just play the songs you wanna hear instead of going to a stream and requesting it


But why would you do that when everyone in the club can listen to the same music and actually have a real nightclub experience.

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