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GTA V Online Rare Vehicles on PlayStation 3 (Last Gen) - Updated

Diamond Aries

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Diamond Aries

Hey GTA V Online Forum members, 


All the gang vehicles spawn as mentioned on YouTube videos and various other links and pages with the same previous timescales of spawning on the gang locations (The Families, Vargos, Ballas).


The convertible tornado spawned on the GROVE STREET (PULLING OUT OF SOMEONE'S HOUSE - AS SHOWN ON THE VIDEOS ONLINE) while doing a mission of Gerald (war and piece)  driving through grove street on a hard - top tornado



I have also found carnis bodhi, aka similar to that of trevor's jeep while doing the Dirt Road Mission, but never was able to find a way to store this. 




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Lance Mayhem

Topless Merryweather Canis Mesa. Only available when mercenaries are called (either on you or by you). 


The one available for purchase on the Warstock site will always have a hard top. 


This vehicle can be stored, modified, and insured, but not sold, so any money you put into it will be gone if you dispose of it (just like the one from Warstock). Be aware that this is a very top-heavy vehicle, and will roll over easily, so it's not the ultimate off-roader it looks like. I think they're pretty cool, and have 3 of them anyway. 


Unlike the gang cars, which can be replicated at LSC (play with metallic paints and pearlescents to get it to match), this is a unique body style that can only be obtained by Grand Theft (TM). 





...oh, and about 98 % of all the other vehicles driving around.  😛

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