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The Chain Game - Round 126


Recommended Posts






The Chain Game - Round 126

Barriers do not appear. Any v1 or v2 player can complete the missions "Green Sabre", "Are You going to San Fierro?" and "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom".


The Chain Game is for anyone who wants to play along, we are going to start a game from the beginning and take it to 100%.
Please read the Rules & Guidelines before you start to play.
The Rules & Guidelines are here so that the game can progress and everyone can have an enjoyable experience while making a contribution to its completion.

Joining the Chain Game is easy and new players are always welcome.
If you're new and want to plunge right in, simply follow the Quick Start Guide for now and read the complete set of rules later. You're excused for now, but eventually you'll have to...



Newbie's Quick Start Guide
Rules & Guidelines
Supplement To The Rules
Posting Format
Helpful Links, Maps & Tools
Release Description
General Description of Added Features
Detailed List of Added Features
100% checklist

Newbie's Quick Start Guide
Call a turn by posting in this topic.
Download the last save.
Play one mission.

Don't use cheat codes, get wasted or busted.
Upload your save on gtasnp.com
Post the link to your game back here within 3 hours. Edit your original posting to do this. Have a look at other players' postings and you'll get the idea.

Rules & Guidelines

Do not use any kind of cheats, trainers, mods or cleo scripts. They can seriously mess up things later in the game, so using them will not only spoil the fun for yourself, but also for the other players.



Call a turn by posting in the topic. "I'll take a turn" & "my turn" are commonly used - just let us know that you are taking a turn.



Download the previously posted save file. We want to use the same save file throughout the game and take it to 100%. After 100%, we can see who has the fastest racing times.



Complete ONE Named Mission only, save your game, upload your save file (see below) and post a link back in the topic (use the Edit button).



The definition of a "Named Mission" is "any mission that changes the save file name". Examples are "Big Smoke", "Deconstruction" and "Learning to Fly". Exceptions are listed below. Several named missions are exempt from the 'one named mission rule', for various reasons. Find all details on these in the Supplement To The Rules.



Use Samutz's uploader to upload your save file (recommended uploaders). If they are down you can use Rapidshare, FileFront or YouSendit.



Please use the preferred posting format (see below).



Wait until 2 other turns have been completed before calling another mission.



If 4 hours pass without another gamer completing a turn, then the '4 hour mission rule' is reset & anyone may call a turn.



The caller may call a forfeit. The forfeiter should wait at least one turn before calling another mission/turn. The forfeited turn will not count towards the '2' mission rule' and will not reset the 4 hour timer.



The time limit to complete your turn is 3 hours. We will use the post time in the topic. The timer starts when a mission is called. After 3 hours have passed and the caller has not posted back, it's a forfeit and anyone else may call a turn.



If a player has a turn nullified then that player will need to wait until one other player takes a turn before that player can take another turn. The player may take another turn if 4 hours pass without another gamer completing a turn.



In the event of two gamers calling a turn (at the same time), the first one listed does the turn.



Mission strategy is up to the caller - just don't use cheats, trainers, mods or cleo scripts. Do not save after getting busted or wasted.



The caller may purchase items (weapons, etc.), mod vehicles, date, eat, workout, dress, get a tattoo & get a haircut for CJ. Please let us know about any of this stuff in the Notes section of your post.



The caller may do any non-named missions/collections/deliveries in the 3 hours. Please report any extra stuff in the Notes section.



The caller doesn't have to do a mission when all they want to do for example is collect Snapshots, Horseshoes or Oysters, spray Tags, or do any of the side missions such as "Vigilante". In that case, just call a turn, but remember that the 3 hour time limit will still apply.


Tournament Races

With the exception of the 3 races that must be done within the storyline ("Lowrider Race" & "Badlands A/B"), all races are exempt from the 'one named mission rule'.

Unlike the other exceptions, you cannot do as many as you like though:

- You can do one race if you also do a named mission.

- You can do up to three races if you do not do a named mission as well.



We expect the players to adhere to the gtaforums.com rules. This includes "No warez/piracy (linking to, requesting or discussion of illegally obtaining copyrighted material) & Never open multiple accounts."




Do not fail a storyline mission unless it's to collect a special vehicle (BP/DP/EP/FP). If a special vehicle has been collected, let us know in the Notes section.



Try to keep the safe house saves minimal. If you have a game crash problem on your system multiple saves are alright - save when you don't want to lose some progress.



Since 4star features are becoming more and more prominent, we're being rather lenient toward the above two points. Save if you don't want to lose progress on a long or 4star turn. Failed side missions are ok if you're doing 4star stuff, esp. 4star racing. Just try to keep the number of saves and failed side missions/races within reasonable limits.



Avoid known glitch situations, though you may use the one for "NRG-500" and the Ammu-Nation glitch (but remember the clip count, see next point).



Collect ammo when possible, but please keep it below 10000 for weapons with clip count. Some players like to see the clip count which disappears when the ammo exceeds 9999 (an empty clip can be fatal during stuff like gang wars - seeing the clip count helps with fast reloading by switching weapons back and forth before the clip is empty).



Try to avoid killing Millie to get her keycard as some players like to collect girlfriends proofed vehicles.

(Thanks to 0909090)



Try to not date girlfriends, if dating is necessary do gimp suit dates only, because normal dates will disable two-timing dates and the possibility of getting their proofed vehicles.



Try to save with full armor.



Save close to available missions when possible.



Try to eat or have some snacks or drinks every once in a while. If the fat stat reaches zero CJ will lose muscle.



Let's try to have the last save for 100% be "End of the Line", so let's try to get everything else done before that.



Have FUN!



Supplement To The Rules

This supplement is designed to discuss some of the technicalities of the Chain Game's rules, and it was thought best to provide these in the original post.



(1) Abuse of the '2 Mission Rule':



Callers are encouraged to understand the basic ethos of the Chain Game. One should only call a mission, once the previous caller has completed his/her called mission and posted the new save. That's the basic idea of the chain: a new link can only be attached as long as the previous one is bound. Hence, to call a mission while a previous one is being completed, defeats the entire logic of the chain. In such a case, one can actually wait around and call every 3rd mission beforehand, and negate the possibility of others to call the mission. This seems to be a fine loophole of the 2-mission rule, which callers should not exploit. Let's also consider the fact that when a mission/turn is called that the 3 hour timer has started.



(2) Exceptions to the 'One Named Mission Rule':




- "Back to School" << IS a Named Mission >>

- "Learning to Fly" << IS a Named Mission >>

- "BoatSchool" -- is Not a named Mission

- "BikeSchool" - is Not a named Mission



The above vehicular schools are comprised of 'named tests' (e.g.: "Burn and Lap", "Circle Airstrip", "Land, Sea and Air", "The Stoppie", etc.). Callers should take note that 'named tests' are not equivalent to 'named missions'. Hence, callers should call schools and not particular tests, even though it may seem, for some, to be against the 'one named mission rule'. To call and do one single test, or only a set of two/three tests, would only add confusion to future callers, and be an impediment to the progress of the Chain Game. Callers also note: in the posting format, you should use "Back to School" and "Learning to Fly" and not "DrivingSchool" and "FlyingSchool".



Note that "Back to School" and "Learning to Fly" are named missions and fall under the 'one named mission rule'. "BoatSchool" and "BikeSchool", however, are not named missions and can be done with any other named mission.



Catalina Missions

- "First Date"

- "First Base"

- "Gone Courting"

- "Made in Heaven"



The above missions are all cut scenes in the Catalina strand in the Badlands. The icons for her missions trigger each of these, in sequence, though it is up to the caller to decide which of Catalina's jobs they'd want to pull off. In each such case, the caller should call the cut scene (like "First date") and also the job (e.g.: "Local Liquor Store"). The format should be: "Missions: First Date/Local Liquor Store". The caller can't help but do a 'double', so to say, as one can't save after the cut scenes, and in these cases the 'one named mission rule' is exempted.



Wang Cars Purchase

- The 'CV' icon at Wang Cars after "Back to School" and "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" are completed



This one's a little different from the last four, as even though an icon appears for Cesar on the map, and you go to the dealership at Doherty, it is not followed by a mission, and instead opens up Cesar's strand at San Fierro. This is different, also, from "Verdant Meadows" because even though the mechanic involved is the same, the latter is a named mission, while this is not. Callers may buy Wang Auto after the completion of "Back to School" or "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" (whichever is done later), and this will not be considered as a violation of the 'one named mission rule'. Alternatively, callers may buy it before starting "Zeroing In", if it wasn't purchased beforehand.



'Lame Missions'

- "King in Exile"

- "Verdant Meadows"

- "Fish in a Barrel"



Some of these are named missions although all of them are in fact only cut scenes without any action going on. These missions are exempt from the 'one named mission rule'.



Stadium Races

All stadium races are exempt from the 'one named mission rule' and can be combined in any number with any other one named mission.



Tournament Races

With the exception of the 3 races that must be done within the storyline ("Lowrider Race" & "Badlands A/B"), all races are exempt from the 'one named mission rule'. Unlike the other exceptions, you cannot do as many as you like though:



- You can do one race if you also do a named mission.

- You can do up to three races if you do not do a named mission as well.




- "The Chiliad Challenge"

- "BMX"

- "NRG-500"



These are exempt from the 'one named mission rule' and can be combined in any number with any other named mission. (Only "BMX" and "NRG-500" are named missions.)



(3) These are named missions that are exempt from the 'One Named Mission Rule':



- "BMX"

- "NRG-500"

- "Verdant Meadows"

- "Fish in a Barrel"

- Stadium Races

- Tournament Races (see above for restrictions)



(4) Non-storyline missions which alter the save names:



- "BMX"

- "NRG-500"

- Zero's Missions

- Cesar's Missions in San Fierro

- Heist Missions in Las Venturas



(5) Other things to keep in mind:



Turf Wars / Gang Wars

The second round of wars in Los Santos should be completed before "Riot", as this saves a lot of trouble and makes the last few missions speedier.



Race Tournaments

If the Race Tournaments are enabled early, please do not complete "Lowrider Race", "Badlands A", or "Badlands B" before their associated missions ("High Stakes, Low-Rider", "Wu Zi Mu", "Farewell, My Love") have been passed.




All callers can help CJ progress with any of the 6 girlfriends in the game. It does not have to be called separately, and if it is, then the '3 hour rule' will apply as always. It is best not to alter CJ physically and instead collect all oysters as soon as possible to make him forever desirable.




All callers are allowed to participate in exporting cars, and this does not have to be called separately. Callers, however, must remain true to the spirit of the Chain Game and only export cars when full earnings can be availed. Do not export damaged cars. Callers can also help by storing cars on the lists beforehand as and when they come across these.





Posting Format

Mission: Use the mission name as it appears on the screen. Don't use mission descriptions like 'that mission where you chase the jet'.

Called by: Use your handle.

Link: The link to your uploaded save file, after you've completed your turn.

Status: 'in progress' or 'completed'. (not necessary)

Completion %: Completion percentage from stats section.

Notes: Anything pertinent to the mission/strategy or extra stuff done.



A simple "I'll do a turn now" is enough to call a turn (most players do it this way), but please use this posting format for your completed turns. Below you'll find a template you can copy and paste, it'll look just like the example above. Feel free to change the colors and font to your liking.



[color=f97330][b]Mission: [/b][/color]

[color=f97330][b]Called by: [/b][/color]

[color=f97330][b]Link: [/b][/color]

[color=f97330][b]Status: [/b][/color](not necessary)

[color=f97330][b]Completion: [/b][/color]

[color=f97330][b]Notes: [/b][/color]



Helpful Links, Maps & Tools



[URL=https://gtaforums.com/topic/298966-lounge-for-the-chain-game-san-andreas/?do=findComment&comment=1070091922]Release Description [/URL]

Detailed list of Added Features



Chain Game related:

The Chain Game FAQ
The Chain Game Lounge
The Chain Game Hall of Fame
The Chain Game Rallies


Uploading save files:

Samutz's gtasnp uploader

This is Chain Game oriented and the recommended uploader. If it's down, wait a short while and it will probably be back up as it is periodically down for maintenance.


Maps for Collectibles / Mission Analyser:

For those who would like to spray tags / collect oysters / take snapshots / gather horseshoes, you can use the program SAMA (SA Mission Analyzer), it will provide relevant maps showing which ones are left. It also tells you which missions are left to do and you can find the locations of the unique stunt jumps, even the new ones.


rubregg's Easy Script Switcher:
SA Script Switcher

Note that this tool can also switch the CLEO Library off/on and is probably the easiest method for disabling CLEO Mods during Chain Game turns.









Primary designer: rubregg

Lots of help and coding: OrionSR

Based on original code by: OrionSR and pdescobar

Testing and ideas: JAJ, radioman, *asim*, C_h_e, Unlimited, zmoonchild, jaj's brother,

shoumic, 0909090, MrMateczko, laezy, radioman, ThaBoY

Special thanks to Seemann for helping out with some of his coding magic.

Special thanks to GTA Phreak for his help with the gang war testing and for the inspriation behind the water features.


I got the idea for the Chain Game from OrionSR in August 2005.








The Chain Game is hosted by:




The Chain Game Officers are:




girishb (honorary)






Inactive Chain Game Officers:















I would like to thank crazyanurag, ajkhan316', Plaka, Tornado Rex and Wolf68k for helping put this together.



Also thanks to:

OrionSR, pdescobar and rubregg for the starting save.

crazyanurag for organizing the original format & the Supplement.

meth. for the 100% checklist.

CCPD for the banner & chains artwork.

Samutz for the special chain game oriented uploader/downloader.

pdescobar for the v2 ID patcher program.


Edited by JAJ
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My turn!! :D


Mission: Bike races + Firefighter + Burglary + LS Courier + Gym moves
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: <span style=🌈">

Status: Completed
Completion: 4.81%

  • Firefighter mission completed! CJ is now fireproof;
  • Burglary completed! CJ now can run without getting tired;
  • Changed clothes a bit; ;)
  • Purchased El Corona/Verdant Bluffs, Willowfield and Jefferson Safehouses;
  • Learned new moves from Los Santos gym!
  • Did the Little Loop, Backroad Wanderer and City Circuit races;
  • Cycling Skill and body muscle increased. Fat, max health and stamina were increased a bit too;
  • Saved at Willowfield armory.
Edited by SorveteQuente
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i'll go 



Mission: Big Smoke

Called by: Veigar

Link: (*⌒∇⌒*)

Status: Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I collected every single horseshoe. 

Progress: 5.88%


Edited by Veigar
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I'll take a turn. it's been a while, hope everything works 🤣


Mission: Ryder
Called by:
Link: https://gtasnp.com/DQcuf5
Status: Completed
Completion %: 8.02%
Notes:  did pimping, several skillups in driving,some in cycling and muscle

Edited by C_h_e
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Mission: Cleaning the Hood + Dam Rider + LV gym + SF gym + Tags + Snapshots +Bike School + Hitman Stats + Girlfriend + Bloodring + Kickstart
Called by: yuvraj
Link: https://gtasnp.com/aLKO7c
Status: Completed
Completion %: 13.37%
Notes: Did a lot of sh*t


Sawn off and Combat shotgun hitman stats

AK 47,M4,SMG hitman

All Snapshots taken

All tags sprayed

Completed Bike school with all golds

Kickstart score-39

Completed Bloodring Event

Completed Dam Rider LV bike race

Learned all gym moves (SF moves are currently active)

Picked up Katie as CJ's Girlfriend




Edited by yuvraj6122
added more details
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I'll take a turn! Watch Live 🎉


Mission: Drive-thru
Called By: GTAKid667
Link: Click Me! :p
Status: Completed
Completion: 13.9%

Saved at the Johnson House!

There's a Phone Call Waiting!

Edited by GTAKid667
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My turn! Hello :)


Mission: Nines and AK's
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: <span style=🌈">

Status: Completed
Completion: 14.44%

Edited by SorveteQuente
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My turn now!

Mission: Sweet's Girl
Called by: MrMateczko
Link: https://gtasnp.com/B9Atv9
Completion %: 16.58%

Did Vinewood race in 2:34.

Did NRG-500 Challenge in 1:21. (Did I tell you I like doing this side-mission? :) )

Saved at the Johnson's house.

Edited by MrMateczko
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I'll go.

Mission: High Stakes, Low-rider / Collection / Oysters
Called by: DREVIL919
Link: https://gtasnp.com/2Mlhec
Status: Completed
Completion %: 19.25%
Notes: PICKED UP ARMOR Mission passed, $1,000.

Picked up Cesar's BP/FP/EP Tampa and put in Santa Maria.

Put the mutant Cop bike in Ganton and Mutant FCR 900 in Santa Maria.

Collected all the Oysters.

Completed boat school with GOLD.

Brought back a sea sparrow and put on Mulholland roof which I bought.

Max health, muscle and driving skill all increased 3 times.

Stamina increased twice and upgraded 3 times.

Edited by DREVIL919
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Let me take another one >:)


Mission: OG Loc + LV Courier + 8-Track + BMX
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: <span style=🌈">

Status: Completed
Completion: 21.39%

  • Las Venturas Courier completed! Burger Shot now generates a revenue up to $2,000 a day;
  • 8-Track completed in 5:04! (Best lap time: 0:23);
  • BMX completed in 2:20!
Edited by SorveteQuente
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Mission: Home Invasion
Called by: MrMateczko
Link: https://gtasnp.com/iETNFL
Completion %: 22.46%

Did Into the Country race in 3:29

Saved at the Johnson's house.

Edited by MrMateczko
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4 me


Mission: Life's a Bitch Beach

Called by: Chyea

Link: https://gtasnp.com/Ond5Cf

Status: Completed

Completion: 23.53%


  • Done all Taxi fares - All Taxis now have nitro!
  • Driving skill +
  • Fat +
  • Saved at Johnson's House
Edited by Chyea
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I'll follow the damn train , I'll take another turn.


Mission : Wrong Side Of The Tracks ( Big Smoke )

Called By : Mahdi04

Link : https://gtasnp.com/rbS87T

Status : Succesfully followed the damn train.

Completion : 24.60%

Notes : +Respect

Done !


Edited by Mahdi04
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Mission Just Business ( Big Smoke )

Called By : Mahdi04

Link : https://gtasnp.com/0782Fq

Status : Completed !

Completion : 26.20%

Notes : +Respect , I also saved the game at Jefferson Safe House.

Edited by Mahdi04
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Mission: Madd Dogg's Rhymes + Freeway LS Street Race + Paramedic Missions

Called by: Chyea

Link: https://gtasnp.com/EaAibX

Status: Completed

Completion: 27.81%


  • Paramedic Missions completed = maximum health achieved
  • All LS Street Races completed
  • Received a friendly call from Tenpenny
  • Saved at Johnson's House
Edited by Chyea
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I'll go.

Mission: Burning Desire / Dirtbike Danger
Called by: DREVIL919
Link: https://gtasnp.com/f0GUeM
Status: Completed
Completion %: 28.88%
Notes: Mission passed.

Picked up CJ's newest girlfriends, Barbara, and  Michelle.

With saves acquired the BP/FP/EP/DP Monster, Rancher and Romero, all in El Corona.

Took out the firetruck as it always spawns in its original place.

Put the mutant mountain bike in El Corona also.

Completed Dirtbike Danger (1:54), $10,000.

Bike skill increased twice. 

Edited by DREVIL919
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taking a turn


Mission: Gray Imports
Called by: C_h_e
Status: Completed
Completion %: 29.41%
Notes: just a kick turn, nothing fancy☺️

Edited by C_h_e
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Mission : Management Issues Jeffr- I mean OG Loc )

Called By : Mahdi04

Link : https://gtasnp.com/SyeHef

Status : Completed !

Completion : 29.95%

Notes : +Respect , I also saved the game at Verona Beach's Safe House.

Edited by Mahdi04
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may i? ;))))


Mission: House Party

Called by: Chyea

Link: https://gtasnp.com/tHCtA3

Status: Completed

Completion: 30.48%


  • New clothes
  • Fat -
  • Stamina +
  • Saved at Johnson's House
Edited by Chyea
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It's been a while... I'll take a turn! :D


Mission: Doberman
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: <span style=🌈">

Status: Completed
Completion: 31.55%

  • Hippy Shopper asset acquired! It now generates a revenue up to $2,000 a day;
  • Changed clothes a bit.
Edited by SorveteQuente
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Haven't taken a turn in this round yet, so here's one! :DWatch me play LIVE here!


Mission: Los Sepulcros + Dirt Track + World War Aces
Called by: 123robot
Link: https://gtasnp.com/NzJF5t
Status: Completed
Completion %: 33.16%
Notes: Mission Passed! Respect gained.

Won the Dirt Track stadium event! $25,000 earned. Time - 5:29. Best Lap Time - 0:52

Completed the World War Aces air race! $10,000 earned. Time - 2:15

Saved at the Johnson House.

Edited by 123robot
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Mission Reuniting The Families ( Sweet )

Called By : Mahdi04 The Birb Machine

Link : https://gtasnp.com/xpMdcZ

Status : Completed !

Completion : 36.36%

Notes : +Respect , Completed 2 Los Santos races and 3 Las Venturras races, Cj is now wearing gray pants and a green rag . I also saved at The Johnson's House.

Edited by Mahdi04
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I'll take a turn

Mission: The Green Sabre

Called by: JAJ

Link: https://gtasnp.com/IuOMnR

 Completion %: 40.11%


Respect gained mission reward

Purchased all the Badlands properties

Collected guns & ammo


Mahdi04 please see the lounge for comments.


Edited by JAJ
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