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[Xbox 1] Golden Drakes PMC


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"We are protectors. We are soldiers. We are Golden Drakes."




Who are the Golden Drakes?

We are defenders of the weak and hunters of the scum of the Earth. We aid the United Nations to stomp out terrorism and plots of dominance over the world. We are contractors that defend all against the evil of this world.



Our Base of Operations. A secluded, hidden location within the state of San Andreas. Dragon's Sanctum is our home and our refuge for all Golden Drakes where we can regroup, recover, relax, and prepare for new assignments.



1. Do not engage other players unless attacked first. The exception is when terrorists (griefers/tryhards) are harassing other players.
2. Do not attack fellow crew members unless given explicit permission to do so.
3. Follow orders. If a member higher up the chain of command gives you an order, see that it is carried out. Failure to comply will result in a warning.
4. When on duty, wear your uniform. We want to show that we are professionals.
5. Act mature. We are adults, not children. We can all have fun, but there are times to get serious.
5. We are brothers and sisters of different creeds, backgrounds, and faiths. Racism, sexism, and harassment
of any kind will be met with a zero-tolerance policy.



As Private Military Contractors, it is our mission to offer our services to those who ask for it. But this does not mean we offer our services for free. That being said, we will not stand terrorism (griefers/tryhards). There are good people who are trying to make a living in San Andreas only to have criminals and scum hound and abuse them while trying to earn cash. Yes, we do have a fee, but that won't stop us from commencing counter-terrorism operations on those who choose that path. Show them no mercy.



Respect will be shown to all members of the Golden Drakes, especially those above you. We are a family on the road. If you have issues with the other members, please try to settle it like adults and talk it out. In-fighting will not be tolerated. There will be no racism, homophobia, sexism, culture bashing, or any other persecutions against anyone for their background or beliefs. Please keep political debates in private.

There will be a trial period of 1-2 weeks time before obtaining full membership into the Golden Drakes. This period is to show your willingness to join us and work with us.

The Golden Drakes are family. We come from all over the globe from different creeds and different lifestyles. But we will always remain loyal to one another. Unless we are having a combat exercise, or combat training of any kind, do not fire upon your brothers and sisters. We have no issue with members who are a part of other crews, but we ask that if you join, the Golden Drakes will be the only Private Military crew that you join. If other crews you are in happen to have a conflict of interest with us, you will either stay loyal to the Golden Drakes or you will be given a chance to leave.

While playing with the Golden Drakes, we ask that you wear your Coat of Arms with pride. Keep the Golden Drakes PMC as your Active Crew so that we may show the world that we are here to stay.

Role-playing is encouraged. This crew is RP-oriented, but not required.

Teamwork is an essential element of any crew. We help each other with heists, CEO, and Biker missions. If your allies are being attacked and need help, bring fury upon their attackers. It is a cutthroat and cruel world in GTA Online. When someone attacks one of us, they attack all of us. Show that when you mess with the Drakes, you are met with fire and brimstone. If a member of an allied crew attacks you without provocation, do not engage. Leave the session and let me know so that I can settle it. If you attacked them first, punishment will be swift.

We prefer players who have an understanding of military life. Military phonetics, phrases, and policies will come into play more often than not.

*Rules that are broken for the first time will be met with a warning. This does not mean you get to break each rule once and get a warning each time. The second time a rule is broken, you will be kicked from the crew.



1. Be at least 18 years of age.
2. Have a working microphone for streamlined communication.





Social Club- Mikeimp91

Xbox Live- John Sharkbane

Discord- Mikeimp91#5138

Edited by mikeimp91
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