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Balla Set that murdered the most Families in the 90's?

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Which Balla set/hood killed the most Grove Street and Families members in your game during the 90's?


City wide, I would have to say that Rollin Heights put in a lot of work on Families in my game. Families had 6 hoods in my game, 3 out of 6 of our hoods had RHB as their main rival. We called them Strollin Dikes and Rollin Hoes but they earned respect in the 90's. 


RHB beefed hard with Grove Street in Ganton, Lil Spider, Uncle G, Big Fly, Large E, Lil Fit, and Floss G from my hood were all killed by Rollin Heights. The Rollin Heights from Willowfield used to come and light up the projects in Ganton regularly. 


The Jefferson Jungles was at war with RHB from Jefferson and East LS, Rollin Heights used to march to the heart of the Jungles. West Side Grove Street in Verona Beach had to fight Rollin Heights too, it wasn't as bad as Ganton VS RHB and Jungles VS RHB but that was their main rivals. OG Switch from Verona Beach was killed by Rollin Heights.


Temple Drive Ballas (Tea Dippers) may have killed the second most. Most of Temple Drive Families were killed by TDB, but Temple Drive Ballas were isolated on the West Side. Tea Dippers used to also come up to Verona Mall sometimes, which is why when I used to go to the mall I'd bring an entourage with me. 


Seville Boulevard had Front Yards near them, but Sevilles fought Vagos more, and Kilo Trays spent most of their time fighting Vagos from El Corona after they took their hood from VLA, KTB also spent a lot of time fighting Front Yards (KTB and FYB went to war in my game) so Rollin Heights and Temple Drives murdered the most of Families/Grove Street in my game.  




Edited by TripleOGJohnson

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Evil empire

The Ballas who killed most GSF are the ones the scenarists gave this job.

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In my game Temple Dr. Ballas and Rollin Heights Ballas killed more homies in my game. Them TDBs we call them TINY D**K BUSTERS I hate ALL TDB sets and RHB sets. Idk who I hate more between the 2. I'm at it with TDB in Verona and RHB in Verona we be giving them the blues we'll knocc down a RHB and then knocc down a TDB lmao but I'm not going to lie we can't compete with those TDB sets in Temple/Market area they are too deep for us they be knoccing the homies down in Temple badly and they stay attacking our turf up that way. As for Jefferson Rollin Heights Ballas them cats gotta worry about the Vagos in Jefferson and Glen Park because I've seen those Vagos knoccing down a few of them Rollin Hoes. They Ballas in Jefferson got weak over the years after the Vagos sets started coming in. For the most part you don't really see them out like that except for the Rollin Heights set by the traccs with the 3 houses lined up in a row them cats be smashing on Vagos by the park in East Los Santos but other than them the Jefferson Ballas are weak sauce. So yeah TDB(Verona,Temple) and RHB(Verona,Williowfield) gave us the most hell in the 90s.

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TDB in temple were the ones I avoided at all cost no lie it got to a point where I had to push them out of the area because they were that much of problem  I used to always have to assist TDF when they was attacking the hood on that side last year I had a lot of loses from them 


Since front yards are right in idlewood and I have to see them when I cross those tracks by the gym they killed so many people of mine it makes no sense to the point I forgot rollin heights were right behind Ganton front yards killed label artist of mine and a lot groves from Ganton also 


didn’t wanna write too much but yeah Temple drive ballas and Front yards murdered more from my side in the 90s 

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