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GTA Online After Hours Rant

Tao Cheng

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Not to flame anyone but I really need to get this off my chest. From briefly lurking through this sub-forum with this update's hype, I'm starting to get annoyed with some of these pretentious users that be like "Oh I've never heard of these artists so this update's gonna suck! I'll wait 10 years later for another GTA Online update or just turn the music off" Especially those that claim that these DJs are nobodies. They're pretty big. but not big that's catered to the American mainstream spectrum of things. If you're in tune with the electronic or "EDM" scene as of late, they're existent if you or any of your friends are involved with the Burning Man-esque rave scene or have some form appreciation of such subculture with the music. Some of my friends in real life like Solomun, from underground party goers in southern California to professional poker player travelers from England. I wouldn't be surprised if these same people that have been talking sh*t, after this update's release, start liking it and spamming every song in the game with "OMG LIEK MY COMMENT IF G.T. A. FIVE. ONLINE. BROUGHT U HERE IN THIS GRAND. THEFT. AUTO. FIVE. ONLINE. MUSIC IN-GAME IN THIS G. T. A. FIVE. ONLINE UPDATE!!!!!1111" on YouTube.


I believe Rockstar did a splendid job depicting how the nightclub and purist rave / party scene is like in southern California today. Wish they released this in 2013 instead of 2018 because 2011 - 2015 was my peak for that culture but enough about me. If you were to put some Russian techno or some Rock n Roll McDonalds sh*t in a Los Angeles nightclub, expect someone to chuck a beer can to your face and leave a gash open.


tl;dr These artists are heard if you dig deep enough and I'm predicting a hindsight effect among the people talking negative about this update prior to its release, saving face by saying how cool it is afterwards. Discuss or fite me if you like.


What I'm looking forward to this update besides the music are the additional garage spaces to leave my Japanese and Luxury cars.

Edited by Tao Cheng
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1 minute ago, REXX said:



2 minutes ago, ILL said:

This definitely deserved it's own thread.

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic. It's hard to detect on the internet. Won't be surprised if sh*t talkers start liking this update out of nowhere. :)

Edited by Tao Cheng
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