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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Suggested Features for Director Mode/Rockstar Editor


Recommended Posts


Next Rockstar Submission Date: TBD (Subject to Change)

Last Submitted: 7/28/2020 @ 11:00 PM EST


Due to the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is being re-released in the 2nd half of 2021 for the Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5, I am reviving this VERY old thread in hopes of having a LOT more options in the Director Mode & Rockstar Editor on our next generation of consoles. This being said, I am adding ALL items from the Blacklist (features Rockstar has previously addressed and confirmed they won't be adding) back to the suggestion list in hopes that these more powerful consoles could possibly be able to support these features.



Many people in the GTA V Community use Director Mode and the Rockstar Editor. However, many of us feel that Director Mode lacks many features that would inspire more people to create videos using it. In this thread, you will find a list of features that the community has suggested to be added onto the GTA V Director Mode. Feel free to reply to this thread with your own suggestions and I will add them to the list.


This thread contains suggestions from: GTAForums, YouTube, Se7enSins, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Rockstar Social Club, as well as many different clubs from Xbox.


This list is submitted to Rockstar periodically so that they may consider the suggestions that the community has offered.


This list used to be sent to Rockstar on a monthly basis, but due to the fact that people using Director Mode/Rockstar Editor has declined in the past months, this list is only sent to Rockstar Games once every 3-5 months now.







- The ability to spawn and customize vehicles.

- Access to Los Santos Customs & Benny's (if feature above is not implemented)

- Ability to access all cars and vehicles AFTER the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update

- When the weather is set to "Xmas", make the ground be covered in snow (or add another weather setting to allow the ground be covered in snow).

- The ability to customize weapons (ex. Add Suppressor to Sniper Rifle).

- Add the newest and up-to-date weapons (no new weapons since Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update).

- Add Access to North Yankton.

- Access to the "Dignity" Yacht and Aircraft Carrier.

- Add Access to Cayo Perico.

- Access to Bolingbroke Penitentiary without using an aircraft or a ramp to get in (Gate does not currently open, even with "Restricted Areas" turned off).

- Enter Merryweather Docks without NPC's being hostile (They are currently hostile, even with "Restricted Areas" turned off).

- Ability to access First Person using ALL Characters.

- Access to Martin Madrazo as a playable character.

- Be able to insert a voice-over when creating a Rockstar Editor Video.

- Option to stay in scene longer after death of character.

- Updated Map (updated Casino, Nightclubs, Bunkers, etc)

- Open Interiors (Clothes Stores, Ammunations, Strip Club, Casino, Nightclubs, Arcades, Bunkers, Online Player Homes, etc)

- NPC Cashiers spawn in Convenience Stores.

- Ability to add artificial lighting to scenes

- The ability to customize characters with different clothes options rather than the preset outfits. [Previously Blacklisted]

- Ability to use Director Mode with other players to record scenes with real people. [Previously Blacklisted]

- The ability to spawn NPC's and command them to do certain things (ex. be hostile or walk down the street). [Previously Blacklisted]

- Ability to Open Doors of Delivery Vehicles/Back of Cargobob and Titan. [Previously Blacklisted]

-Ability to sit lean, or lay down. [Previously Blacklisted]

- Ability to remove the "Director Mode" watermark along with other HUD features.

- Ability to set a waypoint and choose to spawn at that location

- More Coming Soon!


If one of the above suggestions gets implemented into the game, it will have a line through it like this and will be moved to the bottom of the list.


2 of the suggested features from this thread has been implemented into the game.



The following ideas are ones that Rockstar has denied. They did not provide any explanation other than the fact that they "are just not feasible".


- There is currently no "Blacklist" as all Blacklisted Suggestions were moved back to the normal Suggestions list for the re-release of GTA V coming in 2021.



          (Thread Last Updated: 07/29/2020  @ 12:17AM EST)

(Last Sent to Rockstar: 07/28/2020 @ 11:00PM EST)


This thread is a repost of THIS ONE which was locked by moderators due to unnecessary bumping.

Edited by ImAJuicyMango
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Rockstar Games has replied to the most recent submission of this list that was sent out on 07/04/2018. While they gave no insight to any new features that we may see added to Director Mode or the Rockstar Editor, they did provide a list of ideas that would not be added to the game. These suggestions have been removed from the "Suggestions" section in the above post and have been moved to a new section labeled "Blacklist". Rockstar did not provide any explanation as to why these features cannot be added other than the fact that they "are just not feasible".

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  • 2 years later...


As most players are aware, Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be re-released for the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X in 2021. Because of this, I have decided to revive this thread in hopes that a lot of these features could possibly be implemented into Director Mode/Rockstar Editor on the release date of our new GTAV Version. Also because of this, I have moved the ENTIRE Blacklist back into the Suggestions as more powerful consoles could possibly allow some of these blacklisted features to be added.


I do know this bump is somewhat unnecessary, however, I'd prefer to keep this thread going instead of creating another thread for this topic.


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I do feel for you man, but you need to make the jump to PC. Mods will let you do every single thing on this list with ease. Really there's only two key features the Rockstar Editor is missing: the ability to copy keyframes to different clips and a way to add artificial lighting to scenes.

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  • 5 months later...
On 7/29/2020 at 5:06 AM, D T said:

I do feel for you man, but you need to make the jump to PC. Mods will let you do every single thing on this list with ease. Really there's only two key features the Rockstar Editor is missing: the ability to copy keyframes to different clips and a way to add artificial lighting to scenes.

Sorry for the extremely late reply. I had some IRL stuff going on and wasn’t very active for a while. 

I do understand where you are coming from, PC does have a lot more capabilities than consoles do, however, I don’t have have time, patience, or money to build my own PC — and I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about pre-built PC’s to steer me away from that idea, so for the time being, I’ll just stick to console.


The good news is, the new consoles (Series X/S & PS5) definitely have a MUCH better chance at being able to support some (if not most or all) of these suggestions I’ve gathered over the years — and some of these suggestions could even be selling points for the new version of GTA V coming to the Series X/S & PS5 this summer because I’m sure the GTA fan-base is pretty burnt out from having to buy the game on 3 generations of consoles (Xbox 360/PS3, Xbox One/PS4, and Xbox Series/PS5).

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Well, I use a PC and I hate mods, however I like to use Simple Native Trainer, as it is simple and doesn't ruin my game. So, I'd prefer such things to be implemented in vanilla game.

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