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I finished GTA IV just now (Thoughts)

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15 hours ago, Tycek said:

<snip> ENB circlejerk <snip>

Now that is a vivid image you've conjured in my mind!

17 hours ago, Official General said:



Done that already and I believe IV is just the better game barring the technical advancements in V. I concluded that a year after V first came out. IV & EFLC gets 9 and V (even with Online) gets 7.5. 

Interesting. As I progress through the story, hopefully I can add more to that.

Edit: I tried Cry ENB v3.0 thank you, but I decided to stay with the simple ENB. I prefer the simple ENB preset based on looks (although they're similar) and performance for me, which is generally very good. I did, however, find this 'nightcycle' mod - it seems to work well with the simple ENB preset, but some of the night lighting bloom is a little strong and some headlight coronas have a bit more 'bleed' at night time and under certain weather conditions. I'm going to try these in combination for now, as I do like the simple ENB look and I do now enjoy darker nights and slightly more 'moody' fog at night.

Back to the original topic: I think it's a shame on the one hand that Niko may be the one protaginst whom we never encounter again; on the other hand, I see a lot of re-hashing of music, films and cartoons these days, and a poor re-working of Niko into the GTA world would in my opinion undermine future GTA titles*.

*Firstly, yes I'm, aware of some alleged disagreements between Niko's voice actor and Rockstar. Secondly, I think a poor re-working of Niko into future GTA titles would also undermine GTAIV itself (strange I know as that's already happened, but that's how the mind works).


Edited by manana500
Just one more ENB jerk-off, bitte!

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On 7/27/2018 at 10:19 AM, manana500 said:

Yeah I reckon we're probably about done here from the technical standpoint, although we did expand a bit upon the original poster's "what In didn't like" with some discussion and possible solutions (ENB being one of them). Thanks @Official General, I will try those enhancements and let you know what happens (anything sparkly and shiny usually titilates me, haha!).

Out of interest @Wingate167 and everybody else, how do you think you would rate GTA 4 if you had only played it after playing GTA 5? I ask because I completed <10% of GTA 4 about 8 years ago on PC, so it's practically a 'new' game to me but I beat GTA 5 about 2 years ago.

I'd give both 4 and 5 an B+. V benefited a lot from 4.

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