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About the recent vehicles driving so garbagly boring..


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Unless you’re relatively inexperienced, you know what I’m talking about. Something I noticed and really bugged me was how all the new cars drive. Starting from late doomsday vehicles, and most vehicles after it, it seems like the cars are... well, it’s hard to explain. Here are my main places which I’ll try to talk about.


Rev limiters. We all love donuts and drifting and whipping our car around when we need to do a U-turn. Most of the recent cars just kinda do this way too realistically. Take a dominator or a zentorno. Slam on the handbrake and whip the car around for a U-turn. The engine will scream, the tires will shred, it’s fun. The car launches better and is just so much more enjoyable to drive then say, my recently purchased michelli GT. I love the suspension on this car but I can’t stress how boring this car is to drive. Whenever the wheels lift off the ground the car freaks out, the engine revs, but it’s almost like the clutch just disengaged because my car loses speed until it shifts into the next gear. This is a big problem with all the new cars and I will be disappointed if all the cool After Hours vehicles suffer the same garbage driving mechanics.


The second thing is top speed. When a normal car tops out, the engine peaks out the gear, and you’re flying. Go down a hill and it goes faster, of course. It’s downhill. The new cars? No. Now let’s use something like the ellie. Put a turbo in it to really see the issue. Once the car is at top speed, it’s almost like it’s electronically limited. Yes realistic, but no, I don’t want my video game car to cut the engine when it hits 120mph (or whatever it is) you clearly hear the turbo blowoff, as the car lets off the gas when it peaks out. When you go down a hill at top speed the engine just does nothing (and you hear it go quieter even though it’s pulling max revs) and you stop accelerating, because there’s no power going to the wheels as the car sees it’s above its top speed. Can I post video links here? Someone tell me. I’ll make a short comparison between a new car and a close rival old car showing all the toned down just horrible driving features. 

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They have something called "Advanced Flags". They tried to eliminate kurb boosting, but ruined their performance in the process. Theres a topic by metoxys already. It mighta got buried, but i have no idea how to link stuff. Its in the vehicles section somewhere. We're speculating they're getting removed next update on tues tho.Its on page 6

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Found thread
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Indeed a horrid problem. I haven't been able to enjoy any of the cars from the last update. I keep driving the old ones. Really hoping for this thing to fade away like a bad dream when the update hits..


One of my biggest issues with it is, usually when I release the gas for a split sec the car gives out a sexy sounding fart and revs its way back up, and it's something I really enjoy. These cars, the engine just dies a bit and you lose speed :/

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The general consensus is the "Advanced Fags" thing. I guess Rockstar devs were supposed to apply it to only one car to nerf it, but by accident it got applied to all the cars in the batch when it wasn't supposed to be on all of them and they never knew about it until people started analyzing the code.

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OP, you may want to take a read through this topic-




It is speculated this may change in next Tuesday's update.

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