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Finally gave up troubleshooting PS3 GTA 5




it seems like GTA 5  5 PS3 is defective and have a high defect rate. in story mode, I cannot progress during this mission with Lamar and the dog chops. this is after the tow truck mission. after the initial talking/dialog. there is no talking while walking towards the van parked in an alley way.  after everybody got in the van the radio does not work. all I hear is static.  when driving around the radar map acts strange. part of the map is covered by a grey sheet which covered the road.  the start menu does not load and the game freezes.  Online it is the same thing.  when i reach rank 12. merryweather called my cell.  there is no talking and the phone does not hang up(pressing the red circle hangs up the phone) and seconds later it freezes. troubleshooting methods no longer works.  my other PS3 games don't have freezing issues.  so i reverted back the GTA 4 games on their online versions.   a google search on "GTA 5 broke my PS3" brings up hundreds of research on gamers talking about the defective nature of PS3 GTA 5

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Gravity Cat

Possible to take some pictures of what you're experiencing?

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unfortunately i throw away my PS3 GTA 5 disc  so i cannot take pictures or make a video


these youtube videos show the same freezing issues






another example   notice the map radar gets blurry before freezing towards the end






in my case in both offline and online the map radar gets blurry  the menu won't load when i click start and seconds later the game freezes.




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More evidence that ps3 GTA 5 is unplayable on PS3 consoles. no other PS3 games are having this kind of problems of freezing PS3 consoles











PS3 GTA 5 is not compatible with PS3 consoles. this is no different from using a software on PC that causing PCs to freeze

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