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Hacking/Modding: A small research...

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Before anything, I am severely against hacking/modding, or gaining an advantage through outside, non-game based systems.
Let this be clear.


I have had quite a few occasions, most of us, I think, where hackers (I hate the word MODDER in this way, I am a modder (NOT HACKER), which means someone altering a game by adding mods, example: my GTA5 Story Mode folder is about 100GB, I added tons of vehicles, a building or three, four, and more, I never however hacked online), f*cked things up for us.
Adding trees to us, put us in cages, explode our vehicles, add a billion cougars to attack you, while they are invulnerable.


But I noticed a shift lately when I encountered hackers...
Not all are these griefing bastards that try to make your day as miserable as possible, no, more and more I come across these folks that, OR SO THEY SAY, use hacks to defend themselves from these hack-griefing bastards.

And, having encountered such f*cks myself, and been even bullied out of the session, or been crashed to desktop, while Rockstar fails to do anything against these hackers (not saying they do not try, I leave that in the middle, I have no clue), I am beginning to get milder, more tolerant to these "non-intrusive self-defense hackers".

I know, it is wrong, and I still hate hackers, but the group that begins to use the weapons of the grief-hackers against the grief-hackers... I understand it.
I do not condone it.
But I get it.


So, players, active or not, what is YOUR thought on this?

No trolling, no insults, be honest.

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Wrong forum, and to answer your question, I'm only really okay with dropping money on yourself and the occasional modder who spawns dripfeed vehicles so you can test em' out.

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