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MC solo sale, 4 bikes + mule delivery trick (Updated and 'simpler' method)


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I have found, with some experimenting, a new method to the 4 bikes in the back of a mule trick (MC sales)


Old way was to open the back doors and knock the doors off so they 'can be loaded'


Tactic I found is the same way (IE park mule with door against wall, block passenger door with a car, or block both doors) but the difference is that once you open the doors -if u do not know, when both doors of cab are blocked, u hop inside, switch to first person, and 'aim' (Right click) and exit (Press F while still holding down R-mouse button)


Then, with both doors still open, back a stromburg, ramp buggy, infurnous (Spelling) or any other car with a low clearance front end, back and that fits just under bumper of the mule, and just drive all 4 bikes into the back. (Then u can walk into the doors to close them, once closed, even if you drive like a maniac and the bikes get all flopped around, even if you roll the truck and crash, they will be fine. Even if u see mad sparks flying around, the bikes are undamaged.)


Then, like the old guide, once you get the bikes to where you want (mid-way point if delivering to the 'back of a truck' one, should give 20-25 minutes from this point, even if delivering from grapeseed, to deliver all the bikes, just summon (Via Pegasus phone option) another mule(or any Pegasus vehicle i think) and drive 2-3 blocks away and back (the old mule should vanish, and all 4 bikes should be sitting where u put them)


If the ambush mission, even better, load the mule as above, drive to ambush, drive THOUGH ambush, phone Lester, then once u remove stars either check map (only 3-4 possible locations) for the quest spot(it will be a yellow 'area' but NOT gps located, so have to look closely) and just drive the mule right to it, will complete, even with the bikes not actually being ridden. (Also, if this 'fails' to trigger, just park truck on the spot and toss a grenade under it and when the mule 'splodes, the quest will complete, with no loss of product)


If you cannot locate the quest spot just repeat the above steps(IE get a new mule, repeat loading process, should only take 2-3 minutes, and just mark the spot when you 'ride' the bikes into the new mule)


Few things to mention that I have found/experienced while doing this: Some make no sense.


1: Try NOT to use the bikes to block the doors. Sometimes it just refuses to 'block' the truck door, and sometimes, randomly, the bike will just start to smoke and you will lose that product. I have NO IDEA why this happens, but its safe to just avoid using them... Also I have found that the mule, even though its 'yours' seems to have a limit to how often you can enter and exit the cab(Eventually becoming so that you cannot enter it at all)


2: Try to use the light poles (the wood ones, the type you cannot destroy) to block a door, when ever able.


3: Always keep the mule level. Often, even if its just a minor angle, u simply cannot ever enter the back, and often no matter how well you 'block' the doors, if the truck is not perfectly level, you will just 'teleport' into the cab. And as above, there seems to be some limit to how often you can enter and exit the cab before it becomes 'locked'


4: As stated above, a stromburg seems perfect(even better than the ramp buggy) because the back bumper of the stromburg fits perfectly under the 'lip' of the deck of the mule. Not only this, but the stromburg does not impede the doors at all (so once your loaded, you can close them and 'lock' it. I think (but haven't tested, more than once, because sometimes when I 'turn away' from npc vehicles, they vanish) the infernous (Spelling?) works too.


5: with the doors closed, you often cannot get back into the back of the truck to check gps locations, so make sure to note where the 4 delivery spots are as you load the bikes(So you can pick a nice mid-way point)



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This probably takes longer than just riding the f*cking things, especially if you were sensible and bought businesses in the middle of the map.

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takes 2-5 min to load all 4 onto the truck, another 6-ish minutes to bring to town, each bike(including return trip, cuz they are hardly faster than the mule itself) takes 10 or so each so no, its faster if u get all 4 into town first.

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Thanks for the guide. Now tell me how to get the postop vans and garbage trucks done easily and you get big brownie points. The baggers is one I actually enjoy doing. 

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heh quickest way for those is.. to switch session(I can;t stand those even with groups)

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Few notes:
1) Vigilante works as well as the Ramp Buggy



2) You don't need to switch to first person in order to aim
3) You can only open the door as a CEO or MC president. You are unable to open the doors as a regular player or an associate.
4) Repeating the loading process can damage the bikes to an extent of blowing up the product, I strongly do NOT recommend to do it


Nice idea about the ambush, but I still prefer to just fly Hydra in order to attack the cops and reveal the final location


12 hours ago, whywontyoulisten said:

This probably takes longer than just riding the f*cking things, especially if you were sensible and bought businesses in the middle of the map.

I was doing it for two years and it always better than riding if you are selling solo. 
However, I'm not doing the Mule method since I bought the Titan. Much better in my opinion.


8 hours ago, FrancisBlack said:

Thanks for the guide. Now tell me how to get the postop vans and garbage trucks done easily and you get big brownie points. The baggers is one I actually enjoy doing. 

You can't speed up the PostOP vans and Garbage truck delivery. I tried many many strategies with these ones and gave up eventually:

- Pushing with vehicles (you can push them in order to avoid showing the cargo to other players, but it won't speed up the delivery)

- Carring them in a Dump - the Dump can carry these just fine, but they WILL get damaged and destroyed after a mile or so

- Carring them in a Tugboat - will not fit all of them, will get destroyed

- Trying to load them onto Volatol - slip away


The closest thing was the Bombushka way (since you can actually complete the sale), it won't speed up anything. But I believe, I already told you about it in another thread :) 


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Good guide but for me it would be a pick-your-poison situation. Do I leave some bikes unattended at the business for potential attack, or put all my eggs in one basket and risk losing them all at once?

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