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Write your own ''dream'' game idea

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

Hi guys.


I wanted to open up a topic where you can describe your ''dream'' PC game or a game that you would like to see made at some point in the future and also discuss other people's game ideas as well as your own. Surprisingly, I haven't found a topic like this, but if there is one and I missed it, I apologize. Basically, write what the genre of your ''dream'' game is and describe in detail what it would entail (game features, where it would be set, what it would be about etc.). Be realistic, don't write some crazy, over-the-top things that are impossible to make for today's game standards. Don't insult other people's ideas, be respectful in your discussions. For those who say ''TL:DR'' as soon as they open this topic - this topic actually is for longer posts as the magnitude of the discussion is huge. Take the time to read the posts and write your own for the sake of the discussion.


I'll break down my idea that I've had in my head for about good 10-15 years now. Sadly, nothing like this exists yet. Question is whether it ever will and honestly, it would be very disappointing for me if it never gets created cause it sure would be an ultimate game in my opinion. Not to mention Rockstar is a perfect fit as a creator of the game I have in mind. I won't go into too much detail because it would be very long, but I'll go into a fair amount of detail.


GENRE: Sandbox/Open World/Free-roam
PERSPECTIVE: 3rd person
TYPE: Single player and 2-player CO-OP


The game would be set in the 2000s, entirely in a very interactive, changing prison environment, inside a state penitentiary where the player operates inside a ''choose-your-own-faith'' world consisting of let's say 500 inmates and 50 correctional officers - think of this as it being similar to ''The Sims'' level of choosing your own faith, but I'll explain it further later. At the start of the game, you'd have to customize your own character, similar to the styles of GTA: Online or many modern survival games. In-depth customization, not only of the character's looks, but also its initial traits and skills that you can ''upgrade'' later on through the game and/or gain new ones. You'd also be able to choose which crime you're convicted of and its corresponding serving time. When done, the game starts in the state penitentiary, similar to the beginning of ''A way out'' game where you get escorted to your cell. This is where the gameplay starts.


The way the game would work is that there wouldn't be an ''ultimate goal''. No storyline you have to follow in order to progress like you're on the train tracks etc. That's why I said ''The Sims'' level of choosing your own faith. Basically, the goal would be what you set yourself to be. You could either work on a plan to try and escape from prison or stay and focus on doing your time, building up the reputation you want to have inside the prison walls in numerous ways. How those things would work:


a) If you decide to escape, then you'd have to interact with inmates that you think could help you get the things you need to form an escape route by doing favors for them etc. That's also how you'd build rep, gain or lose respect, but it would be different with different inmates, depending on their characteristics and traits (again similar to Sims). The game would have stealth elements, of course, so you'd be able to sneak around the prison and discover the restricted parts of the prison map that way. There would be several different exit point of the prison, some obvious (like the exit gate), some hidden which you'd have to find yourself. For example, everything in your cell would be interactive. So, you can unscrew the toilet and find out there's a thin brick layer behind it which is also interactive. You can break it, but watch that guards don't hear you. You find a secret piping corridor when you crawl through the hole and find an exit somewhere at the end of the corridor etc. I'm making stuff up, but you get the point. If you find and reach one of those exit points, the game ends for that character, but you can try escaping again with a new character by finding a new exit point.


b) If you decide to stay in prison and do your time, then you'd also be able to build rep, gain or lose respect based on the things you decide to do in prison, interacting with inmates, correctional officers, making allies, making enemies, starting your own gang etc. In this case, the game would end when you do your time (if you survive in prison until then). Time would be something like - 24 hours in-game would be twice as long as 24 hours in GTA V for example, so if you have to do 7 years... it's a lot of time. But you're in a very interactive and changing environment, so it evens up. Every day would be different, everything you do has an effect on people around you etc.


Pretty much everything would be interactive, lots of ''events'' like in a GTA game, so everything you do would have a ''action-reaction'' relation. Example: You decide to stand in front of one of inmate's cells during free hour, if he can't pass next to you, he gets mad and causes trouble for you, engages you in a fight. You kick his ass, get thrown in a hole by the correctional officers and when you get out, the guy whose ass you kicked now wants you dead and tries to shank you at some point later in the game without any warning. Stuff like that. Health would be a big and a realistic factor in the game. It wouldn't be like GTA where if you get shanked, you can make your health go up by eating some chicken wings. Health system would be more similar to that of State of Decay 2 for example where you'd actually have to go to the medical dept., take medication and stuff to slowly regenerate your health and during that time, your actions such as running would be slowed down, you wouldn't be able to fight as efficiently etc. And if that guy with a shank decides to pay you a visit during the time your health is low - you have a problem, you shouldn't have stood in front of his cell way back when it all started. :lol: And if you get killed, you don't magically appear again like in GTA. Then you'd have to load your game to the point where you saved it last time and everything that has happened from the last save point until the point you got killed is gone for good. :lol:


There's a lot more things I could write, but it's enough for now. I'd really like to hear your opinions on this and also read your game ideas. Post away.


Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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Posted (edited)

I've had a concept for a game for a long time now. It's basically inspired by ExMachina, Fallout and TLoU.

Genre: A mix between shooter and story telling game with a bit of RPG elements.
Perspective: 3rd person.

Type: Singleplayer.

Ouch, i've choosen a bad time to write about it. I"ll leave this post as it is and countinue tomorrow!
Thanks for a good thread, yo.


Im still making this one up, consider this post as a placeholder, thanks.


Edited by Sanches
I didn't abandoned it. Im doing the writing in text document first.

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TITLE: Let's Get Ready To Grumble

GENRE: Sports

PLATFORM: XBox One/PS4 (sorry PC gamers, pony up some cash and buy a real console)


Get ready to enter the ring, very slowly, and be sure to swap those false teeth out for a mouth guard because it's time to GRUMBLE. Choose from over 30 bottom shelf roster fighters who are pushing 80 and bench pressing just over half that and pit your elderly wrestlers against each other, providing it's earlier than 6PM. From grandchild visits at the nursing home to waiting in line at the post office, there are 12 unique locations to settle your OAP issues. You'll have them rolling in the aisles, especially if they forget to put the brakes on their wheelchairs. Fans will drool, tartan blankets will be swiped and memories will be made progressively worse in this battle of the ages!

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TITLE: NBA Sweeper!

GENRE: Action

PLATFORM: XBox One/PS4/ Gameboy Color / Nintendo WIIU


360 Sweeping! Behind the back Sweeping! RIDE THE MOP though ALL NBA arenas and games in this palm sweating / floor sweating action! You are John "Skeeps!" McMillion and your job is to keep the Millionaire basketball players sweat from piling up and making puddles! You must also avoid eye contact from the beautiful courtside cheerleaders because they are judging you HARSHLY. The more points you score the more pasbt blue ribbon you get to drink before your player passes out lonely for the next game!


It's BOOM!!!! SHAKALAKALAKA!!! But with a oversized swiffer jet!



Also Bonus which needs little to no explaining...



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Edward Nashton
Posted (edited)

I won't go into as much detail as OP because I haven't thought this all the way through.


Waaay back in my high school senior days I was tasked with writing horror story for my writing class, I was right in the middle of discovering film noir and I was a big Silent Hill fanboy. So naturally, I combined the two: The protagonist was morally ambiguous, desperate for cash, a WW2 vet, and of course, a private investigator - He was given a job to find a missing woman in what was basically Silent Hill set in the late 1940's. I don't remember the details too well beyond that but I remember thinking how well the noir genre paired with a Silent Hill-esque story.


It wasn't until years later that I remembered my noir horror story when I played L.A Noire, we all know how that turned out 🙄, but the two main characters, Cole and Kelso, reminded me of the character I wrote, and that's when I got to thinking - what if they made a survival horror game that played very similar to L.A Noire, but instead of having a giant map with f*ck all to do, it had a smaller map set in a small, spooky town. You'd go around exploring the town, searching for clues about the missing person, the more valuable clues would be located in the more dangerous locations of the map. You'd use the information you gathered to interview the locals, the better the info you've got, the easier it is to progress through the story, none of that having to read facial expressions, though. And of course it would have all the tropes of both genres: femme fatales, conspiracies, Art Deco, gritty internal monologues, dirty cops, limited ammo/health items, cramped environments, puzzles, stealth, surrealism, monsters/demons modeled around a particular motif, multiple endings, the whole shebang. 


I know there are horror games out there that use the film noir aesthetic, but as far as I know, they're all tiny indie titles that are either adventure games or walking simulators. I'd like to see a serious attempt at something like what I described. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Edited by Edward Nashton

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Genre: Open world, racing, exploration (maybe survival)

Perspective: First person.

Type: Mainly Singleplayer


A racing game inspired by a mix of a few games and real-world events. Main inspirations in games would be Jalopy, My Summer Car and Need For Speed: The Run. IRL inspirations are the Gumball rally and 24hrs of LeMons. In the game you enter a street race agross a vast open-world country inspired by the USA. In it you have a limited budget to buy, customize and fix your car, as well as other expenses like food, drinks and fuel. The way you get there and the tactics used are completelly up to you. You could:


- Stop by a few places to scavange for parts and items that could be sold for money, so you could upgrade your car and buy better items to help you along the way. You'd risk losing a lot of positions for stopping and not finding anything, but it could be worth it on the long run.


- Trying to complete the journey with fewer stops as possible to get as much ground on others as quickly as you can. You'd risk breaking your car and losing some of your progress, but the early lead you got would help you.


- Follow main highways that would follow a more direct route and be a great opportunity to speed up. You'd risk getting pulled over, a ticket or getting stuck in a traffic jam.


- Follow secondary roads that would be emptier and less patroled. However, they'd be less maintained and not as straight as other roads, so you'd risk having a crash on your own,


You could also do secondary jobs in towns to help you with money, like transport an item or give a ride to someone between places, but that could take you out of your route or even getting in trouble for it. Gameplay would be nearly identical to MSC and Jalopy. You'd be in a constant race against other competitors, AI or human, that would also have breakdowns, jobs, tickets, etc. Your progress, along with others' could be viewed in a GPS that you can purchase.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands in a fictional country set in the mid 2000s (lets call it Nietvam for the time being as there's a whole load of parallels to the conflict)


start out as the leader of a four man Ghost team assigned to a CIA Agent in the southern part of this war torn country.  the rebels are struggling, the local armed forces leave a lot to be desired and the enemy insurgency have some shady backing from the northern part, some say China, some say Russia, some say Korea. your mission?  train the rebels and reinforce local army (Army of the Republic of Nietvam...? lol) operations.  this can be done by securing supply drops in the bush to arm the rebels, steal enemy supply drops and secure their supporting arms for use by the rebels.  come across an enemy encampment with a mortar position? leave that intact when you attack the camp and the rebels can set themselves up to provide support in that area.  go on four man recon patrols deep in the jungle to find intel on attacks on your base and prepare for them accordingly, using the command wheel, which is split into four sections; one for each team member and the fourth being collective team orders.  once the base is secure and part of your AO is relatively stable, tensions rise and the US military stage a full scale invasion, set themselves up in the south, from the lower farm regions to the city centres and the hills along the DMZ.  the military from the north also ramp up their efforts; clashes along the border are frequent and unforgiving.  this is where the Ghost team is folded back into their original units when required; in this case US Army Rangers.  on Ranger missions as the team were NCOs (player being a Staff Sergeant, team members being E5 Sergeants) the command wheel is now usable for a squad sized unit.  team members each lead three other Ranger grunts and can be commanded as a unit or by individual fire teams.  this is also expanded on when working with the ARNV, only as advisors to the platoon leader and as such can give orders; each team member this time controls a squad of ARNV soldiers.


once the US invades, missions push further north and the player can go on incursions into the north to disable SAM sites and wipe out enemy supply lines.  if the player is in range of friendly artillery units or airfields they can call in support from US artillery and air support.  the enemy guerrillas have faded into the background after staging a failed offensive across the entire southern part of the country...however this paves the way for a more formidable, better equipped enemy, who curiously use HK guns and other European equipment.  their tanks roll down main street of the capital city and it's on...the player needs to use all at their disposal to prevent the enemy forces from breaking through the lines.  no big reveal at the end, just pure combat and madness.

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Doctor Holliday

So I can't wait until we get a game that simply combines all games :lol:


I want a game that puts together all the major genres, and you just go from one genre to another, all within one game. Like, I want a game where I go to war in First Person Shooter, run around the world at ground level, then after awhile I can 'zoom out' and take control of the battlefield like a Real Time Strategy game and give orders to entire armies, then I could 'zoom in' again and take control of an individual soldier.


Then maybe I retire and go back home... and suddenly I'm playing the goddamn Sims, and I can get a job and build my house. Then it's Need For Speed Underground and I spend my nights racing a modified hot rod around the city that I've put together like My Summer Car or Mechanic Simulator. Then it's Grand Theft Auto where I turn to a life of crime and build my little downtown condo into a freakin' hillside mansion.


Something like that. A game which lets you do anything and encompasses complete gameplay systems from other realms all within the same engine.

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Genre: Survival-horror

Perspective: Third person

Type: Singleplayer


Inspiration would be Silent Hill 2, not in the modern time, some time around 1990's. It includes combat, disturb, more kinda sad. It also includes the psychological horror thing. Three otherworld places, the hospital, motel and the town. The platforms would be: XBOX, PS3, PS2, XBOX 360 AND PC. The main character should be female. Weapons:







Extra weapons:




Name of the game: Silent Hill: Journey

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Breaking Bad

A GTA game with the size of a map like The Crew.




It probably won't ever be possible, or at least not for a long time, but god it'd be amazing.

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)

A closed, rich and highly detailed, open-world game in the Pacific North-West set in the early 1990's with a real retro vibe. 


Play as a detective trying to investigate a missing person's case. The missing person is a young daughter of a senator and that senator pulled his resources to get you on the job, essentially going undercover in a small-town with surrounding villages. It's a mystery game where you speak to locals fishing for clues with lots of twists and turns. Highly atmospheric, genuinely spooky, dark. Aside from the people that may have captured or possibly murdered the missing girl, you have to deal with off-kilter locals, strange characters, nefarious people, local criminals etc. As an outsider, your treated with suspicion. As you get hotter on the trail you unearth disturbing cult-like rituals, a large underground network, some false alarms with false leads, twists and turns. Some people you thought were bad might actually be good and vice versa. There are lots of ways to get to the perpetrators but how you talk and interact with people will decide on how you get there. Putting your efforts in to the wrong people can lead you on a wild goose-chase. 


The game would be highly influenced on True Detective, Twin Peaks, X-Files, Stranger Things and Silence of The Lambs. 


Some features would be that stealth is a huge element, like a Hitman game. Sneaking into houses, gathering evidence, operating above the law, being morally ambiguous etc. Lots of forrest to explore with hidden trails, ruins, caves, scary abandoned houses/mental home, strange farms, misty hills, dive bars, bowling alleys and drive-in cinemas being a few enterable and noticeable places of interest. 

Edited by Mister Pink

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A combination of GTA, The Sims and Skyrim/Fallout which would be played in third person or first person, you create your character and start out as a homeless person in a big city like NY, LA or Chicago, you can get a job to gather up enough money to either get a house or some food, or you can join a gang or start up your own gang, although if you do criminal activities and get caught you get a criminal record, if you get a criminal record you can't get certain jobs like a politician or a cop, and the police will always be looking for you (Unlike GTA where you can just lose them after a few minutes and they forget about you, the only way you could escape them is if you heavily change your appearance and change your car, pay them off which costs a lot of money or if you go to jail.) you can also rise up in your legal and illegal careers, if you join a company you can eventually become the new CEO, if you join the police you can become the chief, if you join a gang you can become the don/an OG (Depending on what type of gang you join) if you choose to be a politician you can even become the president, and can even turn the country into an oppressive dictatorship if you want, there'll be stats like in San Andreas, if you eat too much you can become fat which can cause you to have less stamina and can cause health problems, you can even die if you get too fat, if you workout you gain muscle which makes your punches stronger and you can lift heavier objects and can lose fat and get more stamina, you can get better at driving, shooting etc too, health wouldn't work like in GTA either where you can eat to recover health, if you get injured you have to go to hospital, and if you get arrested you have to go to jail where you can either break out or wait your sentence, which would be longer depending on what you done, for example murder would get you more jail time than vandalism or speeding.

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Richard Power Colt
Posted (edited)

An open-world RPG where you play as a seagull. You can steal people's food and gain new skills and whatnot. Also the game begins with the seagull's wife getting killed by a hunter so it's a revenge story. Eventually he also discovers a greater human conspiracy against the seagulls and has to stop it.

Edited by Richard Power Colt

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A mix of Fallout and Mad Max with a huge map, a lot of cars, and a lot of loot and quests.

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Battle Royale survival in space inspired by NMS/Elite/GTAIV/Mass Effect/Shenmue/HL2DM.   

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I always loved Bushido Blade, so what I always wanted was something similar with modern graphics. But set in Medieval Europe, and hyper realistic. So, if you choose to wear no armour, you'll be far quicker than a Knight, but one swing of their sword will pretty much cleave you in half.

Sparse music, more focus on background noise, like water babbling through a brook, or birds singing in the trees. Really ramp up the tension between attacks, encourage players to be patient, and recognize how one good hit can kill them.



I'd like it to be set in England, during the Dissolution of the Monastaries - basically when our King Henry VIII was destroying the Catholic Church and creating his own religion. Think Mao's Cultural Revolution with more severed heads. It would give a good storyline reason for characters of different backgrounds to be there, as the Pope was telling people to either invade England or kill Henry to get into Heaven. So yeah, a pretty hectic time - and sufficiently timed so you could also have some very rudimentary firearms for players who really wanted to take a risk.



But that's my idea! I think it would be just as much about the ambiance of the fighting stages as the actual fighting itself. As with Ghost of Tsushima, the visuals would be a huge part of the story, creating battles which would be hugely cinematic. Picture moonlit beaches with dark waves crashing back and forth, or a gloomy church reduced to rubble, with priests hanging from the rafters (Which was a real thing which happened during this period...)

So it would be a game dominated by Medieval gloom and brutalism, completely different from every other fighting game on the market.

Edited by Typhus

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GENRE: GTA Clone (Action-Adventure-Drama)

PLATFORMS: PC, Xbox, PS4 (and more..)


Based on New York City, Yorkshire, has been driven to crime, gangs, and corruption. Mid-2016, Thomas 'Tom' Middleton, Tayler Bradley, and Ian Bromstock splits on each other after an escape from police during a bank robbing job. Tom, in need, meets Frank 'Duke' Smith and Casey 'Cadillac' Smith, both leaders of Harlem Gang.

In exchange of his needs, he must do some 'doorknob' jobs for Cadillac. Tom meets his childhood friend, Jeffrey Cole, an high-ranking member of the Martignetti Family. Tom and Jeffrey Cole, in command of a BOI agent, destroys the crime leadership of the Italian Family. After the destruction of the Family Mafia, Tom, works again for money, doing some 'doorknob' and helping La Muerto in some troubles. Tom finds his lost friend, Tayler, they went back on the track until Tayler was exiled to North Point, Northern Borough. Tom seeks for Ian's help, but, says that he must work for him first. 


to be continued..

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Homemade Dynamite



I have an idea for a 2D fighting game that uses a golden age hip-hop aesthetic called Freestyle.


In the same vein as how Skullgirls bases its style off art deco and jazz, this game has a soundtrack that uses hip-hop beats, samples of various lines, and turntable scratches, while art the uses hip-hop imagery. I don't mean today's auto-tuned mumble rap, but I mean the literal golden age that was the pinnacle of creativity and expression. Other genres that fit nicely with it, like funk, disco, certain electronic genres, and R&B may also be present.


As for the art, it would be a cross between anime and the aforementioned hip-hop style, blending east with west. I'll post examples below. For inspiration, I look to Jet Set Radio Future and it gives me a good idea of what can be done. While the aesthetic is hip-hop, that doesn't mean the setting itself is mundane. You would still have super martial artists, robots, ninjas, mutants, magical beings, aliens or whatever else you can expect in a fighting game. But the hip-hop is there mainly to give it major personality and separate itself from other games. Also, the visuals would be done in a manner similar to other fighting games like the aforementioned Skullgirls, BlazBlue, and DBFZ, in that it uses cel-shaded animation.







https://cinecrowd.com/sites/default/files/images/samu hip hop.jpg

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