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Mission: Impossible


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With MI6 (Fallout) just around the corner, I wonder what y'all think of the franchise as whole?

What's your favorite?

Least favorite?

Excited for the new one?


Personally, with the exception of the second one, I love this series.  Hasn't disappointed me yet when it comes to the action.

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Is this The Guy?

I don’t remember much about the first 3 but I really enjoyed rogue nation and ghost protocol.  I’m going to watch fallout next weekend when it comes out.


I have nothing bad to say about the series really, I find the movies entertaining.  Maybe not memorable but none the less entertaining.

Why does 2 get so much hate?  

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Not a fan.  Although that scene in the third movie where...

Keri Russell’s brain bomb goes off is one of the most riveting and shocking deaths I’ve seen in movies.  It’s just the intimacy of the shots.  The camera is right in her face, and her eyes go all cockeyed.


It’s pretty f*cking disturbing.

Edited by darthYENIK
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Sorry, probably should’ve spoiler tagged that.


It’s not a huge spoiler, happens very very early in the movie.  But still a good moment.

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Is this The Guy?

Lol nah it’s not a big deal they’re pretty old. I just swore I saw every movie (except for the one with Jon Snow) but I guess not.


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I think I've seen maybe 2 of these movies, the earlier ones.


I don't like Tom Cruise at all but my wife does. Will watch the new one next weekend, as I've heard a lot of praise coming it's way. I guess I'll be screwed if it follows on from the previous movie but what the hell, I'm basically there for the stunts.

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