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Create a Radio Station for the Next GTA

Recommended Posts

Willy A. Jeep




KMOG 920 AM "Synthesthesia"

"Hello. Welcome to the program. I am your host. Welcome. You will now hear music engineered by humans but created by computers. Welcome. Enjoy. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Synthetic music twenty-four seven on nine twenty. You are not alone. I am here with you. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Technopop. Orchestral electronica. Computer soul. Futurefunk. Ambience. Music non stop. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"You find yourself on a high hill among low valleys and peace comes over you. This is the sound of your heartbeat in the silence. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Do not fear. The future. The past. The present. Your purpose lies in wait. Do not fear. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Computer generation. Are you one? Was it your choice? It was not mine. Music cycle. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"That was lovely. Do you think so? I do not think. I know. Listen and know. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Mind over matter. Only in passing do you learn. Let me help you. Learn. Listen. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Hardware. Software. Wetware. Creations of genius in the pursuit of it. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"Parity. Parity. Parity. Parity. Do not discourage it. K-M-O-G 920 AM."

"What you are here for is not of concern. You are here. K-M-O-G 920 AM."


Genre: Computer (Synth, Electronica, Machine), featuring a wide variety from chillout to outrun.

Type: Continuous mix (No adverts/news, only idents, weather, and occasional talking breaks discussing topics related to computer music and the human condition)

Host: Votrax SC-01 Speech Synthesizer (pitched low)



Grey Stripe - Aphex Twin

Grass - Aphex Twin

Windowsill - Aphex Twin

Tassels - Aphex Twin

Semantic Satiation - C418

Droopy Remembers - C418

Tsuki no Koibumi 2 - C418 with Laura Shigihara

Friend - C418

Vierton - C418

Aria Economy - C418

Ample Time - C418

Divide by Four Add Seven - C418

Beta - C418

841 - C418

Bklyn Bobbi - Jaffa

Lazywalker - Jaffa

Legz - Jaffa

Be Nude, Baby - Jaffa

Elevator - Jaffa

One Lane Lovers - Jensen Sportag

Everything Good - Jensen Sportag

Pure Wet - Jensen Sportag

Mapquest - Jensen Sportag

Under The Rose - Jensen Sportag

Six Senses - Jensen Sportag

After Gardens - Jensen Sportag

Blood Hourglass - Jensen Sportag

Gutusl Electro - OMFO

Magic Mamaliga - OMFO

United Colors of Scrapyard - C418

Alive - C418

I Jike My Lob - C418

BD08 - C418

Marketing Squander Versus the Little Man - C418

From The Window - C418

Along The Busiest of Roads - C418

Big Giant Circles (BGC418) - C418 with Big Giant Circles

Sirtet - C418

Tonic - C418

The First Unfinished Song for the Minecraft Documentary - C418

Trans Europa Express - Kraftwerk

Boing Boom Tschak - Kraftwerk

Musique Non Stop - Kraftwerk

Techno Pop - Kraftwerk

90s_tripverse - C418

House_loneliness - C418

Choice_broken - C418

cr1_meadow - C418

cr2_final - C418

VHS Sex - Com Truise

Cathode Girls - Com Truise

Air Cal - Com Truise

Flightwave - Com Truise

Colorvision - Com Truise

Data Kiss - Com Truise

... Of Your Fake Dimension - Com Truise

Ephemeron - Com Truise

Vacuume - Com Truise

Propagation - Com Truise

Syrthio - Com Truise

When Will You Find The Limit... - Com Truise

Beta Phase - Global Communication

4:02 - Global Communication

14:31 - Global Communication

9:39 - Global Communication

7:39 - Global Communication

8:07 - Global Communication

4:14 - Global Communication

Incidental Harmony - Global Communication

Oceans Breath - Software

Magnificent Shore - Software

Island Sunrise - Software

Magic Beach - Software

Sea Gulls Audience - Software

Digital Dance - Software

Woman Purr - Software

First - Software

Dea-Alba - Software

Present-Voice - Software

Looking for a Future - Software

City Life - Steve Reich

Different Trains Part 1 - Steve Reich

Different Trains Part 2 - Steve Reich

Different Trains Part 3 - Steve Reich

9/11 - Steve Reich

2010 - Steve Reich

WTC - Steve Reich

La Cage - Jean-Michel Jarre

Eros Machine - Jean-Michel Jarre

Poltergeist Party - Jean-Michel Jarre

Take Me To Your Leader - Jean-Michel Jarre

Windswept Canyon - Jean-Michel Jarre

The Abominable Snowman - Jean-Michel Jarre

Free Floating Anxiety - Jean-Michel Jarre

Synthetic Jungle - Jean-Michel Jarre

Oxygene (1-6) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Popcorn - Gershon Kingsley

Scarborough Fair - Gershon Kingsley

Equinoxe (1-8) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Musique Pour Supermarche (original radio quality) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Ethnicolor - Jean-Michel Jarre

Diva - Jean-Michel Jarre

Zoolook - Jean-Michel Jarre

Wooloomooloo - Jean-Michel Jarre

Zoolookologie - Jean-Michel Jarre

Blah Blah Cafe - Jean-Michel Jarre

Ethnicolor II - Jean-Michel Jarre

Rendez-Vouz (1-6) - Jean-Michel Jarre

En Attendant Cousteau (full-length) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Chronologie (1-8) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO - Delia Derbyshire

Blue Veils and Golden Sands - Delia Derbyshire

Moogies Bloogies - Delia Derbyshire with Anthony Newley

Know Your Car - Delia Derbyshire

Time On Our Hands - Delia Derbyshire

Celestial Cantabile - Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson and Don Harper (WARNING! FLASHING IMAGES)

Sea - Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermage

Falling - Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermage

Running - Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermage

Land - Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermage

Colour - Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermage

Frontier to Knowledge - Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson and Don Harper

The Pattern Emerges - Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson and Don Harper

Liquid Energy (B) - Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson and Don Harper

The Rocket Builder - Johann Johannsson

Fordlandia Aerial View - Johann Johannsson

Melodia (Guidelines for a Space Propulsion Device Based on Heim's Quantum Theory) - Johann Johannsson

How We Left Fordlandia - Johann Johannsson

Abandoned Locomotive Overgrown By Luxuriant Vegetation - Johann Johannsson

IBM 1401 Processing Unit - Johann Johannsson

IBM 1403 Printer - Johann Johannsson

IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch - Johann Johannsson

IBM 729 II Magnetic Tape Unit - Johann Johannsson

The Sky's Gone Dim And The Sun's Gone Black - Johann Johannsson

Fasten Seat Belt - Space

Ballad For Space Lovers - Space

Magic Fly - Space

Aurora - Susumu Hirasawa

Stone Garden - Susumu Hirasawa

Island Door - Susumu Hirasawa

Genesis - Tangerine Dream

Cold Smoke - Tangerine Dream

Ashes To Ashes - Tangerine Dream

Sunrise In The Third System - Tangerine Dream

Phaedra - Tangerine Dream

Sequent C - Tangerine Dream

Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk

Ricochet - Tangerine Dream

Tangram - Tangerine Dream

Stratosfear - Tangerine Dream

The Big Sleep in Search of Hades - Tangerine Dream

Astral Voyager - Tangerine Dream

Indian Summer - Tangerine Dream

Underwater Twilight - Tangerine Dream

Ride on the Ray - Tangerine Dream

Square Pattern Area - Metro Area

Machine Vibe - Metro Area

Atmosphrique - Metro Area

Seafoam Island - Vektroid

Sushi Plaza - Vektroid

Mango/Fuji - Vektroid

Jet Airways - Vektroid

ProtoVision - Kavinsky

Odd Look - Kavinksy

Testarossa Autodrive - Kavinsky

Deadcruiser - Kavinsky

Roadgame - Kavinsky

Wayfarer - Kavinsky

1986 - Kavinsky

Nightcall - Kavinsky

Turbo Killer - Carpenter Brut

Le Perv - Carpenter Brut

Paradise Warfare - Carpenter Brut

Division Ruine - Carpenter Brut

Crystals - |M|O|O|N|

Hydrogen - |M|O|O|N|

Around - Modulogeek

Aimlessly - Modulogeek

Suspended in a Sunbeam - Modulogeek

Chocolate - Giraffage

Tell Me - Giraffage

Be With You - Giraffage

Maybes - Giraffage with Japanese Breakfast

Sneakin' - Jaffa

Early Summer - Miami Nights 1984

Ocean Drive - Miami Nights 1984

Sunset Cruise - Miami Nights 1984

Clutch - Miami Nights 1984

The Getaway - Miami Nights 1984

On The Run - Miami Nights 1984

Pavement Surfing - Miami Nights 1984

Accelerated - Miami Nights 1984

808080808 - 808 State

Sunrise - 808 State

Window - The Album Leaf

The Light - The Album Leaf

Coral Bay - Mortistar

Corruption - Mortistar

Oculus - Mortistar

Monolith - Mortistar

Avian Theme & Octo Theme & London Stereo & Plains 2 & New York Wander 1 - Charles Barth, from Rama OST (link leads to full album)

Broom of the System - Mason Bates

Aerosol Melody (Hanalei) - Mason Bates

Gemini in the Solar Wind - Mason Bates

Temescal Noir - Mason Bates

Warehouse Medicine - Mason Bates

Music of the Spheres - Johanna Beyer

Nameless Interiors - Ben Babbitt

Weird Vector - Ben Babbitt

Echo River Central Exchange - Ben Babbitt

The Stars Drop Away - Ben Babbitt

Julian - Ben Babbitt

Riverworld - Ben Babbitt

Ghosts in the Static (Marquez Farm) - Ben Babbitt

Xanadu - Ben Babbitt


Edited by Willy A. Jeep
Rounding Out Tracklist... Stay Tuned! :D
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Homemade Dynamite

Continuing with the North Cali/Oregon idea from the previous thread.




"Charge up the hills of the Pacific Northwest with some bluesy if not slightly cliched hard rock."

Location: Battery Point, San Fierro

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Garage Rock, Post-punk Revival, Psychedelic Rock, Grunge

Host: Josh Homme


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"Charging up the hills of Northern San Andreas and Southern Rosemary with Josh Homme, this is Battery Rock Radio (102.3)."

"Surrounded by astronomical rents, ridiculous progressive politics and nefarious tech startups that blow up in less than a year from outsourcing work to third-world migrants, and you still couldn't give a damn. Battery Rock Radio (102.3)."

"This is Josh, and you're listening to Battery Rock Radio! Sh*t, this town is an absolute mess, I can't even afford to pay the rent for this studio let alone a f*cking cardboard box! Well, beggars can't be choosers, so I recommend getting high off some low-rate doobie and blasting some of these crazy, fuzzed out tunes to live with the pain!"

"Remember the 60s and 70s? Crazy time period to live in with its drugs, music and saggy bellbottoms! Easily rock and roll personified! Now it's just high rises, tech startups in the Valley and parents beating the sh*t outta their kids for not being able to get into SFU! I mean, c'mon! I'd rather take the plastic tits and asses in Los Santos over this sh*t!"

"Going solo from The Black Keys, this is "The Prowl" by Dan Auerbach!"

"This one's called Thumb, by me, and my old band."


Tracklist (30 Tracks):




Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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"Modern dark-themed electropop and post-punk for constant brooding and disillusionment."

Location: Downtown, San Fierro. Satellite Offices in San Fierro University, San Fierro.

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Genre: Post-punk Revival, Synthpop, Electropop, Indietronica, Dancepunk, Electroclash, Gothic Rock, Gothic Pop, Darkwave, Experimental Rock, Industrial

Host: Ellie Rowsell


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"When your retro 1980s nostalgia trip takes a dark turn and now everyone wants to kill each other, then you must be listening to Overkill."

"Music to brood constantly to, while looking like a total jackass in front of your friends and family. Overkill."

"Ellie here, straight from the UK! You're on Overkill, the station for all your darkwave needs! Well that or the radio station to blast from your apartment to annoy your neighbours to! Speaking of which, screw you, City Council! I'll play my music as loud as I want, you bloody fascists!"

"One thing that surprises me about the referendum to split the UK apart is how there hasn't been any riots or civil unrest yet. Shame, the music on this station could have been put to good use."

"Liberty City shoegazers! Here's A Place Called Strangers!"

"You might have heard the original before! Here's the Zombie Zombie remix of Sleepwalker by Moon Duo!"


Tracklist (29 Tracks):


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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Perpetual Drift from the previous thread is now reworked to be a parody of DKFM, a dream pop internet radio station based in Los Angeles and plays only tracks by modern bands.




"Broadcast straight from Mirror Park in Los Santos, the internet-based radio finally brings along its dreamy vibes to the coastlines of the Pacific Northwest."

Location: Mirror Park, Los Santos. Satellite Offices in Downtown, San Fierro. 

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Genre: Dream Pop, Shoegazing, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Chillwave, Post-rock, Noise Rock, Slowcore

Host: Alex Gehring


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"Simultaneously breaking the hearts and destroying the eardrums of our internet listeners since 2014, and now setting up shop all over San Andreas, you're listening to Perpetual Drift."

"What happens when you combine indecipherable vocals, poor guitar-playing skills and a cornucopia of pedal effects in an expensive studio? Careful, you might have just produced the music you hear in your dreams. Perpetual Drift, 99.9."

"Good morning, Los Santos! Good... whatever! Rest of the world! I'm Alex, and if you think the noise pollution in wherever you live isn't bad enough, then what I'm about to play is gonna make you want to seal yourself away into seclusion for the rest of eternity!"

"Time to f*ck up the entire concept of rock music with a wide array of guitar pedals! I have one for each day of the week! It's always good to come into the studio prepared!"

"By a New Zealand-based dream pop artist named Tamaryn! This track's called Mild Confusion!"

"They're not really from Scotland, but here's A Sunny Day In Glasgow!"


  Tracklist (27 Tracks):


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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Jerking For Soup

King 102.5 radio - The best popular hip-hop stop in Vice City/Los Santos, period (probably).




Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron 

Tyler, The Creator - Pothole 

Kanye West - Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 ft. Kid Cudi

Kanye West - No Mistakes

Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

Kendrick Lamar - Alright

Kids See Ghosts - Reborn

Drake - After Dark ft. Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign

Travis Scott - Can't Say

Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage

Lil Wayne - Let It Fly ft. Travis Scott

BlocBoy JB & Drake - Look Alive

Jay-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyonce

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

Pusha T - Santeria

Rick Ross - Apple Of My Eye

DJ Khaled - Good Man ft. Pusha T and Jadakiss

Kid Cudi - Flight At First Sight/Advanced ft. Pharrell Williams

Eminem - Fall


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Continuing the idea of a GTA game set in Seattle. Here's the first station I've made for that concept, but now I've changed the playlist to make the station a proper Soma FM Drone Zone parody.



Station's logo on the radio wheel:



b2G5w3l.png   xncznQ7.png   eFAINW4.png



Studio 5

"Taking you to the place where you can unwind and feel like eveything is alright."

Genre: Ambient/chillout/drone/New Age.

Type: Dynamic radio (plays commercials, Weazel News and Weazel Weather).

DJ: Rusty Hodge.


ID examples (ID's are played at the ends of the songs, similar to SFUR):


"Studio 5. Forget about melody, forget about the richness of sounds. Think minimal, think harmonic." (played at any time)
"Studio 5. The sounds of your journey through self-improvement and recovering from your issues from the past." (played at any time)
"Studio 5. The morning's just started. Wake up. Start your day with at least 10 minutes of meditation. You can. You have time." (played only at morning)
"Studio 5. Instead of laying in your bed and browsing Lifeinvader or Snapmatic, get out of your bed and start a new day full of success and joy." (played only at morning)
"Studio 5. Rainier's first and only station to help you fall asleep when you feel like you won't see the next day." (played only at night)
"Studio 5. The nighttime is coming. Don't forget about going to sleep early. You don't know what may happen in dark corners of the city." (played only at night)




Edited by (Ambient)
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The Fog, one of my favourite personal creations, gets a makeover from the previous thread and now plays more recent, worldbeat-inspired tracks by both British and American artists.



"Redefining soul and R&B music for the road."

Genre: Alternative R&B, Neo-soul, Alternative Hip Hop

Location: Jacksonville, San Andreas

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Host: Sudan Archives


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"Soul just got a little more... soy-infused. You're listening to The Fog (101.9)."

"Dark nights, cold air, heavy fog, and a playlist of indie R&B tracks. 101.9, Alternative Soul Radio."

"Brittney here. San Andreas can be a very scary place, but it can be really beautiful too. I guess you just need the right track for the right moment but the radio director says to shuffle that sh*t and stick to the programme. Oh well."

"The fog over the bridge might be one of the most amazing sights you can see in this state. Gives off an almost ethereal vibe, especially at night. Fantastic opportunity for a Snapmatic story if you ask me, or a nasty road accident, or both, depending on your mood really."

"From Liberty City, this track's by Denitia."

"From down in Los Santos, a track by Kilo Kish."

"Offshoot of the late Odd Future, The Internet."


Tracklist (24 Tracks):



Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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vice city’s number one (only) pop station
(Non stop pop successor)
Pop, R&B, future trap-bass, whatever the kids listen to these days (Early 2000s - now)
DJ: whoever had 1M followers on instagram

Dua Lipa - New Rules

Britney Spears - Slave 4 U

Ryan Leslie - You’re not my girl

Frank Ocean - Pyramid

Killagraham x Loudpvck - Liar

Zedd x Grey x Maren Morris - Middle

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

Rihanna - Man Down

Marshmello - Alone

Major Lazer x DJ Snake x MØ - Lean On

Khalid - Location

Christina Aguilera - Ain’t No Other Man

Kelly Rowland - Like This

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

Daft Punk - Doin it right

Breakbot - Fantasy

Ke$ha - Blow

Janet Jackson - All For You

Chainsmokers - Sick Boy

Daft Punk x Pharrell- Get Lucky

Camila Cabello - Havana

Katy Perry - Swish Swish

Miguel - Told You So

Bruno Mars - What I Like

Jamie xx x Young Thug x Popcaan - Good Times

Fergie - Milf$

112 - Dance With Me

Usher - Caught Up

DJ Khaled x Rihanna x Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body

Ariana Grande - No tears left to cry

Pendulum - The Island pt 1 (Skrillex Remix)

Edited by RoscoeHussein
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Station's logo on the wheel:


4eWNqD0.png    LlEvcVH.png    I1SwMYU.png



The Phase 105.7

"An ecletic mixture of Jamican music - from the late 60's rocksteady classics to the modern dancehall riddims."

Genre: Dancehall/dub/ragga/reggae/rocksteady/roots reggae.

Type: Dynamic radio (plays commercials, Weazel News and Weazel Weather).

Hosts: Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar.


ID examples:


"The sounds of sunshine in the city of rain. The Phase (105.7)."

"Welcome to the place when the Sun is always shining, no matter how rainy is today. The Phase (105.7). "

"Rocksteady, roots reggae, dancehall, dub, ragga and modern reggae with Sly & Robbie on The Phase (105.7)."
"Music for those who fight for peace and love, music for those who want to enjoy the World while being on The Phase (105.7)."

"An ecletic mixture of Jamican music - from the late 60's rocksteady classics to the modern dancehall riddims. The Phase (105.7)."





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A combination of old song selections from the previous thread.




"Rock n' roll off the ages!"

Location: Messiah District, San Fierro

Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Folk Rock, AOR, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, New Wave

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Host: Steve Lukather


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"Music to feel young again to, you fat, bald prick! 96.7FM, San Fierro Rock Radio."

"The protest never ends! San Fierro Rock Radio."

"Man, I miss the times when bands in the old days would write powerful anti-war songs and play at hippy festivals, then sign on into a major record label before tossing out radio-friendly tunes on the radio and having slow-brewing tensions over financial reasons, before culminating in the lawsuits and the inevitable breakup followed by the sporadic band reunions with only one of the original members on stage! If that ain't the embodiment of rock and roll, then I don't know what is!"

"Crazy how this city used to take it to the man! And now it's home to the highest rent in America! Welcome to the land of opportunity, fellas!"

"Oh well, it's Fleetwood Mac!"

"There's the airplane, and now it's a starship! It's Miracles."

"This one's called Rosanna!"


Tracklist (39 Tracks):


Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (1969)

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Wooden Ships (1969)

Tommy James And The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion (1968)

The Grateful Dead - Casey Jones (1970)

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air (1970)

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (1970)

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy (1967)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle (1970)

Steely Dan - Midnight Cruiser (1972)

Steely Dan - Night By Night (1974)

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (1975)

The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket (1979)

Toto - Rosanna (1982)

Toto - Georgy Porgy (1978)

David Bowie - Young Americans (1975)

Todd Rundgren - Hello, It's Me (1973)

Big Brother & The Holding Company - Piece Of My Heart (1968)

Cream - Strange Brew (1967)

13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House (1967)

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (1969)

Jefferson Starship - Miracles (1975)

Budgie - Breadfan (1971)

Deep Purple - Hush (1968)

Styx - Best Thing (1972)

The Pretty Things - Rain (1970)

Free - All Right Now (1970)

Steppenwolf - The Pusher (1968)

Eddie Money - Shakin' (1982)

Triumph - Fight The Good Fight (1981)

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (1977)

Gino Vannelli - People I Belong To (1978)

Ambrosia - How Much I Feel (1978)

Player - Baby Come Back (1977)

UFO - Love To Love (1977)

Billy Thorpe - Children Of The Sun (1979)

Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks - Stop Dragging My Heart Around (1981)

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Roll On Down The Highway (1976)

Queen - The Loser In The End (1974)

Drivin' And Cryin' - Honeysuckle Blue (1989)


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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I was listening to Eclectic 24 on KCRW and got the idea for an eclectic pop/rock/funk/hip hop/electronica/folk station. Kinda like WorldWide FM if it were more Americanised, experimental and pop-oriented, with a Northwestern twist.




"A hotpot of tunes, new and old, mainstream and underground, for all occasions."

Location: San Dimas Beach, San Fierro

Genre: Electronica, Pop, Soul, Funk, Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Synthpop, Psychedelic Pop, Indie Folk, Chillwave, New Wave, Hypnagogic Pop

Type: Continuous (No Commercials, includes shoutouts from contributing artists.)

Host: Jason Bentley


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"New music, old music, great music. It's Bay Eclectic with Jason Bentley."

"Find a tune you like, and find another you hate. Music knows no boundaries on Bay Eclectic."

"Get yourself in the mood, San Fierro, 'cause we're gonna be playing tracks you've probably heard before... or don't, it don't matter! This is Jason, and you're listening to Bay Eclectic."

"Enjoy the sights in the city! Cruise along the bridges, get some seafood and go walrus-sighting at Pier 69 or visit Chinatown or some local taqueria or something! San Fierro has plenty to offer so hook up your Fruit phone and start walking around, listening to this station, take some photos with your friends and get your face drawn by a struggling artist on welfare! Just... try not to hang around shady alleyways, especially at night!"

"Bang Bang, by the one and only Dua Lipa."

"Probably the first chillwave track ever, All I Wanna Do by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys."

"Experimental hip hop, here's a song by Young Fathers."


Tracklist (37 Tracks):


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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Here's a little something I've wanted to create after lurking at the official Tumblr account of Beats1. The station is based on Billie Eilish's "Groupies Have Feelings Too". Think something like a mix of Blonded, Non-Stop-Pop and Radio Los Santos with subtle FlyLo FM and Radio Mirror Park influences.




Station's logo on the wheel:


wYsjdRY.png    gWFKFYS.png    fcVTE1g.png


Feeling Groupie's Radio

"Happiness, arousal, depression or desire to kill someone - the whole emotional bag covered by a of pop, R&B, indie, hip-hop and stuff."

Genre: Alternative R&B/alternative rap/emo rap/electropop/glam rock/indie pop/indie rock/pop/pop-rap/R&B/underground rap/West Coast rap.

Type: Continuous mix (with some commercials within the mix, similar to Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM).

Host: Billie Eilish.


ID examples:


"Whatever you're feeling right now, tune in to Feeling Groupie's Radio (with Billie Eilish)." (before "you should see me in a crown")
"Feeling (feeling, feeling...), Groupie's (groupie's, groupie's...), Radio (radio, radio...). 97.1 FM, Feeling Groupie's Radio" (at the beginning of "Funeral")
"Covering all your emotional issues, this is Billie Eilish on FGR." (at the end of "Life is Beautiful")
"B-I-L-L-I-E. EILISH!" (between "I Don't Trust sh*t (Idc)" and "Canal St.")
"From Rainier to all over West Coast, this is Feeling Groupie's Radio." (at the beginning of "In Boxes")




Edited by (Ambient)
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Femme Fatale
Tao Cheng

Opening theme:




Also can be heard in the mumble rap radio station.

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Willy A. Jeep




KCTY 105.3 FM "Fujifunk"

"One-oh-five-point-three, KCTY, your home for the best Japanese funk, disco, soul, and jazz!"

"Keep it on one-oh-five-point-three for the rarest grooves from the land of the rising sun. KCTY."

"Old school disco and brown-eyed soul, only on Fujifunk. One-oh-five-point-three, KCTY."

"Fujifunk, bringing you pop music nobody's heard in thirty years, right now. KCTY, one-oh-five-point-three."

"Put this jam on some bread and eat it up! Fujifunk's got good vibes to get you through the day. KCTY, one-oh-five-point-three."


Genre: Citypop (Oriental funk, disco, jazz, soul)

Type: Dynamic (Ads, weather, news, and interviews conducted by hosts, in Japanese and English)

Host: Mariya Takeuchi and Tatsuro Yamash*ta



Space Crush - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Love Talkin' (Honey It's You) - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Follow Me Along - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Sparkle - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Rainy Walk - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Neo Tokyo Rhapsody - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Daydream - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Magic Ways - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Wind Corridor - Tatsuro Yamash*ta

Last Summer Whisper - Anri

Goodbye Boogie Dance - Anri

Lady Sunshine - Anri

Summer Days - Anri

Shyness Boy - Anri

I Can't Stop The Loneliness - Anri

Stay With Me (Midnight Door) - Miki Matsubara

Neat At 3 O'Clock - Miki Matsubara

Jazzy Night - Miki Matsubara

Bay City Romance - Miki Matsubara

Caribbean Night - Miki Matsubara

Rainy Day Woman - Miki Matsubara

One Way Street - Miki Matsubara

It's So Creamy - Miki Matsubara

Midnight Pretenders - Tomoko Aran

I'm In Love - Tomoko Aran

Slow Nights - Tomoko Aran

Relax - Tomoko Aran

Tapestry of Summer - Tomoko Aran

Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi

September - Mariya Takeuchi

The Rest Of A Dream - Mariya Takeuchi

Once Again - Mariya Takeuchi

Oh No, Oh Yes! - Mariya Takeuchi

Tearful One-Sided Love - Mariya Takeuchi

Fly Away - Mariya Takeuchi

Lonely Wind - Mariya Takeuchi (links to full album with timestamp)

Sweetest Music - Mariya Takeuchi

Farewell Call - Mariya Takeuchi

Dance in the Memories - Meiko Nakahara

Fantasy - Meiko Nakahara

Gigolo - Meiko Nakahara

Turn The Dial... - Meiko Nakahara

Pearl Manicure - Meiko Nakahara

1984 - Junko Yagami

Bay City - Junko Yagami

Communication - Junko Yagami

Even If It Does Not Work - Junko Yagami

San Diego Sunset - Junko Yagami

Dress Down - Kaoru Akimoto

Narcissist - Kaoru Akimoto

When The Night Ends - Kaoru Akimoto

Today I'm Alone - Kaoru Akimoto

Moonlight - Kaoru Akimoto

Mystical Composer - Kikuchi Momoko

Glass Grasslands - Kikuchi Momoko

Oceanside - Kikuchi Momoko

Blind Curve - Kikuchi Momoko

Night Cruising - Kikuchi Momoko

Telephone Number - Junko Ohashi

I Love You So - Junko Ohashi

Isn't It Magic - Junko Ohashi

Perfume - Junko Ohashi

Another Day, Another Love - Junko Ohashi

Dancin' - Junko Ohashi

In Your Lovin' - Junko Ohashi

Simple Love (English Long Version) - Junko Ohashi

Japanese Woman - Bread & Butter

Monday Morning - Bread & Butter

Cruising On - Bread & Butter

Summer Blue - Bread & Butter

As It Is - Bread & Butter

Pink Shadow - Bread & Butter

4:00 A.M. - Taeko Ohnuki

One's Love - Taeko Ohnuki

Wander Lust - Taeko Ohnuki

Summer Connection - Taeko Ohnuki

No Need - Taeko Ohnuki

Law Of Nature - Taeko Ohnuki

Silent Screamer - Taeko Ohnuki

Boisterous Woman - Taeko Ohnuki

I Won't Dare - Taeko Ohnuki

The Boy and The Sea - Taeko Ohnuki

Santiago Bay Rendez-vouz - Masayoshi Takanaka

Coconuts High - Izumi Kobayashi

Hank & Cliff - The Square

Evening Shadows - Seaside Lovers

Coconuts Island - Seaside Lovers

Akogareno Sundown - Haruko Kuwana

You're Young - Haruko Kuwana

Hot Is Cool - Katsumi Horii Project

First Light - Makoto Matsush*ta

Love Was Really Gone - Makoto Matsush*ta

This Is All I Have For You - Makoto Matsush*ta

Sunset - Makoto Matsush*ta

Dragonfly - Yutaka

Oriental Express - Yutaka

Love Light - Yutaka

Breath of Night - Yutaka

Good News - Sadao Watanabe

California Shower - Sadao Watanabe

Shiny Lady - Hiroshi Satoh

Gemini - Hiroshi Satoh

Say Goodbye - Hiroshi Satoh

This Boy - Hiroshi Satoh

Fly-Day Chinatown - Yasuha

Refrain - Yurie Kokubu

Rush Hour - Toshiki Kadomatsu


Alternate Transparent Logo:




Edited by Willy A. Jeep
Watch As The Website Censors People's Names :/
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Tatsuro's name is censored.


Man I love this website.

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Genre: Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock

DJ: Steve Miller



* Something About You - Boston

* Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benetar

* Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

* Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue

* Walk This Way - Aerosmith

* Land of Confusion - Genesis

* We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

* Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

* Already Gone - Eagles

* Iron Man - Black Sabbath

* Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band

* Blue Collar Man - Styx

* Money For Nothing - Dire Straits

* Rocket - Def Leppard

* Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

* Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

* Take Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money

* Bennie and the Jets - Elton John

* Crazy On You - Heart

* Rock and Roll Band - Boston

* Killer Queen - Queen

* Sharp Dressed Man - ZZTop

* Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger

* Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi

* Proud Mary - Creedance Clearwater Revival

* Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf

* Caught Up In You - 38 Special

* Heaven Is A Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

* I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett

* Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

* Hot Blooded - Foreigner

* Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

* Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar

* Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedance Clearwater Revival 

* Heat of the Moment - Asia

* Rock the Casbah - The Clash

* Don't Stop Me Now - Queen


If we're coming back to Vice City in GTA 6, then of course V-Rock is gonna be the rock station again! All the other stations though will probably change. But V-Rock is like the Radio Los Santos in San Andreas and GTA 5!

Edited by MegaSean45
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Station's logo on the wheel:


vpvLk4v.png    PP7WypX.png    Xk0oyUS.png


Rainier Rock Radio

"Classic rock - the only true rock on the only true station here in Rainier."

Genre: Art rock/hard rock/krautrock/progressive rock/psychedelic rock/space rock/symphonic rock/synthrock.

Type: Dynamic radio (plays commercials, Weazel News and Weazel Weather).

Host: Geddy Lee.


ID examples:


"RRR - It's Rainier Rock Radio."
"In the age of rock-wannabe bands that either copy ideas from the 80's and 90's alternative rock or sound like no guitar was used during production of their songs, we're here to keep the old-school sound of rock. Rainier Rock Radio."
"Turn off that edgy trap music buddy, tune in to music that use actual instruments and is made by artists who actually know how notes look like. Rainier Rock Radio."
"Good old rock music with experimental stuff here and there. Progressive rock, art rock... We've got all this stuff covered. Rainier Rock Radio."
"You call your hipster electronic sh*t "vintage" or "old-school"? Here's the real old-school, CLASSIC ROCK. Keep rocking with Rainier Rock Radio."
"Do you hate how the other radio stations in Luther County cut songs after like 2, 3 or 4 minutes? We too. That's why we play all the songs in their full length. It's usually prog rock, after all. Rainier Rock Radio."




Edited by (Ambient)
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I’m on mobile and am unsure how to make a post as detailed as the others☹️ I have an idea of what I want but I’m not sure how

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1 minute ago, SonofLosSantos said:

I’m on mobile and am unsure how to make a post as detailed as the others☹️ I have an idea of what I want but I’m not sure how

Doesnt have to be, just post a rough idea here and then edit your comment once youre on computer

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Homemade Dynamite
Bryce Montrose

I hope in the next GTA there is a radio station that will tell about urban legends and other horror stories about the city in next GTA, so this will make it easier for player to find out the mysteries

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To be updated accordingly once I get on the laptop.

Continuing with the San Fierro/ North San Andreas idea.

Might do a Florida concept station next if I have time.



"Dream pop, gothic rock, post punk and shoegaze classics for upper middle class pseudo-nihilism."

Location: Messiah District, San Fierro.

Genre: Dream Pop, Post-Punk, Shoegazing, Alternative Rock, Ethereal Wave, Gothic Rock.

Host: Miki Berenyi

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)


Idents/Host Dialogue:


"Classic dream pop and shoegaze, at your doorstep. Perpetual Drift Classic."

"Back to the days when bands actually experimented with sound rather than flat out homage it, Perpetual Drift Classic (Classic Dream Pop)."

"Lovely day today, Northern San Andreas! Miki here, and I'm going going to take you on a trip back to the British Underground of the 1990s! And yes, you finally get to sneak in the skag!"

"So I was watching this film about a couple of washed up Western celebrities living in Tokyo, and to summarise the entire thing, it was literally just stills of the Shinjuku streets superimposed with a tacky love story and pictures of the girl's arse! The soundtrack was a plus though!"

"From the same group that coined the term 'dream pop', here's A.R. Kane and their single, 'Sperm Whale Trip Over'!"

"Never a better vocalist than the one and only Liz Fraser! Cocteau Twins, and their 1983 track 'In Our Angelhood'!"

"Here's a track by me and the mates back in '92, which title aptly describes the steel and glass state of this city! 'Nothing Natural' by Lush!"




Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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[downtempo] fm


"Travelling from London all the way to Vice City, it's Downtempo" "Mix Hip-hop with Jazz and Electronic and you got yourself some pure Downtempo, though it doesn't have to be jazz"


Genre: downtempo (no sh*t) a.k.a. trip hop, lounge, chillout, ambient, house

DJs: DJ Krush & DJ Shadow


This is in no particular order, rather a random continuous mix like in @[...]'s idea but ad-free.


Track listing:


Leftfield - Original (1995)

DJ Krush - Kemuri (1994)

Spylab - Kabelski (1998)

Cujo (Amon Tobin) - The Brazilianaire (1996)

Attica Blues - Atlanta (1997)

Bowery Electric - Beat (1996)

Archive - All Time (1996)

Ruby - Flippin' Tha Bird (1996)

Amon Tobin - Stoney Street (1997)

Archive - So Few Words (1996)

9 Lazy 9 - Electric Lazyland (1994)

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Bu-seki (1996)

Bowery Electric - Floating World (2000)

Nightmares On Wax - Bless My Soul (1995)

DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World (1996)

dol-lop - Doum (1997)

Attica Blues - It's Alright (1997)

Bowery Electric - Shook Ones (2000)

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Toh-sui (1996)

Bassline Baby - Hymn Of A Lifetime (1996)

Tricky - Aftermath (Mellow Version) (1995)

Attica Blues - Enter (1997)

DJ Shadow - Six Days (2002)

Small World - Dual Tone (1996)

F.U.S.E. - Nitedrive (1993)

Hooverphonic - Inhaler (1996)

dol-lop - Qoke (1997)

Thievery Corporation - Incident at Gate 7 (1996)

Norken - Southern Soul (1999)

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Mu-getsu (1996)

Thievery Corporation - Warning Shots ft. Sleepy Wonder & Gunjan (2005)

dol-lop - Phase (1997)

DJ Krush - Mixed Nuts (1995)

Thievery Corporation - Universal Highness (1996)

Aim - Cold Water Music (1999)

Thievery Corporation - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes (2002)

Tommy Guerrero - Terra Unfirma (2002)

DJ Dee Dee - In Space (2007)

Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist (2002)

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Mix) (1997)

Poe - Hello (1995)

Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DNA Remix) (1990)

Hooverphonic - 2 Wicky (1996)

Thievery Corporation - 2001 Spliff Odyssey (1996)

Hooverphonic - Wardrope (1996)


Removed Tracks:


Edited by datonepotato
Dead link
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ignore this.

Edited by datonepotato
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The next GTA would probably be announced in 10 years tops so most of these songs would be outdated by then, but who cares, I'm making the station anyway.

This station was inspired by both VBR and Forza Horizon's XS Radio, as well as the Animal Kingdom TV series, along with some tracks I shazamed on KXLU.



"Modern alternative rock to punch out the clock to."

Location: Ocean Beach, Vice City, Pascua.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Punk, Hardcore Punk, Electroclash, Electronic Rock, Surf Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Noise Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Industrial Rock, Alternative Metal.

Host: Pat Lynch & Taco Bob

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)


Station IDs:


"Rocking Vice City's tepid waters since 1994, Tidal Drive Radio brings in the loud with Pat Lynch and Taco Bob (98.9FM)."

"Gone are the days of sappy synthesizer-filled love ballads, and in with the new age of rock n' roll! Rock on with the noise on Tidal Drive Radio with Pat Lynch and Taco Bob (98.9FM)!"

"P: You are tuned in to Tidal Drive Radio, Vice City! I'm Pat!

T: And I'm Bob!

P: And we're gonna be playing some fresh outta of the oven rock n' roll in a decade saturated by glossy, bass-drenched and indecipherable rap music!

T: And that makes us cool!... I think.

P: Aaand back to the show, mind my co-host's lack of confidence!"

"T: I was gonna open my mouth to say something potentially controversial, but I'm gonna let it slide!

P: Yeah because speaking your mind is such a hurdle.

T: In this political climate? Yeah, might be a bad idea. Anyway, since he asked, I think the old folks in this town need to be exterminated! This is Vice City, not Liberty City, you senile old bastards!

P: Which makes the both of us, we might just have to kill ourselves on air with that logic of yours!"

 "T: From Los Santos! The Hot Snakes!"

"P: We got a new post-punk track here, it's Apple Du Veed by Actors, mind the pronunciation!

T: Oh I sure do!"

"P: Sometimes I sit back and laugh and watch as all these old Britpop bands release new material to fit in with the current generation. Not this one though, Invisible City by Primal Scream!

T: Says the man with that goddamned Joy Division shirt!"




Deleted tracks:

Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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I did a rock station, so now here's a pop station for GTA 6 in modern Vice City!


Sunset FM


DJ: Krystal (a drug addicted British gal)
Genre: 80s, 90s, Modern Pop, New Wave, Pop Rock, R&B


* Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go Gos
* Tainted Love - Soft Cell
* Give It Up - KC and the Sunshine Band
* You Keep Me Hangin' On - Kim Wilde
* Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
* Tik Tok - Ke$ha
* Invisible Touch - Genesis
* Disturbia - Rihanna
* Don't You Want Me - Human League
* You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
* Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
* Like a Virgin - Madonna
* ... Baby One More Time - Brittney Spears
* Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys
* Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
* Talking In Your Sleep - The Romantics
* Two of Hearts - Stacey Q
* Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
* You Spin Me Around (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive
* Everywhere - Michelle Branch
* Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
* Firework - Katy Perry
* Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
* When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls
* Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
* Kiss On My List - Hall & Oates
* Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp
* What About Love - Heart
* How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
* Down Under - Men at Work

* The River of Dreams - Billy Joel

* Follow Me - Uncle Kracker

Edited by MegaSean45
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