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GTA SA crashing after mod installation

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Hello, I recently installed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the Touhou mod  however when i go into the game it crashes when the loading bar is about at the half point and i get the following error


GTA Info:
Version: US 1.0
Last File Loaded: CLEO\SKIN.IMG
Last Library Loaded:
Error: Unknown
Assembly Info:
Exception At Address: 0x00000000
Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
EAX: 0x0D2C5638    EBX: 0x00000001
ECX: 0x0D2C4648    EDX: 0x12B12710
ESI: 0x00000000    EDI: 0x0000001C
EBP: 0x000023FC    ESP: 0x0177EB10

I've tried all the fixes in the thread on the forum I linked, including multiple fresh installs (the game works fine vanilla, i'm running windows 10 and vanilla game works fine with compatibility mode settings) everything in my gta.dat seems to be in order, and nothing is broken/missing in the skin.img file, i've added GTA: SA to the DEP exceptions. i'm kind of at my wits end with this and figured i'd ask for help here since that touhou forum thread seems dead, thanks in advance to anyone who can help or at least try to help


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Have you tried to play it in Win 7?


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Error: 0x00000000
Type:  Crash
Problem 1:  Some cleo script
Solution 1:  Use the SCRLog.log to find out which
Problem 2:  If SCRLog.log is empty, was possibly bad installation rid cleo.
Solution 2:  Download  and install properly.
Problem 3:  (?) (?) In Modloader.log at the end of the file there is a "Backtrace" beneath him in the first or second line may have some .dll file, possibly the problem should be this .dll
Solution 3:  Look for the .dll on this page



I recomend you this page, you will found the crashes error code, their causes and and sometimes solutions.

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